How to Use a Penis Pump

How to Use a Penis Pump

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is a cylinder, made of rigid plastic or sometimes glass, which is placed over a flaccid penis to increase its length and thickness. The penis pump creates an air vacuum that can be controlled either manually or electronically.

how does a penis pump work

Do penis pumps work?

While a penis pump will definitely increase the size and girth of a penis during use, oftentimes the result is temporary and once the vacuum seal is broken by letting air back into the tube, the penis may revert back to its natural size within a few minutes. A simple c-ring can also be put on the penis immediately after pump use to retain some of the blood suctioned into the penis while pumping.*

*You can’t put a ring on during use because it will break the suction seal. If a ring is put on before use, a seal won’t be able to be made between the pump and the body and the pump won’t work. Therefore, the ring can only be put on after removing the pump from against the body. Here’s a YouTube video (explicit) of a Pipedream pump being used so you can see what I mean:

How to Use A Penis Pump

There are many men who claim that frequent, daily pumping will gently increase the size of their penis, there is little proof that it actually does. Bathmate, the world’s first pump that uses water instead of air to surround the penis, claims their pumps can gradually increase the size of a man’s penis so give it a try! Care must be taken if a man chooses to pump frequently as excessive stretching of the penis may result in the breaking of fine capillaries, or blood vessels.

What does a penis pump do?

A penis pump will give the illusion that the penis size has increased considerably. Often, the tube is clear and sometimes there are size indicators on the tube itself so a man can measure the increased length of his penis. It must be noted that the increased size is made by the suction of the pump and not by blood vessels engorging the penis on their own. A penis pump is also often used by men who experience erectile dysfunction (ED) as it creates a type of erection via the suction process. A pump may also contribute to sexual satisfaction when the pumped up penis is used for intercourse along with a cock ring to retain the enlarged penis.

A common misconception about penis pumps is that they can be used for masturbation but since they rely on suction to enlarge the penis and create an erection, the stroking action often used for masturbation would immediately break the seal needed for the vacuum.*

*A pump with, say, a silicone liner could be used for masturbation but not at the same time as the pump because of the vacuum seal needed to pump.

How to use a penis pump

There is a large size range of penis pumps of various lengths and widths. Shop for one that is roughly ½ - 1 inch larger than the diameter (size across of your erect penis) to allow for the increased size created during pumping. The lengths vary and you want to get one that is roughly 3 inches longer than your “normal” erection is.

You may also want to trim your surrounding pubic hair, as the less hair in the public area will allow for a more snug suction.

Begin by taking a shower or bath, as the warm water will allow the skin to stretch more easily than using it without doing so. When using the Bathmate (which uses water inside of the cylinder during pumping), the penis skin remains more stretchable while being comfortable on the interior of the pump. Keep in mind that an air operated pump will not be able to accommodate water on the inside of the shaft while pumping.

For comfort, add a few drops of water-based lubricant on the outside edge of the pump as well as a few inches inside. This will also allow for a tighter seal for the shaft of the pump.

One of the many results for pumping may be a temporary “erection” created by the suction action which may help men with erectile dysfunction (ED). When this is desired, it is suggested that a c-ring be placed on the outer edge of the pump, closest to the skin. After the penis is enlarged in the pump, the vacuum seal can be broken, the pump removed, and the ring quickly rolled onto the penis. By doing this, the penis may retain some of the fluid that was pulled into the penis by the suction action of the pump, resulting in a firmer penis for penetration. Often, penis pumps are an option for men with ED so they can enjoy some penetrative sex or masturbation.

Many people suggest that an individual pumping session should not exceed 30 minutes as excessive use may result in the breaking of blood vessels. Use care when using the pump and discontinue use should you notice discoloration or numbness of the penis after excessive use.

Types of Penis Pumps

Some penis pumps have an opening that is surrounded by a soft, skin-like material and some have a softer rubber or latex ring sleeve around the opening. Some pumps don’t have anything to soften the edge but not to worry: the end part of the tube is gently rounded for comfort against the skin.

All pumps will have a way to release the air created by the penis pump. The pump may have a quick release button on the tube or bulb, a hole in the shaft of the pump, or be able to be released electronically. Familiarize yourself with how to release the air prior to use.

Several types of penis pumps are on the market so let’s take a look at the differences of them.

The most common, and least expensive, are the manually operated, plastic cylinder penis pumps. These consist of a firm plastic cylinder, sometimes with a small hole in it, a flexible plastic tube, and oftentimes, a firm bulb at the end which creates the suction. The suction is created by squeezing the bulb while keeping a finger over the small hole in the shaft of the pump, and covering it and releasing it with the squeezing of the bulb with your other hand.

With the first squeeze of the bulb, the penis pump should stay against your skin, allowing you to control the pumping while releasing and covering the small hole in the shaft. The pumps with no hole on the shaft allow you to pump only once so if you plan on using it for more than one pump, a pump with a hole on the shaft is a better choice.

There are also pumps that have a trigger style or easy to use finger pump control which allow for easier gripping than the traditional bulb at the end of the air intake tube.

Several pumps also are battery operated which sometimes include a visual gauge to check how much pumping you are doing at the moment.

Pumping the penis can create a sensation and visual that you may have never experienced! Many men love the increased sensation and satisfaction gained by using a penis pump, and enjoy penetration and masturbation even more.