6 New & Fun Oral Sex Ideas

6 New & Fun Oral Sex Ideas

Lost the oral sex spark? Then you're going to need to check out these 6 new ideas

Blowjobs can be boring. There, we said it. This is one of those “everyone knows it, but nobody says it” kinds of truths, just like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny (did we make it weird by bringing childhood favorites into this? Whatever, #unapologetic).

Now don’t get us wrong, giving your partner head can be one of the most intimate experiences possible. You’re getting an up close and personal look at exactly what they’re working with. You’re learning what it tastes like and responds to. You’re mastering the art of getting them off with just your mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers (and maybe a butt plug, too).

All the same, giving and receiving oral sex can get stale after a while. The passion can fade and giving a blowjob or being eaten out can start to feel like a chore. Luckily, you’ve come to Hustler Hollywood, where the only thing stale are those random saltines in our cabinet.

Keep reading for 6 oral sex ideas you’ve never considered! 


The 67

For: men and women 

69ing is so 2011. Come on in, have a seat, pour yourself a drink, and learn about the 2018 way to give and receive mind-blowing oral: the 67.

As the name suggests, this takes the tried and true form of 69ing to new levels of pleasure. 69ing is great…but it can sometimes get complicated. Plus, while it’s awesome to get off at the same time as your partner, it’s also pretty great to focus on yourself. That’s where 67ing comes into play.

The 67 is like the 69, but with one person off to the side.

For men, this looks like a backward blowjob. You get an up close and personal look at their thighs and private parts while they’re busy sucking. You can join in if you want, but you don’t have to.

For women, this looks a bit different. The classic 67 is when your partner goes down on you but keeps their stuff out of your face. This allows you to focus on the pure pleasure of getting eaten out. More importantly, it allows your partner to focus on your clit (pro tip: hand them your clit vibrator!).

You can get a little more inventive if you want, though. What about throwing one leg over your partner’s neck? This gives them more access to your vagina itself and can even introduce new levels of control. You can tighten your leg around your partner’s neck to introduce some light BDSM into the equation. 


For: women

The idea is simple. You get down on all fours, arch your back, and let your partner go wild. They’ll love this intimate and new way to get you off. You’ll love the sense of power and freedom that comes from embracing your inner animal! We highly recommend rocking back and forth, teasing your partner, and then pushing yourself into their face for maximum kinkiness.Number two on our list of 6 oral sex ideas you’ve never thought of is doggystyle. There’s a reason doggy is one of the most popular sex positions. You can apply that same reason to receiving oral.

Doggystyle oral also lets your partner focus on anal play. Remember, there are A LOT of nerves in and around your ass and you’re going to want to have them all worked for an unbelievable orgasm. Introduce an anal vibrator to double your pleasure. 

Head to the Kitchen

For: men

Even though we’re saying this oral sex idea you’ve never thought of is for men, rules were made to be broken. So, women, head on over to the kitchen and get yourself some tasty treats.

The idea behind this one is simple: introduce some food into your oral routine. Flavored lube is a great starter – an appetizer, if you will – but what about the main course? Now we’re not saying you should break out the BLTs, but what about tried and true classics like chocolate syrup and whipped cream? Yes please!

In true Hustler fashion, we’re not satisfied with just the classics. Let’s get wild. Grab some sushi and have your partner eat if off your body. We guarantee you they’ve never seen such a sexy plate. Try out some soft cheeses instead of chocolate. Feed your partner grapes as they’re going down on you. You can even freeze the grapes and have your partner pop one in their mouth for a chilly, and awesome, sensation.

Whatever your gourmet choices, make sure to clean up before and after! There isn’t anything worse than having an incredible, food-assisted orgasm only to get an infection or something else unpleasant down the road. 

Bath Time

For: men and women

oral sex in the bathtubSure, hooking up in the shower isn’t anything new. In fact, we’re pretty sure people have been doing that since showers were invented. Giving your partner oral in the bath, though, isn’t something we hear a lot about. Let’s change that up.The next stop on our tour of 6 oral sex ideas you’ve never thought of is the bathroom. We hit the bedroom (and will be back soon), took a stop in the kitchen, and now we’re heading to the bath and shower.

Now it’s important to stop here and talk about safety. It’s tough to suck a dick underwater. This is especially true for everyone who loves deep throating your partner. You can gag and accidentally swallow some water. Not only can that kill the mood, but it’s also pretty dangerous. The same can be said eating your partner out.

So be safe out there guys and gals! Start things out with only a little bit of water in the tub. Take it slow. Learn how this changes your oral sex experience. Invest in some bath and body gels, lotions, and toys. Above all else, stay safe.

Now, that being said, there’s something incredibly hot about mixing breath play with oral. Not only is this an entrance for many into the world of BDSM, but it’s also just plain fun. Remember, the name of the game is safety, but as long as you take proper precautions there’s no reason you can’t get your partner off underwater! 

Take Control

For: men and women

This one isn’t so much an oral sex idea you’ve never thought of as an extension to all of the above. Take both your and your partner’s oral experience to new levels of arousal by taking control.

We’re talking about using restraints to tie your partner down. We’re talking about using blindfolds to keep your partner in the dark while you’re going down on them. We’re talking about putting a collar on your partner before they assume the doggy oral position. We’re talking about getting some whips and paddles to give your partner some corporal reinforcement.

We’re talking about embracing whatever it is that you do to take control. This can be using toys, or it can as simple as taking your partner’s tie off after a long day at the office…and tying their hands behind their back as you unzip their pants.

Speaking of taking control… 


For: women

We’re wrapping up our list of 6 oral sex ideas you’ve never thought of with the perfect ending. Have your partner lie down and take your royal seat on your throne. Yep, their face.

Whether you call it queening, face sitting, or something else entirely, the position is the same – squat over your partner and lower yourself onto their face. Not only does this put you in complete control (some might even call it regal control), but it gives your partner the chance to taste and breath only you.

You can grind yourself over their mouth and nose. You can raise and lower yourself to tease them. You can do whatever you want because, remember, you’re a QUEEN.

Now that you know these 6 unique and Hustler Hollywood-approved oral sex ideas you’ve never thought of, it’s time for you to try them out yourself. Grab your partner (or a couple of partners!) and get started. Make sure to grab some couple’s toys, too, and have the best orgasms of your life. You’re welcome.