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Public Sex: Yes It’s Awesome & Yes Be Careful

Have you ever had sex outside? That’s not a rhetorical question – we’re serious! Have you ever gotten off in a park, a car, or at the beach? If so, we don’t need to tell you how fun it is. If you haven’t, well, this guide to public sex is for you.

Engaging in any type of sex outdoors is a liberating experience. It’s hot and checks off just about every kink box there is, including voyeurism, exhibitionism, the potential to be seen and heard, the thrill you get from being unapologetically naughty and indulging yourself, and lots more. It’s also a radical expression of queerness for some. Go, girl! #EraseTheShame!

Public sex is also dangerous and can land you and your partner in real handcuffs if you get caught. So, while we’re all for taking to the metaphorical and literal streets and getting yourself off, it’s a good idea to be careful.

Find practical public sex tips, our favorite spots for getting in a public quickie, and some important info about public sex laws below. Enjoy!

Practical Public Sex Tips

Timing & Attention

Timing is everything and it isn’t any different when it comes to public sex. Some of this is obvious. You’re not going to go down on your partner in the middle of an office holiday party. It’s better to have sex in your car at night than at noon. Duh.

Some is a bit subtler, though.

Outdoor sex doesn’t always allow for a lot of foreplay. That means you’re going to want to stock up on lube. Public sex requires a level of attention that’s hard to maintain when you’re caught up in the moment. Don’t forget to look around periodically…even if that thing he’s doing feels SO good! Public sex calls for planning. That means you’re not going to get it on in the first parking lot you find.

Think with your big head and you’ll be good to go.


The next practical public sex tip we have is that the type of clothes you’re wearing affects the type of sex you’ll be having. Remember, the name of the game for public sex is quickness, so you’re going to want something loose and comfortable.

This means guys should wear simple clothes like gym shorts and t-shirts. For women, it’s a good idea to stick to dresses, snapping rompers, and no underwear. Bonus public sex tip – if you want to really spice things up and get your partner going, try out some crotchless panties.

Realistic Expectations

The search for the perfect public orgasm can often lead you to have some slightly unrealistic expectations. Remember, this is real life NOT a porn vid. Public sex is hot enough on its own, you don’t have to try out crazy positions or start yelling and attract attention.

On the other end of the spectrum, remember that public sex isn’t always going to be mind-blowing and leave you jelly-legged and breathless (in fact, this is good advice for ALL types of sex!). Sometimes you’re going to get it on in a cramped bathroom stall. Sometimes your partner will finish, and you won’t. Sometimes you’ll have to stop midway through.

Don’t stress if these things happen. Shake it off and get back up on the public sex bike next time!

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Break Out the Toys

Remember when we said that public sex often doesn’t allow for any foreplay. Well, we weren’t being entirely honest. Sure, there’s a speed and attention factor…but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. That’s right, we’re talking about using toys.

Your partner can get you warmed up with a remote-controlled We-Vibe. Picture this – you’re walking through the mall and your partner can hit a button whenever they want to tease you. Foreplay? Check.

If the idea of a remote-controlled vibrator is too much, you can always check out some vibrating panties. These do the same thing, but in an even sexier way. In fact, work up to wearing them in public by letting your partner watch as you use them at home. They’ll love it.

For the guys, consider investing in a vibrating cock ring. Not only will this help keep you hard during the sometimes-stressful and always-attentive experience of outdoor sex, but you’ll be able to stimulate your partner’s clit. This helps even the playing field and makes sure she gets off too!

Now that you have some practical public sex tips, let’s take a look at where to have public sex without getting caught.

Where to Have Public Sex (Without Getting Caught!)

The first thing we need to point out here is that there isn’t an entirely safe place to have public sex. That’s part of the thrill. You can pick the perfect location at the perfect time…and still have a security guard stumble upon you and your partner. Any discussion of public sex that doesn’t acknowledge there’s ALWAYS a risk of getting caught is lying.

Keeping that in mind, some places are safer than others. Sure, it’s tempting to give your partner oral in a packed movie theater. That sounds good in theory, but it isn’t going to work so well in practice. So, when it comes to where to have public sex, we suggest:

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  • Your Car – park somewhere at night & enjoy
  • The Bathroom – while this isn’t as public as outdoor sex, fooling around with your partner in the bathroom of a restaurant can be a lot of fun
  • A Dressing Room – turn a routine trip to your favorite department store into an exhibitionist thrill ride
  • An Airplane – everyone wants to join the mile-high club but remember that things are going to be pretty cramped!
  • The Woods – this is about as outdoor as public sex can get. Get in a quickie next time you and your partner go camping
  • The Beach – this one is pretty much ONLY an option at night. Don’t risk getting caught during the day, even on a mostly deserted beach
  • The Water – pool sex, beach sex, lake sex, public shower sex…your options are endless
  • Your Office at Night – want to channel your inner naughty secretary? Then head over to your office at night and turn fantasy into reality
  • Bonus: in Front of the Window – ease into public sex by playing with your partner in front of the windows. You’re probably not going to want to do this one if you live on a suburban street, though!

Public Sex Laws

Now that you’re armed with some outdoor sex tips and an idea of the safest spots to fool around in, it’s time to look at the consequences of getting caught. That’s right, we’re talking about public sex laws.

While the laws vary state-by-state, it’s a misdemeanor in almost all places. Now it’s important to point out that there isn’t a single law that reads, “Having sex in public is a crime.” Rather, the charges for getting caught having sex in public are usually broken down into indecent exposure, lewd act(s), or outraging public decency (for our friends across the pond).

There are a number of defenses if you’re caught having public sex, including the argument that the place you had sex isn’t really public. Sometimes this works. Most of the time it doesn’t. This is one more reason that planning is so important! Sure, it kills the spontaneous thrill of getting intimate in public, but it can also save you from being arrested.

Speaking of being arrested, the penalties for public sex vary. Since it’s mostly charged as a misdemeanor, you’ll likely end up with a fine. There’s a possibility of jail time, though, as well as being added to your state’s sex offender list. That’s something you definitely want to avoid!

There you have it – practical public sex tips, some ideas of where to get down, and the consequences of public sex laws. Remember, it’s always safer to stay inside and get creative! We recommend checking out Hustler Hollywood’s couple’s toys. They’ll help you and your partner embrace your sexuality in just about every way possible!