Tips to have sex when the kids are home

How to Have Sex When Kids Are Home

Life with kids is certainly a blessing, but it can do a number on your sex life. Many people wonder whether they’ll be able to have sex after having kids. The good news is, it’s absolutely possible. You just have to get a little more creative than you used to. Here are 10 ways you can maintain spice in your relationship.

1. Wait Until After Dinner

This is the most tried and true method in the book. One of the best ways to avoid getting caught by the kids is to wait until the kids are asleep. Go to bed alongside your partner and fool around a bit while there’s no one around to catch you.

2. Try Hotel Sex on a Family Vacation

You don’t necessarily need to avoid getting it on in a hotel room just because you’re with your kids. If your kids are young enough to stay in a playpen while they sleep or watch TV, you can actually move their playpen into the bathroom and shut the door. If you really want to make sure you’re staying quiet, consider packing a gag as one of your hotel vacation essentials.

3. Put Your Kids in the Playroom

There are times when you really miss that intimacy with your partner and you just can’t take it anymore. When those times come a-calling, put your kids in the playroom and seclude yourself in the bedroom with a few of your own play toys to keep you company.

4. Take Advantage of Naptime

Especially when your kids are younger, naptime can be an amazing opportunity for you and your partner. It gives you a bit of time to spend together. Just make sure you lock the door in case your child gets up a little earlier than you thought they would.

5. Use the Shower to Its Full Potential

Shower sex can be truly amazing, and refusing to try out shower sex is depriving you of an incredible opportunity. Think about it: it’s one of the few places where you’re truly unlikely to be interrupted. Climb into the shower with each other, grab a waterproof vibrator, and get going.

6. Engage in a Quickie

You don’t have to lay out and really indulge in each other’s bodies to have satisfying sex. In fact, a quickie can be an amazing opportunity for some physical intimacy. Put on a TV show for the kids, close the bedroom door, and see how quickly you can untangle each other.

7. Try Out Morning Sex

It’s tempting to try and wring as much sleep as possible out of your day-to-day life, which means morning sex can be pretty much a no-go for many people. However, if you and your partner tend to be morning people, it’s an option you can try out for a quick option.

8. Put On a Movie

This is an especially useful tool if your kids are younger. Children that are younger than four or five tend to be absolutely enamored by movies, and that means they’re a great tool for distraction. Throw on a flashy, colorful movie and retire to the bedroom with your partner while they watch the movie in question.

9. Engage in Some Clothes-On Action

You don’t need to get totally naked to be intimate with your partner. You can keep your clothes on or purchase some sexy lingerie to have some intimate moments that still shield you and your partner if someone walks in on you. Try to remember to lock the door for better secrecy as well.

10. Use Toys to Speed It Up a Bit

The concept of a quickie is one that’s extremely useful for couples with kids. You can even make it sort of a game: how fast can you get together and finish up? Sex toys can absolutely help you in this endeavor. You can browse through HUSTLER® Hollywood’s wide selection of couples’ toys to find one that works for you.


What’s the best way to have sex even when the kids are home? There’s no one way to have sex, and that concept extends even to sex after you have kids. There are plenty of options, but the only real way to make sure you’re staying intimate is to try things out for yourself and figure out what works best for you. Browse through HUSTLER® Hollywood’s various options in sex toys, lingerie, and more to discover an option that will suit your preferences.