Get Into the Spirit of Summer with These Hot, Hot, Hot Sex Positions

Get Into the Spirit of Summer with These Hot, Hot, Hot Sex Positions

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It’s the height of summer and everyone’s hot as hell. Our tops are soaked through, our hair’s matted and a mess, our arms are sunburned and peeling, our underwear is…you don’t even want to know. It’s too hot to even think about sex, but oh hey, our partners are looking kind of like a refreshing treat right now. What’s a sweaty guy or gal to do?

Get into the spirit of summer with some hot, hot, hot sex positions – that’s what!

Find the HUSTLER Hollywood list of seven steamy, scintillating, scandalous, and summer-friendly sex positions below. Don’t forget to pick up a few couple’s toys to make your fun in the sun a bit more XXX-rated and download our guide to reference later.  

The Seated Wheelbarrow

How to Do It: We’re kicking off our list with a bang. That’s right, we’re talking about the seated version of everyone’s favorite kink-friendly ride – the wheelbarrow.

To perform the seated wheelbarrow, you’re going to want the penetrating partner sitting on a bed, couch, chair, or anywhere that has some leverage. They’ll sit on the edge, with their feet firmly planted on the floor and their legs spread. The other partner will basically perform a sexy sit-up – hands on the floor, legs straddling the seated person.

Why You’ll Love It: The seated wheelbarrow allows for some deep, intense, and body rocking sex. The penetrating partner can thrust as far into the receiving partner as they want. The receiving partner gets to enjoy the full body sensation (and work out!) that comes from this type of wild, ravishing orgasm. Oh, and the seated partner also gets to use their hands to work the other’s body in whatever way they want. Clit play? Sure. Ass play? Of course. Some light choking? We thought you’d never ask.

Difficulty: Easy

Shower Sex  

How to Do It: Shower sex isn’t so much a specific position as it is a way of life. Everyone loves hopping in a cold shower to beat the summer heat. Now, you and your partner can hop in the shower and beat much more than the heat! Make sure you check out these shower sex tips first, though!

Why You’ll Love It: Because it’s hot and cool at the same time. There aren’t many more exciting ways to have sex than with your partner straddling you and being pressed into the shower wall. There aren’t many more refreshing things to do in the summer than taking a shower. It’s a win-win (or a win-win-win if you add in a waterproof vibrator or cockring!).

Difficulty: Easy

hot sex positions by pool


How to Do It: Want to skip the sweaty stomachs that come from missionary sex in the summer? Then you’re going to want to start scissoring like…yesterday. The receiving partner lies on their back. The penetrating partner lies on their side, almost perpendicular to the receiving partner, with one leg under the receiving partner’s leg. They take the other leg and rest it on their shoulder. Then they enter, and the fun starts.  

Why You’ll Love It: Much like the seated wheelbarrow, this position allows for deep penetration and full body thrusting. You’ll love the way it feels no matter what side you’re on. Bonus points for the penetrating partner using their free hand and an anal vibrator for some DP action, while whispering kinky nothings into their partner’s ear.

Difficulty: Medium

Doggy Style   

How to Do It: We don’t really have to tell you how to fuck doggy style, right? If you’re looking for some expert tips, check out our guide on how to have amazing doggy style sex.

Why You’ll Love It: Ladies love doggy style because of the strong orgasms it produces. This is partly due to the deep penetration that stimulates the cervix and partly due to the fact that the entire vagina gets some much-needed TLC. Plus, it allows the guy to work the clit for a dual-sensation, squirt-inducing climax.

Difficulty: Easy

threesome sex positions

The Lap Dance   

How to Do It: This one’s a bit complicated and takes some practice to nail. The penetrating partner sits on a chair, their lower back supported by a pillow, their feet planted on the ground, and their legs set firmly apart. The receiving partner sits on the penetrating partner’s lap, puts their feet on the other’s shoulders, and braces their arms on the other’s thighs. The penetrating partner grabs the other’s lower back and upper ass. Then they both start rocking back and forth (and back and forth) until an explosive finish.

Why You’ll Love It: The lap dance is a surprisingly gentle way to have sex. Sure, it’s hot as hell and gives both partners a new perspective on what sharing a seat really means. Sure, it’s kinky and helps unleash the inner bad boy and bad girl in all of us. Sure, the receiver will literally explode on the penetrator’s lap. All of those are a given. What’s really surprising is how intimate this position is. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself!

Difficulty: Hard (be careful not to fall!)

In Front of the Fridge   

How to Do It: Get your partner. Walk to the kitchen. Open the fridge. Bend them over the counter or let them bend you over the counter. Bask in the glorious feeling that is summer sex in the sweet, cool breeze from your fridge. Repeat until you get the electric bill (which you can’t hold HUSTLER Hollywood liable for).

Why You’ll Love It: Much like shower sex, getting down and dirty in front of your open fridge is just so incredibly refreshing. You’ll feel like a new person afterward. Plus, you can quickly and easily grab a little post-coital snack. If you’re feeling especially naughty, you can even grab the whipped cream and chocolate sauce pre-sex!

Difficulty: Easy

Cross Your Heart   

How to Do It: The penetrating partner sits on their legs. The receiving partner lies on their back with a pillow under the small of their back. They pull their knees towards their chest and cross their legs, placing their feet on the other’s chest. During sex, the receiving partner can play with the penetrating one, pushing them away and out, then easing them back in.

Why You’ll Love It: Cross your heart is basically like extreme missionary. Seriously! It allows the penetrating partner to have close to full control and go as deep as they want. It allows the receiving partner to be taken advantage of in all the right ways. We’re talking deep, shuddering, leg-twitching ways. It also gives the receiving partner a playful amount of control to tease and deny the other!

Difficulty: Easy

And there you have it – seven hot, hot, hot and summer-friendly sex positions ready for you and your partner to test drive. Enjoy! If you’re looking for more wild and fun positions, make sure to check out these five female-controlled sex positions.