What You Need to Know About Shower Sex

What You Need to Know About Shower Sex

There’s just something so steamy about the idea of sex in the shower. Doing something with a special person that you usually do alone, hearing your moans echo in that small and intimate space, feeling hot water pour down your bodies as they join and become one … Yeah, it’s a nice idea, but if you want to make that idea a reality, it might help to get some advice so you can skip the trial-and-error bits and get to the good parts. Here’s what you need to know about shower sex:

Shower Sex Tips and Safety

A lot of logistics go into getting ready for giving someone the rubby-dubby. It can be surprisingly tricky if you’re not prepared. After all, you’ll likely have to do this while standing - and standing on a wet floor no less. That said, it doesn’t have to be dangerous or boring. We have some advice so you can stop worrying about staying on your feet and focus on what really matters.

Get a Mat for the Floor

You probably don’t notice the potential hazards of a wet floor since you stand in the shower most every day. Which also means you’ve probably never given moving around a second thought, or realized how easily your feet can slip and make you lose your balance. Shower mats are designed to assist the elderly in moving around the stall with less risk of a painful slip and fall. However, you don’t have to be a horny senior to see how that can help with sex. Get a mat for yourself, stick the suckers on the floor, and move as much as you need to find the right position.

Get Some Treads for the Wall

Maybe it’s cheating, but stand-up sex usually goes best if someone is up against a wall. However, as with your feet and the floor, you can lose that support if the bathroom walls are covered in moisture. While shower treads are typically used for your feet, you can totally stick some anti-slip tape to the walls for your back, hands, or booty. This makes it much easier to brace against it and, well, brace yourself.

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Avoid Water-Based Lube

Water-based lube is pretty nice, but the thing is, you’ll already have water constantly pouring on you. Any lube you attempt to use is gonna wash off and water alone might not be enough to do the job. Silicone-based lubes are much better when you’re playing with water. Whoever’s on the receiving end of the Sandusky special (or reverse Sandusky special) will be grateful.

Find an Alternative to Condoms

We’re believers in responsible sex, so we always recommend using some kind of protection. That typically includes condoms but the problem here is that no one knows for sure how a steady deluge of steaming shower water affects their durability or how the mix of hot water with silicone-based lube could bust the rubber. If you’re worried about going in raw, use a different kind of birth control, like an IUD or The Pill.

Shower Sex Toys

Remember how you used to play with rubber ducks and plastic boats in the tub? You can still play with toys in the shower as an adult - in a way that we think is a lot more fun. Whether you think it might make things easier or more enjoyable, sex toys can really liven things up in any environment. Here are some you could try:

Waterproof Vibrators

Your pocket rocket is a blast in the bedroom, and it can make for a wet and wild experience in the bathroom. Of course, you might be concerned about bringing a battery-powered fuck buddy into contact with water, and that’s understandable. That’s why you look for one that’s waterproof, like the Naturally Yours by Blush Novelties Wild Ride Vibe and the Hustler Playthings Waterproof Mini Massager. If you want to have both hands free to help you grab hold of other things, you can also find a dildo with a suction-cup base that works on moist surfaces, like the Packer Gear by Cal Exotics Silicone Kisser Strap-On Probe and the Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrating Dildo.

Accessories for Rocking Your Cock

There are toys to help you get your dick wet in the shower, and not just in the obvious, literal way. You can get a shower-ready vibe of your own in the form of tools like the Screaming O Vibrating Cockring or the Oxballs cocksling. If you prefer a pocket pussy, waterproof sleeves exist like the Pornstar Signature Series Jada Stevens Pussy Stroker. There are even tools that help attach them to the wall so you can pound away in the shower, like the Main Squeeze Suction Cup Accessory.

Shower Sex Kits

More toys in the tub always meant more fun, and why should it be different in the shower? Instead of getting just one toy, find a cool shower kit that comes with a lot of options the two of you can share, like the Pipedream Wet and Wild Pleasure Collection. That way, you and your partner can have plenty to play with.

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Shower Sex in Public

Let’s say you already know all this: you’ve mastered shower sex, you’ve got plenty of toys, and you’re looking to add some adventure. Or maybe you live someplace where private showers aren’t an option, like a college dorm with communal stalls. No matter your situation, here’s some advice for playing “hide the eel in the cave” in a public space.

Find a Stall with Walls

It might sound really hot to fuck someone in, say, a locker room shower, but if it’s just a line of heads next to each other with not even a curtain between, you could get busted fast. Sure, the whole appeal of public sex is the tension that comes from the risk of getting caught, but you don’t want to actually get caught (for one thing, you won’t get to finish). That’s why you’ve gotta find something with walls, so you can get it on in public without anyone actually seeing you.

Quiet is Key

To avoid getting caught, keep the noise to a minimum. That means toning down the moaning, even if you have to gag yourself or your partner (kinky!). Sure, if you want to go “all the way,” lowering the loudness of a wet body slapping another wet body during penetration might be easier said than done. Still, you have to at least try! Thankfully, the sound of the stream should help, and you can squeeze some pleasant tension out of that need to be quiet.

Don’t Take Long

Public showers are for other people to use, and people get annoyed if someone takes their sweet time in there. If you shag in the shower, try to keep things quick. Even if you don’t care what other people think, they’ll care about someone hogging the shower and might report you, and they might ask someone to investigate. You might even want to just use that time for foreplay, then return to the bedroom (or another public area!) for the main course.

And that’s what you need to know about shower sex. Anything else you’d need to learn can only be learned through experience. These tips should make practicing that much simpler and that much more enjoyable. Help yourself get wet and take a peek behind the curtain at HUSTLER Hollywood’s collection of waterproof sex toys.