Long Distance Love: 18 Games, Ideas and Sex Toys for Long-Distance Relationships to Keep the Sparks Flying from Afar

Long Distance Love: 18 Games, Ideas and Sex Toys for Long-Distance Relationships to Keep the Sparks Flying from Afar

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Long distance love isn’t easy, but it’s easier than ever to stay connected with your lover. With the advance of technology, you no longer have to wait by the window, pining for a word from your far-off love brought by pony express. Today, within seconds you can let your partner know you’re thinking about them - however innocent or dirty those thoughts might be. Between remote app sex toys, sexy games you and your lover can play to stay close, video calls, messaging, and social media, it’s easier than ever to feel close, even when you’re far apart. Here are a few amazing ideas, tips, toys, and virtual and interactive sex games to play that will keep the sparks flying and hearts racing until you can see your special someone again.

Have a Timeline

Not know when you’re going to see each other again can create real suffering for two people who are crazy about each other. Always have a plan about when the next time will be, even if it isn’t as soon as you’d like. Get excited by creating a sexy to-do list for the next time the two of you are together and make it as dirty or as sweet as you’d like. Don’t forget to leave some room for spontaneity, too- surprises are a sexy part of the fun! 

Keep In Touch

You don’t need to be in contact 24/7, but it’s nice to send each other little updates throughout the day to let your love know you miss them. Spice it up by sending off a message that’s as flirty or dirty as you dare - just make sure they’re not in the middle of giving a presentation! Send a warning text like, “incoming NSFW message: press 1 to receive.” Then wait for them to get somewhere quiet so they can appreciate and enjoy what you have to say. 

Snap a Sexy Photo

Get all dolled up and have a photo shoot! Put on your favorite erotic lingerie complete with hosiery, shoes and accessories of course, snap some sexy selfies, and surprise your love with a photo album. Not sure where to begin playing dress up? Check out our ultimate lingerie styling guide to find the perfect lingerie to make you feel like a sex goddess. 

Set a Skype Date

In order to feel like you’re in a more traditional relationship, set dates to spend time with one another, even if it’s only virtually. Prove your commitment to one another by honoring those dates and showing up on time, no matter what. Send flirty reminders like, “can’t wait to see you tonight!” via Messenger and text message to build the anticipation! 

Don't Rely on Technology

Although it’s an essential ingredient and can nurture a lasting connection, sending physical gifts, notes, and photos are a nice gesture to foster intimacy. Leave a t-shirt that smells like you with your lover, or for a naughty twist, leave a pair of panties for them to do with what they wish ;) 

Watch a Movie Together

Install an app or extension like Netflix party on your laptop, and the two of you can enjoy a movie at the very same time while texting in between with your commentary. Make the same snack to feel like you’re truly spending time together - and you can even make it a dirty movie if you’re really feeling frisky! 

Play a Game

Whether it’s Words with Friends or Starcraft, for long distance relationships, a little sexy competition can heat things up and keep you connected, especially when you may not feel up for talking about every single detail of your day. Make up sexy rules to follow - if you pass your turn, you owe your competitor a sext. If you win, your partner has to create a sexy video for you. Get creative with it! 

Give Them a Show

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine is powered by Bluetooth, so your lover can connect with you from anywhere in the world. Set up your webcam and tell your partner to buckle up. Have them download the Cowgirl app to their smartphone and give them complete control of ten speeds of intensity; and six vibration patterns so they can enjoy watching you buck and pant by their hand, even from afar.  

Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine


Take Your Phone Call to the Next Level

Whisper sweet nothings into your lover’s earpiece, then give them a little love tap via the Lovense Hush Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug. Connect your iPad to the Lovense Sex Toy App and cycle through the amazing range of vibrations and explorations, and listen to their sighs turn into moans as you control the rhythm and speed of Lovense’s amazing array of virtual and interactive sex toys until your partner reaches ecstasy.

Lovense Hush Bluetooth Vibrating Butt Plug

Lovense Hush Bluetooth Vibrating Butt Plug


Stroke Each Other's Egos & More

Kick your next Skype session up a notch with Kiroo’s compatible his-and-hers devices. The Onyx 2 Masturbator & Pearl 2 G-Spot Massager are a match made in heaven. Touch sensors allow synchronicity between lovers located anywhere in the world - as she thrusts the Pearl inside her, the Onyx will echo these motions in real time. It’s as close as you can get to being inside your lover, wherever you are. The sophisticated devices can be used separately as well and you can adjust the intensity to your exact liking. You can also pair with your favorite VR porn for amazing solo action.

Onyx 2 & Peral 2 Couples' Sex Toy Set

Onyx 2 & Pearl 2 Couples' Sex Toy Set


Have an Orgasm Race

Challenge each other to see who can come first - set up your webcam and ready, set, go, begin pleasuring yourselves and whoever reaches the finish line first wins! The person who finishes last wins, too, of course. Watching each other climax is super hot and creates a sexy voyeuristic air to your virtual togetherness.

Send Each Other Dirty Gifts

Mail your partner a sexy DVD and get yourself a copy as well - you can watch it together and make a list of all the positions and scenes you both enjoy and want to try next time you’re together!

Add a Little Kink

Explore non-physical BDSM together by appointing one partner the Dom/me. The sub has to submit to whatever demands their lover subjects them to that day- for example, order them to go into the bathroom at work and snap a sexy photo. Mail them a pair of sexy panties and order them to send a video of them modeling for you.

Let your Dom/me select your order when you go out to lunch with your coworkers - send them a snap of the menu and let them message you exactly what you’ll be having. When they get home, tell them exactly when, where and how you want them to touch themselves. Or to really torture them, tell them that they’re not allowed to touch themselves until you give them the signal. Then subject them to a thorough description of what you’d like to do to them until they’re begging you to relinquish your control! It’s thrilling to feel like you’re secretly being controlled by someone behind the scenes. 

Send a Sexy Letter

Snail mail containing a detailed list of everything you want your partner to do to you at your next reunion. Spritz a little fragrance on the envelope and seal it with a kiss!

Clone Yourself

If you can’t be there to fondle your far-away friend, send them a little part of yourself to hold in their hearts (and other holes). Use the Clone-A-Willy dildo molding kit to create an exact replica of your phallus for your lover to use and remember you by. 

Clone-a-Willy Dildo Molding Kit

Clone-A-Willy Dildo Molding Kit


Make a Sexy Playlist

Use Spotify to create a collaborative roster of songs that you’ll use to get into the mood. Listen to it together when you’re getting freaky, in real life or virtually. It’s a fun way of getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes, with a little extra side of sensuality!

Go Shopping Together

Take turns browsing the HUSTLER Hollywood website and create a wish list of things you’d like to try together.

Enjoy It

And last but not least, enjoy it! Long distance relationships take work and consideration, but you truly get the best of both worlds – you don’t take a second for granted when you’re together, you get to explore the best parts of a new place when you visit, and you get to enjoy plenty of space and alone time. Some studies show that starting out long-distance can actually form stronger bonds than relationships that begin geographically close. Distance really does make the heart (and other parts) grow fonder!