Pleasure Kits

The great thing about technology evolving is how it affects different aspects of our lives for the better. Our sex life is no exception. Long gone is the time where we were condemned to having only dull sex. We live in an age of gadgets that allow us to continuously explore new sexual frontiers. Diversity is the keyword here, and it applies not only to the mix of people practicing a wide range of fetishes and kinks, but also to the numerous types of the latest and greatest sex toys that have become a quintessential part of the bedroom arsenal. More emphasis is put on foreplay, as it is slowly becoming the most intimate part of two people coming together in an act of love and pure pleasure. This is why sex toys have become an irreplaceable item for many couples all over the world. If you're still new to these contraptions, acquiring a classic vibrator is a good start but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Pleasure kits are where it's at, and you are about to find out why.

What do we offer?


As we previously mentioned, foreplay is a vital part of every sexual encounter and should never be neglected. To get you in the groove and ready for some intense orgasms, we have prepared something that everyone can enjoy. Pleasure kits are a mix of a little bit of everything. Think of them as naughty bundles meant for a certain fetish, or to fulfill a particular fantasy. Pleasure kits are so amazing that they turn your wildest dreams into reality in a matter of minutes. Here are a few most sought out models you can focus your attention to, but make sure to browse this category thoroughly because it contains some real gems!

A lot of couples love to explore new things, so it's no wonder that one of the most popular novelties in the bedroom is anal sex. Our Anal Fantasy Beginner Anal Play Kit has everything you might want or need for your first shot at anal play. That being said, more experienced users have had nothing but praise for this model. The kit comes with toys that can be used both by him and her so that no one feels left out. Just make sure to use enough lube, especially if it's your first time.

We-Vibe is a brand best known for producing some very clever sex gadgets which then communicate through their proprietary We-Connect™ app. Their We-Vibe Sensations In Sync Set is a perfect example of this technology. The set is comprised of two individual items that are both specifically designed to deliver maximum pleasure in different ways. The 'Sync' is a highly adjustable vibrator that can be controlled by the app. The 'Tango' is a bullet vibrator that precisely hits all the right spots. The entire set offers clitoral, g-spot, and anal stimulation, so it's safe to say that it's everyone's cup of tea.

If you're really not sure what to get, the Pipedream Wet And Wild Pleasure Collection is an easy choice. The kit includes a whole arsenal of toys and miscellaneous stuff you and your partner can enjoy for hours. It even includes extra lube and a toy cleaning solution, so you don't have to waste your time or money for additional shopping. For the entire list of items you get by purchasing this set, make sure to check out the product summary. Don't forget to stock up on AA batteries, you'll be needing them.

Advantages and shortcomings of Pleasure Kits

There are many advantages of pleasure kits. They are amazing for both beginners and advanced users, they come in a huge variety which can easily satisfy all needs, they are great value for money, and last but not the least, they open up amazing possibilities for exploring the boundaries of sex.

Shortcomings are almost non-existent when it comes to Pleasure Kits so finding one can be a difficult task. One thing that comes to mind is the lack of included batteries for most of these models. This can be a minor inconvenience for users that are expecting to get down to business straight out of the box.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I consider using Pleasure Kits?

A: First of all, pleasure kits are easy to use and are made for enhancing the feeling of sensation for everyone involved. If intense orgasms are what you and your partner seek - our pleasure kits contain the right tools for the job. Secondly, for couples that are curious to get into anal play, but are not quite sure which steps to take towards accomplishing this, pleasure kits come equipped with everything needed to set you on the right path. Lastly, the amount of pleasure you will get per buck spent on these kits makes it a sure investment.

Q: Are these pleasure kits good for advanced users?

A: If you're not sure if a certain kit can fulfill everything your imagination can think of, check the individual description of every model. Most pleasure kits that are aimed towards beginners are either described as such or are not as comprehensive as the more advanced ones. That being said, these are not exactly your 'vanilla' toys, so even those with a wild appetite for sex can find a good use for them.

Q: Should I use them with a lubricant?

A: Some kits ship with complimentary lube as an added bonus. However, it’s always a good idea to have your own lube prepared, just in case you spend the included one quickly.

Q: How do you clean some of the items in the pleasure kits?

A: Keeping your toys clean and sanitary is mandatory for avoiding all kinds of health complications. Make sure to at least give them a wipe after every session. Certain items might require special cleaning. In that case for more information turn to the instruction manual