Ladies, Try Out These 5 Female Controlled Sex Positions

Ladies, Try Out These 5 Female Controlled Sex Positions

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If you think guys want a girl that’s bossy in the bedroom - the type that makes you moan her name, tells you where to put your hands, and maybe even sits you down for a bit of paddling - you’re damn right that’s what a guy wants.

Ladies, are you willing to forgo another orgasm by being passive in the bedroom? Hell no you’re not. But you don’t have to be a dominatrix to take charge in the bedroom (although if you are a dom, make sure you’re doing it right). Take control with these 5 female-led sex positions. Ranging from mild to wild, these poses would make any cowgirl blush.

Yin and Yang

How to do it: With both partners sitting upright and facing each other, the woman is sitting between her partner’s legs, leaning back slightly. With one arm, she is holding onto her lover’s neck for support and giving herself extra leverage by positioning her other arm behind her. The partner supports her with an arm around her back, giving her more ability to grind so both partners can move  

Why you’ll love it: Holding onto your partner’s neck is a very possessive power move. Even though you’re doing it for balance and support, it conveys an undeniable “you’re mine” that your dominated partner will love. Since their hands will be busy supporting you (and themselves), it makes this position even more deliciously agonizing for them. Make use of the facetime and break out some of that dirty talk you’ve been waiting to use to tease them even more.

Difficulty: Easy

The Crab Walk

How to do it: Remember crab walk drills in P.E? Well now it’s finally good for something.

With her partner laying flat on their back, legs spread apart, the woman climbs on top in crab position. Her pelvis is off the ground, feet planted firmly on her partner’s chest, and knees bent facing her partner’s head. The woman leans back, resting all of her weight on her arms, giving her hips complete free range of motion for gyrating or controlling the depth of insertion. This position gives amazing G-spot penetration and is also great for anal play.

Why you’ll love it: Kick cowgirl up a notch and give your lover a show. Having your feet on their chest gives you better leverage, but is also a total dom move. At this angle, your partner can see themselves inside of you. Tease them by keeping your knees locked together for only a sliver of the view or spread those legs to give them a full show - but use the leverage of your feet on their chest to keep them back for a bit of ‘look, but don’t touch’ torture. If you decide to let them touch you, your partner has full access to play with you using their fingers, plus the added satisfaction of watching themselves do it.

Difficulty: Medium

The Beach Chair

How to do it: An extension of ‘The Crab Walk’, here the woman and her partner extend their legs (the woman on top removing her feet from her partner’s chest). The woman is now leaning back a bit further (her hands resting near his ankles) while her partner holds onto her ankles, lifting her legs slightly. The woman on top can control penetration by rolling her hips or rocking back and forth. Up and down motion is possible, but requires more exertion.

Why you should do it: You have near complete range of motion in this position. Your partner is holding your legs up, so you’re essentially sitting on their penis and have the choice of front or back entry. Meanwhile, your partner is laying on their back, holding onto your ankles for leverage, and is completely at your mercy. With more of your weight on their hips, they have a very limited range of motion, and can’t touch you since their hands are occupied supporting your ankles. Powermove? Oh yes.

Difficulty: Medium


How to do it: This position is intense. Your partner leans back in crab position while the woman sits on the penis, cradled in her lover’s lap. Legs are spread and resting on the partner’s shoulders, while her arms can grip the neck for support. Although the partner on the bottom can control bouncing movements, the woman on top can get great clitoral stimulation with small, controlled movements against her partner.

Why you’ll love it: You are literally riding your partner. They are supporting your full weight, and as if that wasn’t boss bitch enough, you have full access to their neck for some sexy choking action - a great option for every wannabe dominatrix’s playbook. Their hands and feet are completely occupied in this position, rendering them completely helpless and leaving them in your control.

Difficulty: Hard

Tree Trunk

How it to do it: We doubt you’ve ever seen a position like this before: the partner is essentially doing a handstand...without their hands. Resting on their neck, your partner’s body is upright against a wall. The woman then straddles him, butt resting on his thighs and legs spread out on either side of their lover’s head.  

Why you’ll love it: Your partner has nowhere to look but up, giving him a POV experience of watching you satisfy yourself with them. Most likely their hands will be holding your hips for balance, so you 100% call the shots on the tempo and the depth. Fast? Slow? They have no choice but to wait for you to finish having your way with them.

Difficulty: Hard

It’s 2018 y’all. We want a take-charge, pin-you-down and tell-you-where-to-lick-her kind of woman. If your go-to move is lying on your back...this is your wakeup call. Embrace your sexuality and take control with these empowering female-led sex positions. Who knows, you may realize your calling to be a dom or discover that you like BDSM. If that happens, visit Hustler Hollywood for you arsenal of the sexiest tools out there to tease (and tame) your lover.