4 Tips to Get a Better Fleshlight® Experience

4 Tips to Get a Better Fleshlight® Experience

If you’re looking for the best male masturbator, many people are going to point you toward the Fleshlight®. On its own, the Fleshlight® is an incredible tool that you can use to make masturbation as great as possible, with a sensation that feels as close to sex as you can get. However, there are a few simple tips and tricks that you can use to really take your Fleshlight® experience to the next level. Here are a few considerations to consider.

  1. Always Use Plenty of Lube

Lube is going to be paramount to your enjoyment of your Fleshlight® toy. It helps your penis slide in and out of the toy easily, avoids damage to the toy, and makes it feel even more like the real thing. If you’re ever uncertain about whether or not you’ve added enough lube, just add more. You can never go wrong with more lube, after all!

Water-based lubricant is recommended for use with your Fleshlight®. It’s easy to use, washes out easily, and provides that realistic sensation. You may also want to try a water-based warming lube if you’re looking for the warm sensation that you might be lacking when using a masturbation toy. Delay creams and sprays may also be helpful if you enjoy the sensation of using your Fleshlight® and want to be able to try it out for longer, but make sure they’re water-based, so as not to damage your Fleshlight®.

  1. Try out a Special Type of Mount

A Fleshlight® mount can make it easier for you to use your Fleshlight® hands-free. That can make it a more realistic experience because you don’t have to use your hands for the Fleshlight®. Instead, you can thrust into the Fleshlight® as though you were thrusting into a real person. If you use your Fleshlight® while watching your favorite porn star, this makes it an even more realistic experience.

The Fleshlight® shower mount is a great starting point for anyone who’s looking for a unique mount for your Fleshlight®. Stick it on any non-porous area in your shower and use it hands-free. As an added bonus, you can then wash your masturbator in the shower, so you don’t have to worry about actually washing it.

  1. Consider a Warming Insert and Remember Storage Options

Warming inserts and other accessories help with the fact that the main thing separating a toy and the real thing is often the warmth of a real person. Although your Fleshlight® will likely warm with your body heat, creating a slightly warmed interior, the ideal warmth for the Fleshlight® will likely be a little higher, and this can really enhance your personal experience with the Fleshlight®.

If you’re looking for an actual insert, you can try something like the Main Squeeze Warming Accessory. Although it was made for Main Squeeze strokers, this accessory will work incredibly with any masturbator, warming it up to body temperature in less than 10 minutes.

Additionally, remember that you need a place to store your Fleshlight® as well. The Passionate Playground Joyboxx, for example, is a great storage opportunity for both your Fleshlight® toys and any other sex toys you may currently have or may buy in the future.

  1. Always Clean and Put Away the Fleshlight® Appropriately

By far the best tip you can use to get a better Fleshlight® experience is to clean your toy and put it away appropriately after you use it. This will help the Fleshlight® last longer in general, but more specifically, it will make sure it retains its realistic sensation, allowing you to truly enjoy the investment you made into the toy for years to come.

The Fleshlight® Fleshwash Toy Cleaner combined with the Fleshlight® Renewing Powder is Fleshlight®’s go-to recommendation. Take the toy out of its container, then wash with warm water and spray Fleshwash both inside and outside. Allow the sleeve to air dry completely before applying the Renewing Powder in a thin layer. Replace the sleeve in the case and enjoy as usual.


You should think of your Fleshlight® as being an investment. It’s a great tool that can improve your masturbation experiences for years to come, and if you take care of it and use it appropriately, you can enjoy it for about as long as you please. These four tips are extremely effective for helping you find an even better way to use your Fleshlight® toy. If these tips have convinced you to use the Fleshlight®, you can find all sorts of Fleshlight® designs at HUSTLER® Hollywood.