Guide to Sex Toys - Everything You Need to Know About Sex Toys

Guide to Sex Toys - Everything You Need to Know About Sex Toys

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Sex toys can be an amazing way to increase your pleasure with a partner or by yourself. The thing is, lots of people don’t know almost anything about these amazing devices. You may know the slightest bit just from watching porn or hearing about them secondhand, but do you actually know how to navigate sex toys? With this guide, you sure will. 

How to Clean Your Sex Toys the Right Way

General Types of Toys

There are a few types of sex toys that you probably know at least a little bit about. These are the most common sex toys in general use.


Dildos are by and large probably the most well-known sex toy. A dildo is a very simple toy; it can be either shaped like an actual penis or just smooth and long, made of almost any material. The most common toys nowadays are made of silicone, plastic, or thermoplastic elastomer, a plastic-like material. Glass dildos are also popular, though not as much as the other materials; their heft and non-porous finish make them an interesting addition to seasoned toy collectors’ cabinets. 


Usually, a vibrator is just a dildo with a vibrating mechanism. Some very simple vibrators just have one setting: you press a button or twist it in place to turn it on or off. More high-tech vibrators can have different modes and different intensities. Some, known as “bullet vibrators,” are very small and portable, and are largely used for external stimulation. Certain vibrators have wireless remotes, which can get kinky if you’re interested in using them while you’re out.


A strap-on uses a dildo or vibrator in a different way: as a replacement for or addition to an actual penis. The most common strap-ons have a dildo or vibrator with a flared base attached to a harness that the user wears around their hips and thighs. You can also find strap-ons that are meant to be positioned underneath the user’s penis, making double penetration easier to accomplish. “Strapless” strap-ons have two outward-facing dildos: one is inserted into the vagina, which makes it possible for the other to be used to penetrate someone else. Lastly, hollow strap-ons are an addition to the penis, which can be used to help people with erectile dysfunction, make a penis longer and thicker, or elongate sex. 

Cock Rings

A cock ring goes around the base of the penis. Essentially, it restricts blood flow to the area, resulting in stronger and more long-lasting erections. If you’re the type to ejaculate too quickly, a cock ring can allow you to go for longer, making sex more pleasurable for you and your partner. It’s also helpful for erectile dysfunction, as it’s more likely that you’ll be able to get and maintain an erection. Cock and ball rings are a more kinky option that trap the testicles as well, which can be so useful that they may work as chastity devices. 


A masturbator, sometimes referred to by the brand name Fleshlight®, is a small device that you move up and down the penis to provide a different sensation than just masturbating with your hand. Some, like the Fleshlight®, are shaped with a vulva design on the outside to more accurately simulate sex. Many also come with storage cases that conceal the design to make it easier to store. 

Anal Toys

These encompass a variety of options. Anal beads, butt plugs, and anal dildos are all in this category, and there are other specialized toys that you may find interesting as well. Anal sex allows you to delve into so many different avenues, and anal toys make that even easier.

Kinky Toys 

If you’re starting to delve into kink, you might be excited to know that there are kink toys designed to cater to those special needs.

Nipple, Clit, and Penis Pumps

These pumps attach to the nipple, clitoris, or penis respectively, then use a sucking device to draw more blood into the area. That additional blood flow makes them much more sensitive, which can be highly pleasurable for both parties.

Chin and Thigh Strap-Ons

Essentially, these work the same as regular strap-ons; you attach a dildo or vibrator to a harness, then position it. The difference is where they’re positioned. Chin strap-ons are meant to be worn under the mouth, which allows you to give oral sex and penetrative sex at the same time. Thigh strap-ons attach to the thigh, usually with a garter-like harness, which allows your partner to “ride” your thigh. 

Sex Machines 

These ones aren’t for the faint of heart, but can be an incredible addition to your collection. A sex machine attaches a dildo to a contraption that creates a thrusting motion. A common BDSM fantasy involves tying someone down and using a sex machine to constantly penetrate them, with no physical interaction necessary. 

Electrosex Toys 

Electrosex, which involves using electric current to provide a tingling sensation, is a surprisingly common kink. However, it’s essential that you use professional toys if you’re interested in electrosex. These often include toys that can run a current that’s just enough to feel the tingling, but not enough to be dangerous.

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Sex Toy Safety

Whenever you use sex toys, it’s important to remember that things do work a little differently than general sex with no outside intervention whatsoever. 


No matter what sex toys you’re using, lube them up generously. Even if you’re using them for vaginal penetration, which provides its own lube, you should bring some lube along for the ride, just in case. There’s no such thing as too slippery when it comes to sex toys. Anal toys especially need as much lube as possible in order to be safe.


Before you use a sex toy, make sure you’re in the right physical and mental place to do so. You still need foreplay to make sure that toys are as pleasurable as possible, even if it’s your hundredth time using one. If you’re starting something new — for example, using anal toys for the first time or bringing electrosex into the bedroom — you should also make sure you’re excited and relaxed, so you get the most out of your experience. 

Always Remember Your Safety 

There are some toys that, without proper preparation and usage, can be dangerous. Usually, it’s just fine to use them, but you should be aware of these important tips when using these toys.

Cock rings are very useful to help you last longer during sex, but they should only be worn for about 30 minutes max. It’s also important that you get a cock ring that accurately fits the penis, so it’s not constricting it too tightly. If your penis starts to feel numb, cold, or painful, immediately stop and remove the ring. Cutting off blood flow too much can cause damage to the penis or testicles.

Handcuffs, bondage tape, and bondage rope are an incredible way to experience the sensation that comes along with a loss of control. However, make sure you’re always paying attention to circulation. Buying kink gear that’s made for bondage is the first and most important step to avoiding danger. Like with cock rings, if you start losing sensation, stop immediately and snip them off with scissors.

Nipple, clit, and penis pumps can increase sensation for yourself and your partner, but doing it too much can cause blood vessels to burst, which can potentially be dangerous. Follow the directions and always stop if it starts to feel painful. 


Staying Sanitary With Sex Toys

It’s not exactly the sexiest thing to talk about, but avoiding a yeast infection or UTI is very important. Use these tips to increase sanitation.

Disposable Toys

If you’re someone who enjoys one-night stands, consider disposable toys for your needs. These toys are very cheap and usually easy to pack away. The downside is that they don’t last very long and can sometimes be made of porous materials, which trap bacteria even after being cleaned. That makes them perfect for one-time encounters; just toss them after you’re done.


You don’t have to use a condom on sex toys, but they can be helpful for two reasons. First off, they reduce the amount of cleanup. You just have to peel off the condom and throw it away. Second, they reduce the risk of spreading STDs. If you’re with multiple partners, STD protection is vital, and if you’re really worried about it, a condom helps immensely.

Toy Cleaners

Many toys suggest washing with warm water and mild soap, but using soap can damage sensitive toy materials and leave behind residue that can throw off the body’s natural balance. Toy cleaners give you an even cleaner clean and are formulated to be gentle on both your body and your toys. Many of them also just spray onto your toy, then wipe away, which makes them extra easy to use. It makes post-sex toy cleaning quick and easy.


 Sex toys are a vast expanse, which is perfect for the variety of ways to enjoy sex. If you’ve learned nothing else, hopefully you’ve learned that even if you have very niche interests, there’s a sex toy to cater to you. Browse the collection at HUSTLER® Hollywood for the best sex toys, no matter what you’re interested in.