Technique for making your partner squirt

Sex Positions and Techniques to Make Your Partner Squirt

Squirting, also referred to as “female ejaculation,” is an extremely popular porn term. Many people with an interest in women enjoy squirting, and helping their partner experience it may be a guiding desire in sexual encounters. The problem is that it’s not necessarily easy, and many people don’t know how to make squirting easier for their partners. Here’s how you can try it out with your partner.

Step 1: Talk About Why You’re Interested in It

First of all, your partner needs to agree that they’re also interested in trying squirting. Many women feel uncomfortable with it because they may feel that it’s “gross” or “unhygienic.” If you’re able to talk to your partner about why you want to try this out and what makes you think squirting is so sexy, they may be more willing to try it out with you.

Step 2: Enjoy Foreplay Together

Foreplay is crucial if you want the best chances at making your partner squirt. You need to make sure that your partner feels safe and comfortable with you, and that means foreplay starting long before you ever touch them.

Trim your nails, as your hands are a big part of making a partner squirt, and consider trimming facial or body hair if you need to. Consider buying some bath and body products to help you and your partner calm down before you start having sex; you can even start the foreplay in the bath.

Your partner will likely need 45 minutes to an hour of dedicated foreplay before they’re able to relax enough to potentially squirt and really enjoy the encounter. Load up on foreplay aids like naughty games and massage oils to make the time really fly by.

Step 3: Find a Great Position

When your partner is already well-versed in squirting, position may not be such a big deal. However, early on in the journey, a good position can make all the difference. Here are a few to try as a beginner.

  • Missionary Position

Missionary position allows your partner to lean back and let you do all the work. That means they can completely relax and just let themselves feel what’s going on. It’s a great position for people who want to let themselves go and enjoy the journey toward squirting.

  • Missionary With Hips Up

Propping up your partner’s hips can make it easier for you to hit the G-spot, which can make it easier for them to squirt. You can put a pillow underneath their hips or invest in a wedge-shaped piece of sex furniture that’s designed for it.

  • Sitting Up on the Knees

This position requires a bit more work from your partner, but it may be worth it, especially if they enjoy it. Have your partner sit up on their knees, spread about shoulder-width apart. You can work on them from underneath. This position goes well with some bondage options, including handcuffs and blindfolds.

  • Doggy Style

Doggy style often isn’t the easiest for people new to squirting, but if you’re already comfortable with doggy style, it can be a great step into trying out this new type of stimulation. Plus, it gives you access to lots of different types of stimulation.

Use Many Different Stimulation Options

One of the key points of making a partner squirt is in stimulating them in multiple ways at once. Here are a few pointers for the different stimulation options.

  • Oral Stimulation

Generally, using your mouth is a great addition. If you use your mouth and both of your hands, you have as many as three sources of stimulation. Plus, the warm, wet feeling of your mouth can do wonders in making your partner squirt.

  • G-Spot Stimulation

Stimulating the G-spot is often seen as critical to making a partner squirt. You can find the G-spot with your fingers by inserting two fingers inside your partner, palm facing toward their front. Curl your fingers toward yourself, searching for a “spongy”-feeling section around two inches inward. You’ll probably notice your partner’s noises or breathing change when you find it. G-spot vibrators can also be very helpful here.

  • Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral stimulation is often important for someone with a clitoris to orgasm, similar to how most individuals with penises need direct penile stimulation to orgasm. Both organs have all the same nerve endings, after all. You can use your hands and mouth or invest in a clitoral vibrator for targeted stimulation.

  • Cervical Stimulation

One option that only some people enjoy is cervical stimulation. The cervix is located all the way at the end of the vagina, and requires very deep penetration. Always check with your partner before you try this. The cervix can be incredibly sensitive, and not everyone enjoys having someone else stimulate it.

Step 5: Always Enjoy Yourself

Lastly, it’s important that you and your partner’s enjoyment is the end goal. If your only end goal is squirting, both you and your partner will likely be disappointed if that doesn’t happen. Think of it this way: if you’re not able to make your partner squirt the first time, you just have more sexy experiences to look forward to in the past.

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