7 sexy wedding ideas you can use in your wedding planning

Planning a Wedding? Make It Naughty With These 7 Sexy Wedding Ideas

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You’re engaged - congratulations! You and your partner are a short time away from marital bliss and all the no-holds-barred, experimental, role-playing sex that goes along with it. But whoa now, before you break out the monogrammed handcuffs, you still have to make it through months of wedding planning.   

Wedding planning. Did just reading that make you yawn? According to TheWeddingReport.com, couples spend an average of 14 months planning their upcoming nuptials. That’s two whole years of picking out stationary, looking at flowers, and choosing between eggshell or ivory (those are two nearly identical shades of white, and hint: there’s no right answer).


What if we told you that there’s a fun side to wedding planning, a sexy side, where figuring out “who’s going where” isn’t referring to seating charts. Hustler Hollywood wants every moment of your wedding, from the planning to the afterparty, to ignite the spark that made you two lovebirds want to tie the knot in the first place.  

Start small by sneaking in lace accents and sexy silks or go bold with vibrating treasures and kinky toys (bondage anyone?). Add some sexy games and novelties to your bachelorette party. Whatever your comfort level may be, here are 7 sexy wedding ideas that bride and groom alike can incorporate to take your nuptials from snoozefest to “oh yes”. So strap in (pun intended), this definitely ain’t your momma's wedding.

1. Shop for Lingerie Together

We’re not going to insult your intelligence - lingerie is a no-brainer. We know that you’re fully aware of the transformative power of negligees, teddies, and other barely-there pieces. Sexier than mere nakedness, lingerie incites the imaginations of both the wearer and the admirer. While tradition bares that the bride typically acquires her own bridal trunk through bridal showers or bachelorette parties, flip tradition on its side and search for bridal lingerie as a couple.

Whether online or in-store, shopping for lingerie together allows both partners to find something they’re excited about. The anticipation of knowing what’s to come will have libidos raring before your plane touches down at your honeymoon destination. And if the thought of seeing your lover in naughty little piece gets you going, then you’re going to love our second sexy wedding idea…

Shop for Lingerie as a Couple

2. Have a Sexy Couples Photo Shoot

Boudoir photography is a pre-wedding activity that more and more couples are embracing. Ranging from sweetly sensual to downright naked, these bedroom-themed photo shoots are steamy and can take place indoors or outdoors. More and more wedding photographers are offering couples boudoir shoots as a part of their pre-wedding packages, making it more accessible than ever to embrace your sexuality. Bonus, as if the shoot alone wasn’t hot enough (you and your lover getting racy in front of a camera? You don’t have to be an exhibitionist to love how naughty it feels), the final results make for a great post-wedding token that will remind you two of your incredible sexual chemistry (and ignite it!) for years to come.  

3. Find Your Signature Scent to Set the Mood

Two words: sex candles. A sneaky way to incorporate a piece of the bedroom to your ceremony or reception is with scents. It’s a scientific fact that there’s a correlation between scent and sex. Certain scents like vanilla, cinnamon, lily, and lavender are noted for their ability to incite attraction and arousal. Whether you two already have a signature scent or adopt one weeks before the wedding, light your candle whenever things get hot and heavy. Before you know it, you’ll have conditioned yourselves to be aroused whenever you smell that scent.

Decorate your ceremony or reception with candles of the same scent as centerpieces, entryway decor, and literally anywhere else where a candle would fit. This serves double duty of creating a romantic ambiance that will delight your guests and, unbeknownst to them, totally have you and your fiance feeling frisky the entire time.  

4. Opt for a Sexy Wedding Dress

Grooms, you can skip ahead, this one is just for the ladies.

Brides, if your goal is to turn the walk down the aisle into a catwalk, a sexy wedding dress is exactly what you need. And sexy doesn’t necessarily have to be revealing (although we are fully onboard with these semi-sheer wedding dresses), you can opt for details like low back, off the shoulder, or high slits to rake in the ‘wow’ factor. Can a wedding dress be too sexy though? A rule of thumb for the fierce is that if Beyonce wouldn’t wear it, we’d probably take a raincheck.

But if you will not be budged from your dreams of a princess-worthy gown, there is another alternative. Go with a naughty mini dress for the reception - white of course, so that you can retain the bridal charm while showing off your assets as a sexy preview for your partner.

5. Serenade Them (and Get Totally Into It)

Amidst this celebration with family and friends, carve out a little intimacy by surprising your bride or groom with a sexy song, choreographed routine, or lap dance. Eye contact is key. Set your partner down in the center of the room so that they know they are the sole recipient of your performance. Get into it, really into it. Find the sexiest song you know and don’t hold back putting on the moves. Remind them of all the charm you laid down when you first started dating (and maybe a few hip gyrations to remind them of what they’ll be getting later).

The rewards will be even greater if they know that you’re far out of your comfort zone. Knowing that someone put in time and effort to impress you is inherently sexy. That paired with you being bold enough to perform in front of your guests will definitely have your other half fired up. Which leads us to our next sexy wedding idea...

6. Sneak Off During the Reception

So they danced, they lip synced. One lip bite into their routine had you wanting to grab them off the dancefloor and take them right then and there. But now you’re stuck at the lover’s table: impatiently tapping your foot, trying your best to grin through your father-in-law’s toast praying it ends quickly. You’re shaking hands and rushing through the never-ending 'congratulations' trying your hardest to get this reception over with, head to your honeymoon suite, and rip your new husband or wife's clothes off. Sometimes, anticipation is overrated (and this is absolutely one of those times). We 100% condone planning some mid-reception nookie.

Once you’ve found your wedding location, scout out an escape route to a private corner or room that’s close enough to the action to be accessible but far enough that you won't have to worry about guests wandering in from nearby. Have a backup distraction built in to ensure your disappearance isn't noticed. Getting randy when you’re supposed to cut the cake? You'll probably be missed. But tell the DJ to cue up the Cha Cha Slide and you’ve bought yourself a solid 10 minutes.

Sneak Off During the Reception

7. Book an Erotic Hotel for the Honeymoon

Room service? Mini bar? Sex swing in the living room? Check. Anyone can stay at a resort, but it takes the true thrill-seeker to seek a stay at an erotic hotel. Specifically designed to create a unique sexual experience for you and your partner, these specialty resorts range from the subtle to wild. Some rely on creating sensory experiences to stimulate you while more overt establishments featuring poles, sex toys, and erotic artwork right in your suite. Wherever your honeymoon destination, erotic hotels can be found all over the world so you won't have to worry about limited travel destinations.

Already booked your getaway at a plain jane hotel? You can still spice things up on your own by stashing away a few of our favorite toys in your luggage to turn any ole’ hotel room into a pleasure palace. Whether you’ve already built up a collection of naughty toys or are looking to try something new, Hustler Hollywood has something for beginners, experts, and the adventurous. Check out our specially curated collection of couples toys for nonstop his n’ hers pleasure. Perfect for newlyweds: these gadgets are versatile, powerful, and designed to provide simultaneous pleasure.

But we can’t let the toys have all the glory. Enhance your lovemaking with sexy props designed for teasing and toying. Bondage straps, bed restraints, and position pillows (hello G-spot!), bring the erotic along wherever you go. Feeling a bit timid? You can’t go wrong with a transportable door sex swing, this gravity-defying best seller makes it easier than ever to ravish your lover like from the scenes in the movies (admit it, you’ve always wanted to do that).

Begging for More

We might need a cold shower after this (who would’ve thought that planning a wedding could be so...sensual?). If the traditional bores you, take a swing at these 7 sexy wedding ideas to spice up your nuptials. Make every stage of your wedding deliciously naughty and keep the pleasure coming well before you say “I do.”

Take a page out of our (kinky) book and start shopping now to make your wedding sexy.