sexy spring break essentials at hustler hollywood

Sexy Spring Break Essentials

Sexy Spring Break Essentials
Sexy Spring Break Essentails
Sexy Spring Break Essentials

Warm sun, hot bodies, non-stop music - spring break screams sex! Whether you’re heading to the ultimate beach party, a festival in the desert, or enjoying a self-care staycation, HUSTLER Hollywood has everything you need to make sure your spring break is sizzling.

Traveling alone, with your squad, or bringing along your special someone? We have something for you. Make sure to pack these sexy spring essentials in your beach bag!

Clit Vibes

Small and discreet, a clit vibe is the perfect accessory for the girl on the go!

For You and Your Boo

The We-Vibe Tango is a perfect travel companion. The magnetic charger connects to any USB cord, and if you’re only going on a short trip, a good charge before you leave should last you the entire weekend. Completely waterproof, the Tango will be a friend for hot tub forays or dips into the bubble bath with your boo. It’s one of the strongest clit vibrators on the market, plus its cute, compact, lipstick shape won’t raise any eyebrows as you cruise past the TSA. It’s easy to hold between your bodies during sex, and he can even enjoy the good vibes on his perineum or testicles.

we-vibe tango discreet bullet vibrator

For You and your Girlfriends

Keep your vibe close to you at all times, just in case! The extremely powerful Crave Vesper is a gorgeous accessory and makes a great gift! You’re sure to get tons of compliments, but only you and your crew will know its sexy little secret.

Crave Vesper Vibrator - Discreet Necklace

For the Solo Traveler

More of a clitoral sucker than a vibrator, the Womanizer envelops the clitoris and uses suction to mimic oral sex. It fits nicely in your hand or bedside drawer. Order room service, shut the blinds, open your favorite beach read and spend some time pampering yourself. The orgasms you’ll reach are unlike any you’ve felt before, and you’ll be able to come again and again. It’s the perfect treat for a gal looking for some R&R. 

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Sucker

Cock Rings

Sometimes you need a little extra help keeping it up, especially after a hard night of partying and cocktail sipping.  Cock rings are here to help. A vibrating version will turn your penis into a little party, for you and your partner.

For You and Your Boo

Get ready for mind-blowing orgasms with the We-Vibe Pivot ring, a stretchy, supportive c-ring that fits comfortably around the base of the penis. It’s even controlled by an app on your phone so you don’t have to skip a beat to change modes while you’re mid-thrust. The We-Vibe motor is one of the most powerful on the market, and it’s definitely the kind of ring anyone would love to be surprised with when they’re on a romantic vacation with their honey.

We-Vibe Pivot App Controlled Vibrating Cockring

For Boys’ Night Out

When you and your boys are out looking for action, grab a 10-pack of rings and pass them out like candy! Each ring is individually packaged for travel and looks super hot on your member. While you’re at it, look out for your bros and hand out some condoms as well. Sharing is caring!

Tight firm stretchy cockrings

For the Solo Traveler

If you’re looking for something simple that will provide some fun in the sun, but won’t be a huge worry or package to carry around, grab a couple of disposable vibrating Screaming O cock-rings, like the Big O Double 2. With a vertical bullet on top and a horizontal one to stimulate the boys, the Big O Double 2 delivers a lot of bang for your buck! When you’re done, you can toss it and move on to the next. 

Disposable vibrating cockring by screaming o

Strap-ons and Dildos

When you’re dancing all night, you never know who you could meet! Spring break is THE time for having an adventure. Be ready for anything with a strap-on and dildo.

For You and Your Boo

If you and your lady are looking to get away on a train to pleasure-town, a strap-on like Pipe Dream’s Double Delight is hard to beat. Both the wearer and their partner receive luxurious penetration, and both can get close enough to grind on each other and reach clitoral orgasm at the same time. Imagine the possibilities for a variety of positions! Share the love, and the pleasure.

double-ended strap-on for lesbian sex

For You, Your Boo, and a Friend

Maybe you’ll meet a sweetie on the dance floor and decide to invite her back to your room for a ménage à trois. Maybe it’s his first time being pegged. Whether you meet your unicorn or not, the Tantus Bend Over Beginner Harness and Dildo kit is an awesome set to have on hand, whatever happens. The kit comes with a soft, easy-to-adjust harness that fits multiple body types. The soft, silicone dildos come in two sizes so he can try it out and graduate to the next level when he’s comfortable. You can also use one dildo on one partner and the other on a second, so you don’t have to lose momentum by pausing to clean in between switching partners (note: please always wash your sex toys when switching between partners or orifices.)

Tantus Bend Over Beginner Strap-on and Dildo set perfect for pegging

For the Solo Traveler

You’re a confident, strong, sex goddess and you’re ready for more advanced strap-on fun.  A strapless strap-on like the Sharevibe from Fun Factory ensures a seamless interaction. Simply add lubricant to both the bulb and the shaft, insert the bulb in the wearer, and enjoy as the clitoral ridges bring pleasure, and the wearer brings ultimate pleasure to the receiver. You don’t have to fumble with awkward straps, and the strong vibrations will drive both partners over the edge into utter bliss. When you meet a special someone and bring them back to your room, they’ll definitely be impressed with your prowess.

Fun Factory Vibbrating Strapless Strap-on

Sex Lubes

Don’t be left high and dry - get wet this spring break and bring a few different types of sex lubes. Make sure to put them in your checked baggage!

For You and Your Boo

If you’re going to do it in the pool or hot tub, you’ll need a silicone-based lube that won’t rinse off in the water, ensuring slippery satisfaction for everyone involved. Make a splash and re-create your favorite scene from the Shape of Water (or even better, Showgirls) with the help of Uberlube. Just make sure you don't use silicone lube with your silicone toys. 

Uberlube Silicone Sex Lube

For You and Your Friends

Flavored lube is always fun! Grab a set of Doc Johnson’s Good Head pillow packs and compare notes with your buds to figure out which one is your favorite. Drizzle over ice cream if you’re staying in to recover after a hard night of partying. These lubes are delicious!

Goodhead Flavored Lubricant for Oral Sex

For the Solo Traveler

If you’re planning on going at it all night, trust us, you’ll need a lot of lube. Be generous- using lots of water-based lubricants will ensure things go smoothly. Even if you feel your natural fluids are sufficient, additional moisture will prevent tiny tears in your sensitive areas, ensuring that you can continue with your marathon-like sexy sessions. Wicked Aqua lasts a long time without getting sticky, and the water-based formula means it’s perfect for all types of play. 

Wicked Water Based Sex Lubricant

A note about traveling with sex toys:

You are allowed to travel domestically with sex toys (if you’re traveling internationally, double check that your destination doesn’t have any restrictions on adult products.) If you’re traveling with an especially large dildo (we’re talking like, the 12” rubber fist,) the TSA may flag it to make sure it isn’t a “club-like” device. To avoid being held-up in the security line, it may be best to stick to smaller toys. Additionally, many vibrating toys have a “travel lock” setting that will prevent accidental turn-ons if the toy gets tossed about in your luggage. Make sure lubes in your carry-on bag are under 2 oz., and if an agent asks to look through your bag, stay cool. They’ve seen it all! Calmly explain “it’s a vibrator,” and they’ll move on.

Have a safe and sexy spring break! And if you forget something, check our store listings - we may have a store in your destination for all your sexy nightlife essentials.