playing with yourself and someone else

Playing with Yourself...& Someone Else

Sure, masturbating is fun, but it's even better when you get someone (or a couple of someones) to join the party
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May is National Masturbation Month and, to help everyone get in the spirit, we’ve decided to share some of our hard-earned (pun certainly intended) tips and tricks for playing with yourself and your partner.

These aren’t the tips Janet gave you in high school. They aren’t the tips your aunt told you about that Thanksgiving she had a bit too much to drink, that that time you’ve been trying to forget about ever since. These are Hustler Hollywood tips!

Oh, and speaking of National Masturbation Month, May 28th is International Masturbation Day. Make sure you’re ready to go with couple’s toys and anything else you might need. Enjoy guys and gals!

Masturbating with Your Partner

You know what’s even hotter than normal sex? Taking your foreplay from the side stage onto the main stage. We’re talking about taking the touching and kissing that usually lasts for a few minutes into a two-hour, multiple-orgasm, eyes-rolling-into-the-back-of-your-head experience.

We’re talking about masturbating with your partner. Not only will this help you and your boo reach a new level of intimacy, it’s also just plain hot! Watching your man, woman, or nonbinary partner touch themselves, work themselves up, touch you, and work you up without having “traditional” sex is the way to go. Plus, there’s a societal level of shame built up around masturbation, so breaking that down with another person is incredible.

Let’s get back the intimacy idea, though. Masturbating with your partner allows you to learn about their body and mind in a whole new way. You’ll get an insider glimpse into what gets your partner off.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to how they like to be touched. Do they prefer slow or quick strokes? How much pressure do they like? Do they need a rhythmic motion to climax or do they like to mix it up? Being able to see what your partner likes first hand is a surefire way to blow their mind the next time you’re the one touching them.

Not to mention that playing with yourself (especially while you’re playing with him or her or them!) is a great way to embrace yourself and your desires while keeping things new and fresh. Even the sexiest of couples can reach a point where things aren’t quite as exciting as they used to be. Mutual masturbation helps minimize that.

Okay, enough waxing poetic about exploring your desires and erasing the shame of sex (#unapologetic), let’s get into the fun stuff. Masturbation tips:


Couple's Vibrators

Couple’s vibrators are where it’s at. Not only does this keep both partners involved and excited, but it brings some power dynamics into the bedroom. There isn’t much that’s sexier than playing around with power dynamics.

Maybe you get your male partner a vibrating cock ring, but he controls when the vibration is on. Maybe two women get a dual vibrator. Maybe you try out a vibrating massage wheel on your partner’s back door. Maybe you do all of the above and have the best night of your life. The choice is yours!


don't stick to just the cock and clit

Don’t Stick To Just The Clit And Cock

Okay, we know this defies logic. The clit and cock should be the main attraction when it comes to masturbation. They are! Don’t get us wrong, you should pay a lot of attention to your partner’s private parts, but don’t lose sight of the forest because of the tree!

Remember there are more erogenous zones than just below the belt. Show some love to your partner’s nipples with vibrating nipple clamps. Give your partner’s lips a couple of light bites. Tickle their armpits with a feather body tickler. Drip some candle wax onto their neck.

You can even give them literal shocks all over with an electro sex kit.


Remote Control Fun

We mentioned this before, but what could be more of a turn on than controlling your partner’s orgasm? You can egg them on, work them up, and then stop them just short of release. Their orgasm is in your hands – what will you do?

You can also flip it and let them take complete control of your pleasure. Will they let you finish? Will you have to beg? What if you’re at work and they turn your vibrating panties on?

We’re talking about remote-controlled fun, of course! Whether you’re controlling each other’s pleasure in person, or doing it remotely, having the ability to start and stop at will is a HUGE turn on. Take this to heart and get wild. You won’t regret it, we promise.


get multiple people involved

Get Multiple People Involved

It’s super important to note that you should only get multiple people involved if you and your partner are okay with it. Bringing in more than two people can complicate your relationship in all sorts of ways and yes, this is even true for you wonderful poly couples.

Make sure you’ve talked long and hard (and then had a conversation!) about whether you want to invite someone else into your bedroom.

So, what does getting multiple people involved in mutual masturbation look like? It all depends on your kinks. Maybe you want to set up a sex swing and watch someone go down on your partner. Maybe you want to be blindfolded and unsure who’s getting you off. Maybe you want to have someone use a clit vibrator on you, while your partner uses a bullet vibe on them.

Your options are limited only by your imagination and, since you’re a Hustler fan, we know your imagination has no limits.


Dress Up

Sure, nudity is hot. You know what’s even hotter, though? Showing off 99% of your body but leaving 1% up to your partner’s imagination. Let’s take this one step further - showing off 99% of your body while touching yourself and watching your partner touch themselves.

That’s right, it’s dress-up time. Sexy lingerie is a classic and classy touch that adds a bit of intrigue to an already sexually-charged situation. Want to push that intrigue as far as it can go? Want to push your partner to the edge? Then try out costumes like the innocent school girl, the sexy cop, or even the dark witch.

You can thank us later for this tip.

It’s National Masturbation Month. You now have Hustler Hollywood approved masturbation tips. There’s only one possible conclusion here. Embrace your sexual power (and make sure to use plenty of lube!).