hottest masturbation toys for men

The Hottest Masturbation Toys for Men

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At HUSTLER Hollywood, we believe sex toys are for everyone! Interestingly, we find that our guy customers are a lot more hesitant to buy toys for themselves. They say things like, “my hand is just fine!” or “it can’t be as good as the real thing.” We are here to address those myths and set these dudes on the right path.

A lot of men who knock using sex toys simply haven’t tried it. Many men surveyed who have used it say that it’s way better than a hand!  Masturbation is NOT meant to be a replacement for sex. It’s a separate activity that feels good, eases tension, and releases endorphins. Why not switch things up once in a while by bringing a toy into the mix? One user surveyed reports that “nothing beats the real thing… but this is the thing to beat it with if you’re going to beat it.”

The sex toy market for men is more interesting than ever. Technology and pleasure are converging as innovative companies are creating all sorts of incredible pleasure systems for men. Let’s focus on the most commonly used, straightforward masturbation toys for men - the stroker. Also called a sleeve, a stroker envelops the shaft of the penis and is manually operated to provide a novel, pleasurable sensation.

Sex toys for men can vary in appearance, coming in all colors of the rainbow, realistic and abstract designs, and many shapes and sizes. Internal textures and material vary by brand but most are made of a soft, rubbery material that aims to mimic human skin. There’s something out there for everyone, whatever your desire for penile pleasure.

The Best-Selling Men’s Toy - The Fleshlight

The most universally recognized sex toy for men is the Fleshlight. Conceptualized and made in the USA (well, Texas) the Fleshlight has become eponymous with all male masturbators. However, don’t be mistaken - the Fleshlight brand is the world’s best-selling sex toy for men for good reason. No other brand comes as close to real skin-on-skin contact, and few brands have been as innovative in offering various textures, external features, colors, accessories, and designs. The Fleshlight goes above and beyond all other masturbators in a myriad of ways.

Anatomy of the Fleshlight

Let’s break down all of the components of the Fleshlight. The case is modeled after, well, a flashlight. This makes it very discreet and able to blend in with your other tools and gadgets on a workbench or in a shed. The classic model is a bit large - about 10” in length and 4” in diameter at the largest end. If you’re looking for something a bit more compact, the Fleshlight Flight is a smaller version (7.5” long) that can easily fit into a truck console, tool box, or your carry-on bag.

Fleshlight Flight Masturbator Clear - The Hottest Men's Masturbation Toys

The case is easy to grip, making handling a breeze when you’re in the heat of the moment. Inside the case, the Fleshlight itself is a long sleeve made of “Real Feel SuperSkin,” a soft, flexible, synthetic material that feels very realistic. You can remove the sleeve from the case and soak it in warm water to make it feel more life-like. Twist off the top cap to expose the point of entry - this is the part you insert the penis into. Whether you’re seeking to stroke into a vagina, a whole butt, or a butthole, Fleshlight has an orifice for you. There’s also a cap at the bottom that you can tighten or loosen to adjust suction.

Fleshlight Pussy Lip Stamina Training Unit - #1 Selling Men's Sex Toy

Fleshlight Exteriors

One of the coolest Fleshlight innovations is their Girls collection. Using plaster molds, Fleshlight creates exact replicas of the vulvas of your favorite porn stars. Now you can watch Nicole Aniston on screen while using her fleshlight- and you can see for yourself how truly precise their rendition is! From Elsa Jean to Lisa Ann, each Fleshlight Girl has a unique internal design that will enrapture users and make you want to collect them all!

Fleshlight Girls Masturbator - Molded from porn star pussies


Most Fleshlights are flesh-toned, matching the porn star’s skin if the toy is from the Fleshlight Girls collection. The “ice” or clear color is extremely popular because it allows the user to watch their penis as they thrust, which can be an extreme turn-on.

clear fleshlight men's masturbator

Fleshlight Interiors

Internal textures of the Fleshlight vary - some are more narrow than others, some more complex and interesting, some more straightforward. Preferences vary by user of course, but best-selling models at HUSTLER Hollywood include Madison Ivy’s Beyond and Alexis Texas’s Outlaw.

Fleshlight Originals Internal Textures: 

Fleshlight Originals Inside Textures

Fleshlight Girls Internal Textures: 

Fleshlight Girls Masturbators Internal Textures

How to Use a Fleshlight

Nothing could be simpler than enjoying your new toy. To use a Fleshlight, unscrew the cap, apply a water-based lubricant to both the penis and the opening of the toy.  Hold the case in your hands and insert your penis, then use your hands to stroke. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the gripping, tight stroker will bring you to orgasm. For a hands-free experience, check out the Fleshlight Shower Mount! Some users also like to wedge the Fleshlight between pillows or cushions and then thrust using their hips.

Fleshlight Maintenance

It’s essential to clean your Fleshlight thoroughly after every use. The material is porous and can harbor bacteria, causing the toy to become moldy and unusable. Cleaning your toy can take a few minutes, but the effort is worth it. Proper care will ensure that you’re able to enjoy your Fleshlight for a long time. Follow these three easy steps to clean your toy:

Step 1 - Remove sleeve from case and disassemble the top and bottom caps. Wash the case and caps thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap and hot water.

Step 2 - Rinse the sleeve with warm (not hot) water. Rinse the outside and then let water stream through the inside for approximately 30-60 seconds. Do not use soap on the sleeve as this can degrade the material. Instead, use FleshWash, an anti-bacterial toy cleaner formulated by the company specifically for this delicate material. You *can* use other toy cleaners but we highly recommend you stick with FleshWash for best results and elongating the lifespan of your toy. Spritz the opening and the inside quite liberally. Gently spread the opening and use a finger or a soft cloth to clean the inside of the toy and flush out any buildup. Particularly with more complicated internal textures, you’ll want to ensure that any lubricant or bodily fluids are thoroughly cleaned.

Fleshlight Fleshwash to clean your male masturbator

Step 3 - Wipe the case with a dry cloth or towel. Pat down the exterior of the sleeve with a microfiber cloth thoroughly, then lay it out to air dry.  Avoid using a paper towel or other cloths that can leave fiber residue or lint on the toy.  Allow several hours to dry between uses.  Once the sleeve is completely dry, apply Fleshlight Renewing Powder to keep the material from getting tacky. Reassemble the toy and you’re ready to go again!

Fleshlight Renewing Powder to keep your male masturbator from getting tacky

Non-Fleshlight Strokers

Perhaps you aren’t ready to invest in a Fleshlight, or prefer a stroker that’s a bit more abstract and non-realistic. There are plenty of options available for every budget. The cheaper versions tend to be less durable so they may not last as long as a Fleshlight, but they’re all great ways to get a good bang for your buck.

The Tenga Spinner Tetra Masturbator

The Tenga brand is well-known for their sleek designs, both internally and externally. With an easy to grip case, the hexagonal-tiled interior will bring you to utter bliss as you stroke the soft, flexible material up and down your shaft.

Tenga Spinner Male Masturbator

HUSTLER Exotic Pussy

With a tight, textured interior and a super-realistic appearance, the HUSTLER exotic pussy will suck along your shaft and drive you absolutely wild.

HUSTLER Toys Realistic Pussy Lips Exotic Masturbator

Fuck my Holes Spread Pussy and Ass

If you don’t have a need to be super discreet, you can get down and dirty with a few handfuls of booty. This masturbator feels just like the real thing, plus has a little extra you can hold onto while you thrust.

Spread wide pussy and ass masturbator

Penis Extensions

You can easily incorporate toys into partner play with penis sleeves and extensions. Extensions are sheaths that wrap around the penis to add a bit of extra length and girth. This enhancement provides your partner with additional pleasure, plus adds a satisfying stroking sensation for the wearer.

Fantasy X-Tension Deluxe Power Cock Cage

This cock cage encases the penis and provides an intense sensation for your partner. The cage supports and prolongs the wearer’s erection, and a vibrating bullet on top will stimulate her clitoris with every slide down the shaft.

Fantasy x-tensions deluxe power cock cage

Oxballs Daddy Cocksheath

Slip into this lil’ somethin' for a big WOW factor. Oxballs always pushes the envelope with their slightly kinky, extreme designs. This see-through sheath will clear up any doubts as to whether an extension can be a real turn-on.

Oxballs clear daddy cocksheath

So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get to work! Check out our amazing collection of sex toys for men and get stroking!