Fleshlight Toys & Masturbators

A Fleshlight® is a device that helps you masturbate. It’s extremely simple — they’re stored inside a portable case, which has a top that can be screwed off to show the Fleshlight® inside. They’re made of SuperSkin, an extremely lifelike silicone material that gives you the feeling of really being inside someone, even if it’s just you. The inner design has bumps and ridges designed to give you as much stimulation as possible.

How Do I Use a Fleshlight®?

Using a Fleshlight® couldn’t be easier; you just have to open up the top, and you’ll see the opening. There’s also a cap on the back end of the Fleshlight that you can use to vary the suction on the inside, increasing or decreasing it to your liking.

Can I Find a Fleshlight® Modeled After My Favorite Porn Star?

As a matter of fact, most Fleshlight® designs are molded directly from porn stars’ bodies. If you’re interested in getting one from a specific star that you haven’t seen mention having a Fleshlight®, you can just search for their name to see if they’ve released one. Use it in conjunction with one of their films to really kick it up a notch. 

 Are There Automated Fleshlight® Machines? 


There is an automated machine that you can use to move the Fleshlight® hands-free. This machine can be easily exchanged with any Fleshlight® design, which means that you can buy the design of your favorite porn star, then place it in the machine and turn on your favorite flick. It’ll be just like actually having her there. You can also find a few designs with a built-in vibrator. 

Should I Use a Condom with my Fleshlight®?

It’s completely up to you. Because there’s no risk of STDs when you’re the only one using the Fleshlight®, and because the toy is easy to clean, there’s no need to wear one for safety reasons. However, it does make things easier to clean up afterwards. You decide which one you like better. Whether or not you wear a condom, make sure you’re only using water-based lube, as SuperSkin is silicone.

How Do I Clean a Fleshlight®?

To clean your Fleshlight®, just remove the sleeve and clean it out using warm water and soap or toy cleaner. It’s a good idea to clean it before using it as well. Once you’re done, dry it and use the Fleshlight® Renewing Powder to retain its lifelike nature.

What’s the Best Fleshlight®?

There are so many Fleshlight® designs that it’s impossible to single out one perfect design for everyone. Browse all of them at HUSTLER® Hollywood and buy the model that stands out for you.