use a blindfold during sex

Blindfold Sex - Guide to Sex With The Lights Off

Blindfolds can make your sexual experiences all the more exciting. What do you need to know about blindfolded sex before you start?

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A simple blindfold can really make sex pop in a brand new way. Whether you are getting into BDSM, like to get kinky or you just appreciate the way your other sentences are heightened when you have a blindfold, there are many ways to utilize a blindfold during sex. However, it can also be difficult for people to understand blindfolded sex fully, especially when it comes to implementing blindfolds in their own sex life. Here’s how you can use blindfolds yourself.

Finding the Right Blindfold

Though you might not think about it very much, choosing the right blindfold can actually have a pretty significant impact on your experience with blindfolded sex. Consider these different types of blindfolds, so you can understand more about which you should choose.

  • Scarves and Ties

If you don’t have any blindfolds around, you might decide to use something that’s a little more universal, like a scarf or a tie. In particularly dire cases, you may even be able to use a piece of hosiery. This will typically block out most light, but it’s not especially comfortable, so you should probably try to avoid it.

  • Simple Blindfold

What about a very simple blindfold? When you use a simple blindfold like the Hustler® Pleasure Eye Mask, you’ll get full sight blockage in the easiest way possible. This no-frills approach is perfect for anyone who just wants to dabble in blindfolded sex.

  • Premium Blindfold 

If you’re interested in taking things to the next level, you can always try a premium blindfold. The Bondage Couture Blindfold offers a faux leather look in blue with gold hardware, for a luxurious sensory-deprivation experience. A blindfold like the Scandal Eye Mask gives you a more theatrical bent. You can even try something like the Hustler® Open Mouth Hood for an extremely kinky option.

How to Use a Blindfold During Sex

So, you’ve chosen your blindfold and you’re ready to go. The thing is, it can be tough for some people to figure out exactly what to do with blindfolded sex. How do you start incorporating a blindfold into sex? Try out some of these tips.

  • As the Blindfolded Person

It can feel difficult to really do anything as the blindfolded person — after all, it’s basically your job to sit back and enjoy. However, even if you’re in a submissive role, you can still put something into the session. For example, if you don’t use any restraints, you might decide to use your hands on the other person. It’s also extremely important that you remember your safewords and utilize them if you start feeling uncomfortable. Your partner wants you to enjoy the experience, and using safewords is the best way to do that.

  • As the Non-Blindfolded Person

The non-blindfolded person is typically the one who retains dominance in these situations. Here, it’s up to you to provide your partner with plenty of sensory delights. A whip or paddle may be the perfect option, as long as you’ve cleared it with your partner beforehand. You could even consider a massage candle if you wanted to stay on the sensual side as long as possible before moving to the sexual side. Remember to also pay attention to your partner’s unspoken and spoken needs; if your partner says the safeword or gestures for you to stop, obey them fully.

Incorporating Other Kink Toys

Don’t feel like you can only stick to one toy at any one time. Just because you’re incorporating blindfolds doesn’t mean you have to ignore all the other wonderful BDSM and kink toys available at HUSTLER® Hollywood. You can even purchase a bondage kit to start with all the tools you’ll need to make your new experience incredible.

One of the best things about sex is that the only limit is your imagination. Do you want to pull your partner around with a collar? Do you like the idea of a suction toy or clamp for a new type of sensation? Are you interested in placing your partner on a sex machine and seeing how long they can last? Browse through the options at HUSTLER® Hollywood to see what kink toys will work best for you.


A blindfold helps to elevate your experience by making you more aware of the sensations you’re experiencing. That makes it the perfect option for anyone who wants to experience sex more fully. Blindfolds aren’t just for a specific type of person, either; they’re perfect for anyone who wants to experience sex a little differently.

If you’re looking for that new experience, you should definitely look at HUSTLER® Hollywood. Whether you’re interested in blindfolds or you’re looking for the perfect sex toy, HUSTLER® Hollywood has you covered, so you can get the best experience every time.