Men's Masturbation Toys

Masturbation has been one of the most effective as well as easy ways for stress relief and pleasure for thousands of years. It’s safe to say that every single adult on this planet has masturbated at least once. However, people have been searching for better ways to improve their masturbating sessions for hundreds of years. We know this because there have been numerous ancient primitive sex toys found all around the world which implies that people have been brainstorming about this for quite a long time.

Luckily, thanks to the modern technology, we now have a massive amount of different sex toys including masturbators which are amongst the most sought-after products in almost every sex store. In case you’re looking to improve your masturbating sessions and make each and every one an unforgettable adventure, getting one of these models is your safest bet. We offer a pretty wide choice and all that’s standing between you and an explosive orgasm is a few clicks.

What we offer

If you’re looking for an artificial pussy or perhaps a high-quality serrated stroker, don’t hesitate to check some of our models out. We offer a wide variety of different masturbators and it’s up to you to find the one that suits your needs the most. On top of that, in case you’re an avid watcher of hardcore porn, we have a few molded pussies of popular porn stars such as Faye Reagan, Belladonna, Vicky Vette, and others.

If you’re willing to try one of the newest innovations on the market, the Sir Richard’s Element MS Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve might be a good choice. This model is made of high-quality silicone and is designed to stimulate the male equal of clitoris called – the frenulum. The FlexFit wings are designed to wrap around one’s penis and are highly adjustable. In other words – one size fits all. The model is waterproof and rechargeable via USB. The use of water-based lube is highly recommended.

Aside from that, we have an incredible amount of various masturbators available for both absolute beginners and avid enthusiasts alike. Some of them are designed to vibrate whereas others feature unique textures and neatly placed bristles to simulate a grip-like feel. One of the most popular “passive” fleshlights is the Lisa Ann Barracuda Masturbator. It’s made of SuperSkin material, features an adjustable venting control and most importantly – it’s recommended by the one and only – Lisa Ann. Some of the biggest advantages of this model, in particular, are ease of use, easy cleaning, and portability.

We also have a few models for men who like plowing a girl doggy-style and filling up her holes with hot jizz. In case you like a big booty, the Pipedream Extreme Fuck My Big Black Ass Masturbator will fulfill all of your expectations. It’s made of thermoplastic rubber and it weighs over 20 pounds! Needless to say, you’ll definitely have something to hold on to while furiously ejaculating into its tight holes. The best thing about thermoplastic rubber is that it’s compatible with all lubes, meaning you don’t have to worry about jeopardizing the texture or damaging the material.

You could also opt for a mouth masturbator which is essentially the same as the pussy model with an obvious difference – the entry point features a pair of lips in lieu of pussy lips. Our recommendation would be the Shots America Hot Easy Rider Mouth Masturbator because it’s one of the easiest to get the hang of and it’s also quite affordable.

Advantages and shortcomings of Masturbators

One of the main selling points of these sex toys is the simplicity behind the design and use. In other words, one doesn’t have to hassle with too much preparation, mechanisms of questionable quality, and most importantly – one doesn’t have to spend a fortune in order to experience an incredible orgasm. Furthermore, the lack of additional components and mechanisms allows for quite a long life. As long as you take care of your new toy and maintain it in good condition, it should last for years.

As far as disadvantages go, most of them are connected with the misuse of the masturbator itself. In other words, make sure you always read the instructions and make sure to use lubricants or else you risk having a pretty bad experience. It’s safe to say that there aren’t any notable inherent shortcomings you should be worried about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find the perfect masturbator?

A: Given that there are numerous different models available on the market, finding the one that fulfills your needs and expectations isn’t always an easy task. However, it ultimately comes down to your own personal preferences. In case you’re looking for something easy to use and portable, look into some of our fleshlights or penis pumps. On the other hand, if you’re looking to set up a proper masturbating session and commit to it, consider buying a full-size sex doll.

Q: Should I use a condom? 

 A: It depends on the lube used on the condom. Some condoms can affect the material and thus damage the inner walls of the masturbator. The best option is to get non-lubricated condoms and use the lubricants recommended by the manufacturer. On the other hand, it’s perfectly safe to masturbate without a condom, although it requires more dedication to cleaning.

Q: Should I be worried about battery leaks?

A: More often than not, batteries are placed in a safe compartment away from one’s genitals. While battery leaks can be a legitimate concern, as long as you change them regularly there shouldn’t be any issues. Rechargeable batteries are a slightly different story, but in general, the vast majority of battery-powered masturbators feature some type of fail-prevention scheme.

Q: Can I share my toy with other people?

A: There is too much risk involved for very little gain. You should keep your sex toy to yourself as it is probably the safest way to avoid unpleasant complications, skin irritation, or ultimately – STD’s.