Babydoll Lingerie

The candlelight dinner was amazing and it opened up your appetite for some spicy action in the bedroom, but in order to surpass the delicious entrée, you're going to have to treat your partner with one hell of a desert and pull out your sexiest piece of lingerie. Now, when it comes to sexy lingerie, a few can match our collection both in quality and price.

Depending on your preference and your mood, you can choose anything from sexy thongs, for a simple yet effective way to seduce your partner, to exotic wear, for more demanding lovers with an extravagant appetite. That being said, if you're just looking to put the cherry on the cake to an already exciting night, we recommend going with one of our flowy and cute babydoll lingerie pieces.

These alluring pieces of lingerie are perfect to stir up the imagination of your partner, but can also act as a comfortable nightgown. There are many reasons why you should opt for this type of lingerie, but we'll get into that later. Here's what we have prepared for you in our sexy babydoll lingerie category.

What do we offer?

Here at HUSTLER Hollywood, we know how much it is important to have confidence, feel sexy, and be happy with your body. Channel your inner diva with a flowy, sexy babydoll that will make you look like you've just climbed down from heaven. Our flattering models will highlight your best sexy features and drive your partner completely mad about you. Designs featuring a perfect combination of satin, mesh, and lace reveal just enough skin to get the juices flowing and boost your confidence.

For example, glamorous with a touch of naughty best describes the Black Lace And Satin Babydoll Lingerie By Coquette. This alluring piece of undergarment offers everything you expect from a babydoll. The black floral design perfectly showcases that you can be as gentle as a petal, but also get rough in the sheets and sting like a thorn. Adjust the straps to perfectly fit your figure, and pair it with your favorite black g-string panties.

Get festive with the Coquette Marabou Trim Santa Babydoll, and let your partner unwrap you like a Christmas present. Whether he's been naughty or a well-behaved boy will determine how you will reward him. Give him everything a good boy deserves or punish him for all his bad deeds! One thing is certain, any day can be Christmas with this seductive red piece. The faux fur trim complements the theme perfectly, but it won't hurt if you add a pair of fur handcuffs to seal the deal. If you're sporting some serious curves, opt for the one size plus model

Speaking of curves, surprise your lover with the Dream Girl To Tease French Maid Lingerie Costume Set, and make him say "Oh la la" as you sweep him off his feet. This babydoll-like costume set is perfect for when you want to bring something new to the bedroom and add a little bit of roleplay to your sex life. The see-through design leaves little to the imagination but the attached elastic garters really give it that French touch.

If pink is your favorite color and you just want to look cute and girly, the Pink Choker Strap Babydoll Lingerie By Coquette is without a doubt a great choice. This piece of lingerie will not only make you feel beautiful but is also extremely comfortable and perfect to sleep in. However, if you want to turn it up a notch, there is a removable choker strap included.

Advantages of Babydoll

Lingerie Here at HUSTLER Hollywood, we strive to become your favorite adult retail online store where you can find everything you need to make your sex life better, and we have it all in one place.

Our lingerie selection aims to provide you with high-quality garments that will make you radiate with sexiness. Luscious Babydoll lingerie combinations, in particular, are very effective in making you feel gorgeous, and in boosting your confidence, while being very functional in the sense that you can utilize them as comfortable nightgowns.

Also, it's safe to say that your partner won't be able to take his eyes off of you when he sees you in a sexy see-through model. Most of our models are elastic and come with adjustable straps which allows them to be super comfortable without sacrificing sexiness. Dressing up to look sexy shouldn't feel like a choir. All you need is one of our provoking babydolls underwear and a little bit of imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to properly take care of my new babydolls?

A: Since these are sensitive pieces of clothing, you should always wash them by hand and with cold water! Some models might be suitable for machine washing but we recommend checking the label prior to throwing them inside the washing machine.

If you decide to machine wash your delicate babydoll underwear, do not mix them with other pieces of clothing, and set your machine to the "hand wash" cycle or equivalent, making sure they are delicately washed and rinsed with cold water. That being said, we strongly suggest sticking to washing your delicate lingerie in the sink, as this is the safest way to ensure that the fabrics do not get damaged.

Q: How to properly store my new babydolls?

A: After washing your delicate lingerie, hang them to dry. Do not use any type of drying machines, and avoid ironing at all cost. This way you'll significantly extend the life of your sexy lingerie, and ensure they keep their original shape. Speaking of shape, properly storing babydolls includes having an ample amount of hangers or laying them flat in your closet.