Finding the right dildo

Finding The Right Dong: A Guide to HUSTLER® Hollywood’s Most Popular Dildos

Selecting the perfect dildo may seem straightforward at first - until you look at your options. Not all dildos are created equal. Material, size, shape, color, texture, and other features all impact the user experience and can make a huge difference in your pleasure. We recommend keeping an arsenal of various dildos in your bedside drawer so you’ll be prepared for any situation that arises. But once you try out a few varieties, you’ll quickly find out that you have a favorite.

We truly believe there’s a perfect dildo out there for everyone. Dildos are an equal opportunity toy - anyone can use them, no matter where you’re putting them. You can use them solo, with a friend, or with a group. The possibilities are endless! The universe of dongs can be overwhelming, so here’s a quick guide to the most popular dildos from the plethora of options we offer at HUSTLER® Hollywood.

Popular Dildo Materials

Material is possibly one of the most important things you must research when choosing a new dildo. The most primitive version were made of stones and even wood (yikes!) but luckily, we’ve progressed from our ancestral marital aids. Until recently, most dildos were made of TPR or PVC. These toys are fine in a pinch but aren’t the most-recommended materials for long-term use. These rubber and plastic materials will degrade over time, especially with prolonged contact with lube or soap. Small pores and tears in this material will harbor microbes, which is the opposite of sexy.

For a dildo that will last a lifetime, look for non-porous, high quality, body-safe materials like medical grade silicone, metal, and glass. These are the only types of materials that are able to be completely sterilized, and on top of that, they feel amazing. Silicone is soft and temperature-sensitive; it provides a more realistic feeling and a pleasant drag against the skin. Check out the Ruse by Blush Novelties Juicy Suction Cup Dildo - it won’t break the bank but it will last a long time!

Ruse by Blush Juicy Suction Cup Dildo

Blush Novelties Juicy Silicone Suction Cup Dildo



Metal & Glass Dildos

Metal and glass dildos are a must-have, particularly if you’re interested in achieving a g-spot or p-spot orgasm. The additional weight of these toys will apply just the right amount of pleasure to the exact right place to stimulate these bundles of nerve endings. They’re super easy to clean - boil them or even place them in the dishwasher (if you live with people okay finding a dildo in the racks when they unload, of course!) The most special thing about glass toys is that you can soak them in warm or cold water and they’ll retain the temperature for a much longer time than other materials - stick it in the freezer for a chillingly good time, or bring it into the bathtub to make the water sizzle.

Popular Dildo Features

Beyond the usual dildo specifications like length, girth, and color, there are a few other features not often thought about. An example is a preference for either realistic or non-realistic dildos.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are phalluses that aim to look and feel the exact same as a real penis - including a realistic head, realistic coloring, and even raised blue veins (see the Pipedream King Cock 9-Inch Flesh). Their realistic appearance can be very arousing, and great for role- and gender-play.

King Cock 9 Flexh Realistic Dildo

King Cock 9" Flesh Realistic Dildo



If you prefer a less penile appearance, the Evolved Love Extra-Large Dildo has a smoother shape and non-realistic color that still offers the advantages of a realistic dildo - a textured head, erotic ridges, and a thick, firm circumference that will have you coming again and again.

Evolved Love Extra Large Realistic Dildo

Evolved Love Extra-Large Realistic Dildo



Inflatable Dildos

A freakier, less well-known but well-loved feature of dildos is inflatability. The Master Series Ravage Vibrating Dildo can be inserted in any orifice, and then expanded with a hand pump that fills the dildo with air. The seven and a half inches will make you scream as you increase the girth - it’s a perfect training toy for people new to anal play.

Ravage Inflatable Vibrating Dildo

Ravage Inflatable Vibrating Dildo



Suction Cup Dildos

For hands-free delights, try a suction cup dildo! Aside from making a great hood ornament, you can stick these suckers anywhere for off-the-wall enjoyment. Stick it on your chair while you’re working, on your headboard in the bedroom, or the wall of your shower. Get acrobatic with it - and delight your partner by treating them to a show of you pleasuring yourself all over the house.

Vibrating Dildos

The most popular dildo feature? Although good old fashioned dongs have their place, the one thing that makes every toy a little bit better is the addition of vibration. Vibrating dildos contain motors that offer users a variety of speeds, patterns, and modes of vibration to send them into heavenly bliss. Our very favorite is the Big Boss by Fun Factory, a healthy 9.25 inch dildo with six vibration intensities and six rhythms that will take you for a ride to pleasure-town. Ergonomically shaped to target the g-spot, the fine silicone, the sleek design, the realistic ridges, and the deep, intense vibration will show you exactly who’s the boss.

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrating Dildo Black Edition

Fun Factory Big Boss Vibrating Dildo Black Edition



Popular Dildos for Sharing the Love!

Double-ended dildos are exactly what they sound like - a long shaft with a head on either side. Depending on the length and flexibility, you can use one on yourself (vaginally + anally) for a unique solo double penetration experience, or you can go ass-to-ass or vag-to-vag, or even ass-to-vag with a partner if you’re really feeling like a gymnast.

A great option for a dual-penetration dildo is the CalExotics Silicone Double-Ended Dong. One end is thicker and girthier for vaginal entry, while the other end is appropriate for fulfilling, sensual anal stimulation. Two heads are always better than one!

CalExotics Silicone Double Ended Dong

CalExotics Silicone Double Ended Dong



If you’re intent on re-enacting the infamous Requiem for a Dream scene with your best pal, check out the sleek, sexy Dorcel Real Double Do Double-Ended Black Dildo. Made of premium, body-safe silicone, we recommend keeping some lube on hand for this doozy!

Dorcel Double Ended Black Dildo

Dorcel Double Ended Black Dildo



The Sportsheets Menage a Trois Double Harness is a must-have for people looking to experience double penetration with a partner. The harness has a ring for the wearer’s actual penis that sits right below a silicone dong, allowing the wearer to pleasure their partner multiple ways at once. The pleasure will be beyond their wildest dreams!

Sportsheets Menage a Trois Double Harness

Sportsheets Menage a Trois Double Harness



Strap-On Dildos

In a similar vein, strap-on dildos are prosthetic dongs that can be worn by men or women to penetrate their partners. Traditionally, a strap-on dildo is worn by the user with the aid of a harness that straps on to your hips and thighs and holds a rubber, silicone, plastic, or even glass dildo.

Brief Harness Strap-On

More modern strap-on dildos forego the harness altogether and use metal rings sewn into briefs to hold the dildo in place (like the Cal Exotics Scandal Pegging Panty Set.)

Scandal Pegging Panty & Dildo Set

Scandal Pegging Panty & Dildo Set



Hollow Strap-Ons

Some strap-on dildos are hollow, like the Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Hollow Strap-On, and can be worn by anyone, although they are especially beneficial for people with penises who experience erectile dysfunction of any type.

Vibrating Hollow Strap-On

Vibrating Hollow Strap-On



Strapless Strap-On

And for the very daring, the most innovative and exciting new type of strap-on dildo is the strapless strap-on. The Sharevibe by Fun Factory has a bulb held in place by the wearer’s vaginal muscles, and the perfect curve to stimulate the g-spot while she'll thrusts into her partner. Plus, both partners are stimulated by strong Fun Factory vibes. No more dealing with straps, buckles, bells and whistles - just insert the Share and go for it!

Fun Factory Sharevibe Strapless Strap-On

Fun Factory Sharevibe Strapless Strap-On



The Dildo of All Dildos

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the most popular dildo brand, the Vixen line. Many other companies come close, but none aside from Vixen offer hand-crafted, artisanal dildos that so closely emulate a real penis in size, shape, and feel. Made of the highest-quality silicone and offered in a variety of flesh tones and sizes, these are the most serious option for those willing to invest in their pleasure. With proper care and maintenance, these toys will last forever - and they can take (and give) quite a pounding!

Vixen Maverick Vixskin Caramel Dildo


Dildo Care

As we mentioned before, some lower quality materials will degrade over time if you use soap and water to clean your toy. Best practice is to wash your toy with a specially formulated toy cleaner to preserve the life of your toy. Mist the toy generously, then use a microfiber cloth to gently scrub - a normal towel will leave lint and particulate on the toy’s surface. Store your toys separately - similar materials can corrode each other, so it’s best to place toys in individual bags or boxes before storing in a drawer.

Avoid using silicone lubricants with silicone toys, and clean before and immediately after each use. Love your toys and they’ll love you back! A few seconds of TLC will allow you to enjoy them for years to come.