HUSTLER Hollywood’s Ultimate Lingerie Guide: <br/>How to Wear, Care, and Select the Best Style for You!

HUSTLER Hollywood’s Ultimate Lingerie Guide:
How to Wear, Care, and Select the Best Style for You!

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How to Wear, Care, and Select the Best Style for You!
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Types of Lingerie
Lingerie Wear & Care
Lingerie FAQ
Lingerie Glossary

Buying lingerie for yourself is an act of self-love. It affirms that you believe you are a sensual being worthy of being wrapped in beautiful, sensuous fabric. Adorning oneself with lingerie - whether you’re revealing it to a partner or staying in alone, engaging in a self-care ritual - proclaims that you are an arousing creature who is comfortable and confident in your own skin. Your lingerie can be an expression of your personality, or it can reveal a sultrier side that you don’t normally let shine. Rocking a hot bodysuit under your clothes can put a spring in your step and give you an extra boost of confidence.

Lingerie can make you feel sexy whether you’re getting ready for date night with your loved one, or hanging around in the house having a solo girl’s night in. Picking a style that’s perfect for you can seem daunting, so HUSTLER Hollywood will break it down for you. Read on for tips and tricks to selecting all the sexy little things.

Types of Lingerie

Shopping for lingerie is hard enough in person. Finding a silhouette that accentuates your assets is easiest when you hit a fitting room with great lighting and your best gal pal. We’re here to make it even easier to do it in the comfort of your own home!

HUSTLER Hollywood believes that everyone can look and feel beautiful and confident in lingerie, regardless of size, shape, sexuality, etc. A common question asked by women shopping at HUSTLER Hollywood stores is “what kind of lingerie is best for my body type?” The truth is, you’ll be sexiest in any outfit you feel confident in.

There isn’t one right style for each body type, but there are some tips and tricks to flaunting the things you love most about your body. Here’s the HUSTLER Hollywood guide to types of lingerie and how to wear them best.

Fashion Lingerie or “Intimates”

HUSTLER Hollywood’s most popular intimate wear is fashion lingerie. Designed with a pure sensual aesthetic in mind, fashion lingerie is worn to create a mood, tease a lover, and empower the wearer to look and feel their best. Unlike other lingerie elements that are meant to be worn under clothes and concealed, fashion lingerie is meant to be shown off.

Babydoll Lingerie

What is it?

The babydoll is a classic lingerie style characterized by a high waist band and a loose, flowing skirt. The babydoll was originally designed to address a fabric shortage in World War II.

How do I wear it?

Traditionally, the babydoll hangs from the shoulders and the skirt just barely covers the booty, although lengths vary by designer. They look best with bare legs, although to-waist fishnets can also compliment the look very well. Drape yourself in a robe for a comfy and casual “oh this old thing?” look to lounge around the house in.

Who should wear babydoll lingerie?

Babydolls are a great option for curvier women who want to minimize their belly while showing off their cleavage and thighs.

babydoll lingerie


What is a chemise?

Historically, a “chemise” was a slip or long shirt worn under clothing in the winter. In medieval times, both men and women wore them to protect their outerwear from sweat and stains (since bathing daily wasn’t a thing back then.)

How do I wear it?

Today, the chemise has changed shape a bit. In the lingerie world, a chemise is a women’s garment similar to a slip or a tight-fitting mini-dress. It generally hugs the body tightly and hangs straight from the shoulders without a waistband. It hangs to the top of the thigh and some chemises do have garters attached but they aren’t essential to the functionality of the garment.

Who should wear it?

A chemise is a great option for novice lingerie wearers. it flatters all body types with its clean, simple lines and it’s fairly simple to put on. Simply slip it over your head like a dress, or unclasp any hooks, step in, and pull up from the bottom.

chemise lingerie plus size

Merry Widow 

What is it?

Originally, the Merry Widow was an all-in-one bra/girdle combination that streamlined the torso while supporting the breasts, with garters attached. It’s no longer as restricting as it was in the 1950s, when it was used as shapewear. Lana Turner once famously said, “...the merry widow was designed by a man. A woman would never do that to another woman.” Today, they can be made of any material and are much more comfortable and easy to wear, offering a much wider range of motion.

How do I wear a merry widow?

The merry widow is characterized by its curved hemline and attached suspender or garter straps. Pair with your favorite thigh-highs and stilettos for a sleek, seductive look.

Who should wear it?

Merry Widows are a great way to show off curvy hips, thighs, and butts. Some merry widows are bust-less so great for showing off those curves up top, as well.

merry widow lingerie


What is it?

A short or long drapey garment usually associated with spas or glam housewives, a robe is a great way to cover up quickly before or after bedtime, or in between wardrobe changes.

How do I wear a lingerie robe?

A sexy, fur or feather-lined robe can be an amazing compliment to a simple teddy or a bra and panty set, especially if it’s cold out or you’re feeling a bit modest. The HUSTLER Hollywood robes, however, are sexy enough to stand on their own. Pair with marabou bedroom heels, a sexy panty, and pasties for a very retro-chic lounge look.

Who should wear it?

Everyone should own a robe! They are a lot more fun to hang out in after a bath than a towel or a t-shirt.

lingerie robe


What is a teddy?

Similar to a leotard, a teddy is also known as a one-piece or a body suit. This camisole-panty combo hugs the body and covers the crotch and torso. It can be short- or long-sleeved, sleeveless, one-shoulder, or spaghetti-strapped. Formerly known as the “camiknicker,” we think that “teddy,” named after lingerie designer Theodore Baer, is much cuter

How do I wear it?

Teddies are super versatile and look great simply paired with a pair of stilettos or a pair of to-waist fishnets underneath. If you’re very cutting edge, you can wear one under jeans and a jacket for a sexy evening look. Wear a crotchless one on date night!

Who should wear it?

Teddies are extremely hot and great for all body-types. They work well for women with smaller chests because they usually don’t have molded cups, but their sleek design is also perfect for showing off some skin if you have a more ample bust, thigh, and waist-line.

teddy lingerie


Lingerie Sets - Two & Three Piece Bra, Panty, & Garter Sets 

What is it?

Perhaps the most essential and functional of all lingerie looks, two- and three-piece lingerie sets consists of a bra and panty; or a bra, panty and garter-belt set that are intended to be worn together.

How do I wear lingerie sets?

A two-piece is a great style for those who are new to lingerie and unsure about how to wear it confidently. Since most women usually wear a bra and panties anyway, why not wear a more fashionable, sexy style underneath your clothes? You don’t need much more than a gorgeous pair of earrings and perhaps some fancy bedroom slippers to rock this look.

A three-piece is a bit more advanced and generally requires the addition of thigh-highs as the function of a garter belt is to hold up stockings (as well as to make the wearer look smokin’ hot!) Check out our wear and care guide for step-by-step instructions on putting on a garter belt. 

Who should wear it?

Anyone can pull off this iconic, tantalizing look. It’s a great way to show off your abs, or you can find a high-waist belt with ample coverage if you’re not confident showing off your entire belly. If you’re extra modest about showing off this much skin, grab a sheer robe to drape yourself in. Open it periodically to tease your loved one with flashes of bare skin.

3 piece lingerie set


Shapewear, also known as foundation garments, is underwear meant to restrict, pad, accentuate, or lift the body so that outerwear fits smoothly and seamlessly. Luckily, with time, the most restrictive of these garments have gone out of fashion for everyday wear (those corsets were NOT easy to move around in.)

Many shapewear pieces have transitioned from functional to fashionable for a retro, unique, sexy look in and out of the bedroom. Shapewear is intended to streamline your silhouette, but this doesn’t mean it should be uncomfortable. Check out our wear and care section for best practices on selecting shapewear that fits like a glove.


Love them or hate them, bras aren’t going anywhere.  Fashionable, functional, or both, bras support and lift the breasts, and are essential for those with larger chests. There’s no shortage of styles, types, shapes, and structures. Here are a few styles that HUSTLER Hollywood carries.

Adhesive Bra

Also called “breast petals” or “stick on bras,” these soft silicone, flesh-toned pasties that adhere to the nipples (gently!) are meant for wear when the user doesn’t want to expose bra-lines when wearing an outfit with nontraditional cuts, such as a backless or sheer lace dress.

adhesive bra lingerie guide

Bandeau Bra

A soft-cup style perfect for summer nights out! Essentially a tube top, the bandeau is a stretchy band of fabric that can be slipped on over the head without any straps or fastenings.


This trendy, stylish option features a cupped bra with extra material that can extend to the bottom of the ribs or lower, creating a soft, feminine, flirty look that functions well as outerwear. 

Cage Bra

A bra featuring additional straps and embellishments that creates a slightly domme-y, fetish look and sometimes offers additional support.

what is a  cage bra - lingerie guide

Demi Bra

Also known as balconette bras, demi-bras are extremely provocative as well as functional. The bra sits horizontally over the breasts, held up by single straps on either shoulder.  They cover the breasts from just above the nipples and down, which is great for wear under an outfit with a low neckline.

demi bra - lingerie guide

Padded Bra

Similar to push-up bras, a padded bra doesn’t necessarily lift; however, it can create the illusion of a fuller bust. Additionally, the pads conceal nipples from sticking out, creating a smooth silhouette in a tight shirt or dress.


Like adhesive bras, nipple pasties adhere to the nipple and can be flesh toned, or they can be really fun shapes and colors. Wear them to the club under a sheer shirt, or add tassels for bedroom entertainment!

nipple pasties - lingerie guide

Push-up Bra

Bras with small pads made of fabric, silicone, gel, or other similar materials at the bottom of each cup, which lift and press the wearer’s breasts together, creating more pronounced cleavage.

Shelf Bra

Shelf, or open-cup bras, may not offer much in the way of support, but they offer an extremely sultry appearance to the wearer. They cup the breasts but the fabric comes to just under the nipple, exposing the rest of the breast in a very tantalizing way.

shelf bra lingerie guide

Sports Bra

Usually tight-fitting, stretchy bras with soft cups that are intended to strap in the breasts of the wearer to prevent the discomfort caused by excessive bouncing when engaged in athletic activity.

Underwire Bra

Bras of all styles can feature underwire, padded or not. Underwire offers additional support to those with larger chests, as well as helping the bra maintain its shape.


Commonly confused with a corset, a bustier is a tight-fitting garment that fits tightly around the torso and pushes up the breasts. Unlike a corset, it does not lace up but it does often have adjustable clasps in the back.

An excellent option for both women with large cup sizes who want an extra boost, or women with smaller chests who want to create the illusion of cleavage. Although bustiers are considered foundation garments, they’re often quite beautiful and can easily be worn as stylish, appealing outerwear.

lingerie guide what is a bustier


Like a bustier, a corset maximizes the bust and minimizes the waist, but to a much more extreme degree. Lined with plastic or steel “bones” that structure the garment, a corset clasps in the front and laces in the back so that the wearer can control the extent to which the corset shapes the body.

Corsets are extremely popular as lingerie pieces or even costumes, but are still the best foundation garment you can use to achieve a traditional “hourglass” silhouette. Check out our wear and care section for more on how to select, fit, and tie a corset.



Although the term is quickly becoming outdated, shapewear that smooths lines around the waist, butt, and thighs underneath tight-fitting clothing is more popular than ever. Often referred to by their brand name, some girdles even come with padding to accentuate the derrière. This ain’t your grandma’s girdle!


The most basic and universal of all underclothes, most (though not all!) people wear panties every single day. Panties protect the clothing from bodily secretions, and protect the most sensitive areas from the elements. From full coverage granny panties to skimpy g-strings, there’s an endless array of underwear, but every woman should have a few essential styles in her wardrobe.


Underwear with a cut a bit longer than typical briefs, boyshort panties extend past the butt and hug the waist and hips like tight-fitting shorts.

boyshort panites


Underwear that covers the entire crotch and buttocks but may be more low-riding along the waist and high-cut around the legs than a typical brief.

bikini panty


The “granny panties” of the underwear world, briefs provide full coverage and sit high above the hips. This style can be super cute and sexy, despite its reputation, with the right color and material!

brief panties


Any type of underwear with a split or open crotch. Crotchless panties are for, well, you know… easy access.


A type of thong, a g-string is generally a much smaller piece of cloth that is worn between the buttocks (more of a string than a strap, hence the name.) This style is as close as you can get to going commando while still being covered.


Like boy-shorts but with higher leg cuts that expose the underside of the butt while the waistline sits across the hips. Very cheeky!


A type of underwear somewhere between a thong and a bikini. It offers slightly more coverage in the back than a thong, and less coverage in the front than a bikini. Not ideal for those prone to wedgies, but extremely sexy.

tanga panty


A strip of fabric that covers the front of the wearer's crotch, then tapers to be worn in between the butt cheeks held up by an elastic strap around the waist. Thong panties are ideal to wear with bodycon dresses or any other outfit that you want to insure against VPL (visible pantyline).

Pleasure or Vibrating Panties

More than just your standard undergarment, these exist for an entirely different reason. With multiple varieties, pleasure panties come with a vibrating bullet or pleasure beads meant to be worn at home or out on the town. Some even come with a remote so your lover can tease you discreetly in public.

vibrating panties


Waist Trainer / Under-Bust

A waist-trainer, waist cincher, or under-bust corset utilizes the same mechanics of a corset (steel boning, laces, clasps,) but sits underneath the breasts in order to create a streamlined waist. More recently, elastic waist-trainers have become popular but aren’t quite as effective as the tried and true classic.

waist trainer under bust corset


When selecting hosiery, the primary classifications are knit pattern, length, and size. These are the primary classifications of hosiery. It comes in different weaves, nets, and patterns; footed or footless; as well as lengths, fits, and styles. The package will tell you what type of lingerie you’re buying if you’re not sure.

Additionally, when it comes to thigh-highs and knee-highs, purchase hose with a silicone or stay-up grip top if you aren’t also purchasing a garter belt. Otherwise they’ll fall down around your ankles when you’re trying to prance seductively across the room! Hosiery comes in all colors, the most common being black, nude, white, and perhaps red; but you’ll find a plethora of rainbow hues year-round at HUSTLER Hollywood.

Hosiery Patterns

Sheer Hose

Sheer hose are the closest knit and also the most traditional knit. This is the prototypical "pantyhose” pattern that you’ll see women wearing with their professional wear or to keep their legs warm on a chilly day.

Depending on the brand, “sheer” stockings may be more opaque or translucent. The thickness of the fibers may dictate how much skin shows through sheer hosiery but either way, a fully concealing knit falls under the umbrella of “sheer.”

Coupled with a sexy chemise or a teddy with garter belts attached, there’s nothing conservative or schoolmarm-ish about sheer stockings. Lace-topped sheer thigh-highs are a great option for pairing with extremely lacy or ruffle lingerie, as the hosiery should accentuate but not distract from the main event.

sheer hosiery



Fishnet is the flirtier step up from sheer stockings. Revealing a bit of skin, true fishnets are still quite a close knit. There is a strong cultural association between fishnet stockings and looking a little, well, tarty, but that’s absolutely part of the appeal and a huge reason that fishnet stockings are often cited as a number one turn-on for many individuals.

Fishnets are incredibly sexy when worn with everyday street wear, especially under a mini-dress with thigh high boots; or under a simple solid-colored teddy in the bedroom.

fishnet stockings

Fencenet or Diamond Net

These stockings are the largest net. Don’t depend on these to keep you warm on a cold night, although it’s unlikely that things will stay cool for long if you wear these extremely seductive hose held up by a garter belt with a matching bra and panty set.


There are tons of other knits and styles, from lacey legwear to spiderweb stockings. You’ll see an extremely wide variety pop up during Halloween, when sheer stockings are adorned with fake blood and zombie bitten flesh; or cute hearts and cupids embroidered into the fabric for Valentine’s Day.

These are often worn more for novelty or as part of a costume, but by all means, incorporate them into your bedroom dress-up collection and see where your fantasies lead you.

Hosiery Styles

Body Stockings

Nylons that don’t stop at the thighs or waist – bodystockings go all the way up. They can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or spaghetti strapped; there are even crotchless and boob-less versions that leave even less to the imagination. They’re incredibly sexy worn on their own, or they can smooth a shape under tight-fitting outerwear.


To Waist

These are stockings that have a waist band and continue to hug the legs all the way to the feet.


Suspender hose are to-waist stockings with cutouts at both hips and around the crotch. This creates an extremely sexy, mock-garter belt look that makes for easy access.

suspender pantyhose stockings


Usually bunched, pulled onto the feet and then carefully pulled up to the thighs. Sometimes topped with lace or other fancy trim. Many thigh-high stockings come with a silicone backing along the top to help keep them in place. 

thigh high stockings


Pulled onto the feet and reach to the knees. They are worn less often than thigh-highs because they don’t stay up as easily as the knee’s natural range of motion causes them to jostle a bit.

knee high stockings

Hosiery Sizing

Finding the right size hosiery is very simple and straightforward. HUSTLER’s hosiery section generally comes in two sizes- OS/One-Size and QS/Queen-Size.

One-size hosiery fits anyone between 90-160 pounds, while queen-size fits anyone between 160-200 pounds. 

Rarely you’ll see hosiery sized as Small/Medium/Large – the best rule of thumb is to use your underwear size. These guys are stretchy, so if it fits around the bum it’ll probably fill out elsewhere as well. If you’re extra tall you may want to size up, but it isn’t necessary. Let the nylons do their thing.

Men's Underwear

Dressing up for the bedroom shouldn’t only be for the ladies! There’s nothing “unmanly” about making the effort to look and feel sexy underneath your clothes. Unfortunately, the array of options in men's underwear isn’t quite as wide as it is for women, but there are many different styles available for men and HUSTLER Hollywood is adding more styles every day!

Men's Underwear


The most traditional style of men’s underwear. Colloquially referred to as “tighty-whiteys,” briefs cover the crotch and waist. Casually made of cotton, you can dress up the sex appeal of a classic brief with different fabrics and colors.


Loose-fitting shorts with an elastic waistband and an open fly in front. Boxers are a great option for those who prefer things to feel a bit free and loose while on the move. Silk or satin boxers are an effortless way to give your usual bedroom wear a more sophisticated, sleek look.


A very seductive combination of the masculine look of boxers, with the support of briefs. Boxer briefs are long, tight shorts that hug the body and are both flattering and functional.


The most unique style of men’s underwear has got to be the jock strap. While most other styles could be worn for normal everyday use, wearing a jock-strap screams sex. Comprised of two loops that extend from a waistband and wrap around the legs, a jock-strap supports the genitals while leaving the butt totally bare. A great option when you want to leave very little to the imagination.

jockstrap men's underwear


You know what a thong is. It’s a strip of cloth that goes between the butt cheeks, separating to sit on the hips before encasing the crotch in thin cloth. Some find wearing a thong to be very sexy, others find it less ideal to have a piece of fabric wedged between their butt cheeks. In our opinion, you can never go wrong showing off lots of skin!.

Lingerie Wear & Care

How to Wear Lingerie

Whether it’s an everyday sports bra or the finest, frilliest three-piece, your lingerie should fit you well and be comfortable. Choosing the perfect boudoir outfit has as much to do with how it actually fits as with how gorgeous it makes you feel. Select pieces that fit perfectly and are made of fabrics that you find fabulous. Here are a few pointers on the structure of lingerie and how to wear it.

Lingerie Materials

Lingerie comes in a wide variety of materials that offer unique looks and feels. There’s an endless array of materials in existence, but here’s a quick guide to the textiles that comprise the lingerie that HUSTLER Hollywood often carries.


A lightweight, synthetic fabric that feels and looks like satin, but is less expensive. A bit cooler than polyester, charmeuse clings to the body in a seductive way that’s perfect for intimate wear.


A classic, favored material because it’s cool, light, and comfortable. It’s a “breathable” fabric that can withstand moisture, heat, and lasts a very long time. It’s rarely used on its own for sexy lingerie but is often blended with other materials. It’s a great option for everyday bra and panty sets!


An intricate pattern that can be woven from a myriad of fabrics, most often cotton and nylon. Because the knit is web-like, it’s extremely delicate and must be handled carefully so none of the fibers are pulled loose. Lace patterns can vary widely - from feminine florals to mysterious spiderwebs.


A material very popular in the fetish community for its hot, restricting feel and super sleek, kinky look. Made with rubber, it’s a great affordable alternative to leather; plus it’s super easy to clean!


The archetypal kinkwear. It isn’t the coolest or most breathable fabric, but nothing is sexier than a leather corset or panty, paired with thigh-high boots and a whip!


A cool, close-knit synthetic fabric often used for bras and panties. It’s soft and moisture-wicking, making it a great option for athletic underwear.


Mostly used for hosiery and bodystockings, nylon is super stretchy and sheer.  It’s tightly knit but extremely delicate.


Polyester gets a bad rap, most likely because it can get quite warm, especially if one is prone to night sweats. But in fact, it’s shiny and satiny and quite strong - polyester lasts a long time and maintains its shape well. Polyester isn’t quite as soft and sleek as silk, but it is much more affordable and it can be quite pleasing to the touch.


A lightweight, crepe-y material that drapes quite elegantly. It does wrinkle quite easily but that can easily be fixed with a quick steam.


The most luxurious and sensuous of all fabrics. It’s extremely soft and buttery, with a seductive shine that feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Cooler than latex or leather, wetlook is made of polyester blends and has a shiny finish that lends lingerie an intriguing, edgy fetish appearance.


More of a weaving pattern than a material, velvet can be made out of numerous materials but is categorized by its luxurious, dense, soft-to-the-touch feel. Especially trendy in winter, velvet lingerie must be sized exactly as it won’t stretch unless it’s blended with spandex.

Lingerie Sizing

As with any other clothing or shoes, not all sizing of lingerie is created equal. There isn’t a universal guideline for what sizes mean, although in general, averages are pretty close. Sometimes different brands will run a bit smaller or larger than another, and one brand’s XL is another brand’s L.

Usually, lingerie wearers will be able to fit to the size that they buy in their t-shirts, underwear, bras, etc. but we do realize that there are many who might be in between sizes. When shopping for lingerie, keep this handy size guide close by if you’re on the fence about which size you’ll need. All of our lingerie features the brand size guide right on the product page.

General Guide to Sizing

These are general guidelines - exact measurements may fluctuate but on average, the following sizing is a good standard to go by.

OS: One size fits most - generally will fit anyone between 90-160 pounds.

QS/OSQ: Queen size - will fit anyone between 160+ pounds.

XS: 95-110 lbs, 32-35” bust, 25-27” waist, 35-37” hp, A cup, and dress size 2-4

S: 100-120 lbs, 34-36” bust, 26-28” waist, 36-38” hip, B cup, and dress size 4-6

S/M: 110-140 lbs, 36-37” bust, 27-29” waist, 37-39” hip, B cup, and dress size 6-8

M: 120-150 lbs, 36-38” bust, 28-30” waist, 38-40” hip, B cup, and dress size 8-10

L: 150-180 lbs, 38-40” bust, 30-32” waist, 40-42” hip, C cup, and dress size 12-14

L/XL: 170-200 lbs, 39-41” bust, 31-33” waist, 41-45” hip, C cup, and dress size 14-16

XL: 180-210 lbs, 40-44” bust, 32-36” waist, 42-46” hip, C/D cup, and dress size 16-18

1X/2X: 200-230 lbs, 44-48” bust, 36-40” waist, 46-50” hip, C/D cup, and dress size 18-20

XXL: 220-250 lbs, 44-51” bust, 36-44” waist, 46-54” hip, C/D cup, and dress size 18-22

3X/4X: 230-250 lbs, 48-52” bust, 40-45” waist, 50-55” hip, D cup, and dress size 20-22


Coquette: True to size, most of their items are OS/QS.

Dreamgirl: Mostly true to size, but may run a tiny bit large. If you’re normally in between a small and a medium, a small may work. Their OS is super stretchy and fits most bodies, unless you’re quite tall.

Fantasy Lingerie: OS sets run a bit small, but regular S/M/L/XL items run true to size. Note that most of their styles don’t have underwire so they’ll have a bit more give than other brands.

HUSTLER Hollywood: Our very own lingerie brand is great for all body types. The hosiery can run slightly small, and do keep in mind that knee- and thigh-highs with silicone or stay-up tops will be tighter than regular tops. If you’re self-conscious about the thigh squeeze, select one size up.

Leg Avenue: Bodystockings and mesh dresses are super stretchy and tend to fit anyone. Their boxed lingerie and stockings run a bit smaller so select a size up if you’re in between or unsure.

Mapale: Runs slightly small, especially around the chest. If you’re normally a 36” cup size, you may want to go for the XL rather than the L.

Oh La La Cheri: Bust runs a bit small but otherwise generally true to size. Like Fantasy Lingerie, they don’t use much underwear so most bodies can fit into their styles.

Roma: Their regular sizing does run small, so select one size up if you’re unsure. Their Queen size line runs true to size.

Seven Till Midnight: Their OS/QS items run a bit small, and their sized pieces run a bit large. Their bras run true to size.

Shirley of Hollywood: Runs a bit larger in their Queen sizes, and true to size in their regular sizing.

Properly Fitting Lingerie

How to Select the Perfect Bra

Forget what you think you know about your bra size. Many women are shocked to find, when they’re professionally measured, that they’ve been wearing the wrong bra size their entire life. The next best thing is measuring yourself at home, in front of a mirror using a tape measure while wearing a sports bra or camisole. It’s not a complicated affair, simply follow these steps to find a fit that will be comfortable and fit you well. It’s simple!

  • Step 1. Measure the circumference of your ribs, just below your breasts, where the bra band will sit.
  • Step 2. Add four inches to this number if the circumference is even, and five if it is odd. This is your band size.
  • Step 3. Measure the circumference from your back to the fullest part of your breast, usually around the nipple or just below it. Round this measurement to the nearest inch, then subtract this measurement from the band size. This will be your cup size. The difference corresponds as follows:
    • 0 inches - AA
    • 1 inch - A
    • 2 inch - B
    • 3 inch - C
    • 4 inch - D
    • 5 inch - DD
    • 6 inch - DDD
    • And so forth!

To summarize, here’s an equation:

B-R=A if B (band size, circumference of rib cage) minus R (circumference of fullest bit of breast) equals A (cup size).

How to Put On a Corset

Knowing your bra size is a great first step to finding a corset that fits perfectly. Corsets are usually sized by a number - just add two to your band size and start lacing. This may be easier to learn from watching - there are numerous free videos on the internet that will teach you as well, but here are some basic steps for beginners.

  • Step 1- Unhook the clasps that run down the front of the corset, and loosen the laces in back as you would a shoe or a boot before you put your foot into it.
  • Step 2 - Wrap the panels of the corset around your body and hook the clasps in front together. These may come apart while you are being tied into the corset, so make sure to re-fasten as you go. These will act as the anchor for the rest of the corset.
  • Step 3 - Loosen the laces of the corset as much as you need before getting to work. Draw the panel that goes behind the laces across the back so it doesn’t bunch up behind the laces.
  • Step 4 - The goal is to tie a knot in the center of the corset with the laces. Start in the middle and pull the loops tight, alternating from above and below the center as you pull tighter. The top and bottom laces are the last ones you should tighten, as by the time you get there, the pulling of the center laces should have made these taut.
  • Step 5 - Re-tighten any loose-looking bits as you travel back to the center. Pull the two center loops as tight as possible, and then tie these in a bow - then another bow, and another - until you have created a triple or even quadruple knot. You can tuck the excess string into the tightened laces if need be.
  • Step 6 - Lean over and stick your hands down the front of the corset to push the girls together and up!

If you’re uncomfortable and can’t breathe, you’ve done it right! A properly fitted corset will make you stand up straight, with your shoulders back and your chest forward. If you plan on dancing or engaging in other activity, you can loosen the corset a bit, but this is considered improper and you won’t get the full benefits of its magic and power. Now accessorize with the right things to truly give off the full effect.

How to Put On a Garter Belt

Garter belts create an iconic, scintillating look when worn with a matching bra, panties, and thigh-highs. It may take some time to learn how to put one on properly, but don't be daunted. Follow these easy steps to complete your boudoir set!

  • Step 1 - Put on your bra and panties as normal. Put on the garter belt third, before pulling on your thigh-highs.
  • Step 2 - Unclasp the belt as if it were a bra clasp, fit it around your waist and tighten the strap as needed.
  • Step 3 - Fix the clasp behind your waist, and then put on your thigh-highs. Any style will do; you don’t need special hosiery made just for garter belts.
  • Step 4 - The straps that connect the belt to the thigh-highs are called garters. Some garter belts only have two garters in front, some have six, but typically there are two in front and two in back. Garter clasps come in various styles, but the most common are round and have a small ribbon threaded through. You can push the ribbon to the side and unclasp the garter by pushing up on the small round tab in the back. The clasp should open. Then, pull up your thigh-highs and place the fabric between the back and front of the garter’s clasp. Close the clasp over the fabric by fitting the round tab back inside the clasp and push down.
  • Step 5 - Adjust as needed so that the garters sit flush against your flesh.

This may take some time to master, but just think about how much fun it will be to take the garters off again later! One more hot tip - pair the bra and garter belt with crotchless underwear for ease of entry, or skip the underwear altogether for an extremely erotic take on this classic look.

Lingerie Care

How to Wash Your Lingerie

Hand-washing lingerie is best for the intricate laces, elastics, and fabrics that comprise lingerie. Even delicate cycles on washing machines are often too harsh for most lingerie. Who hasn’t thrown a strappy teddy into the washing machine on accident, only to extract a tangled mess later on? And don’t you dare dream of putting washed lingerie in the dryer. The high heat will cause the stretchy fabrics and elastics to break down very quickly.

If you’re short on time and absolutely must wash your delicates in the machine, wash them separately from your regular clothes. Never use hot water, only cold or very lukewarm. Ensure that all clasps are hooked together so they don’t snag on anything. Use a mesh lingerie bag to protect your sexy little things from the washing machine’s forceful motions.

Here are some easy steps for washing your delicates by hand:

  1. Fill a sink or a bucket with warm water.
  2. Add a detergent specifically formulated for delicates. Look for a lingerie wash made especially for delicate fabrics; you can find them at your usual grocery store. They will have a milder chemical composition that will go easy on lingerie fabrics. Usually a cap full is all that’s necessary but read the directions to be sure.
  3. Add your lingerie to the sink. Wash darks and lights separately to avoid dark colors from bleeding dye and staining your lights.
  4. Let soak for 15-20 minutes. Avoid soaking silks for much longer.
  5. Gently use your hands to work the suds into the lingerie. Avoid rubbing, use a dabbing or plunging motion instead to protect the fibers.
  6. Drain the sink or bucket and refill with clean water, gently rinsing each piece individually.

How to Dry Your Lingerie

Please, please, please, don’t ever put your lingerie in the dryer! Even the lowest settings will cause spandex to lose elasticity and other delicate fibers to shrink and break down. The dryer can bend underwire and cause padding to clump in odd ways that will result in an unnatural look when worn. Cotton pajamas will probably be okay in the dryer but your silk and lace stockings will not! 

  1. Gently squeeze undergarments when removing from sink. Do not wring out undergarments.
  2. Fold or roll into a towel to blot out excess water. Do not wring dry.
  3. Lay out lingerie on a clean towel to dry. Hanging may stretch out the elastic, so avoid clotheslines, especially those in direct sunlight.

Dry Cleaning

Check your labels! Some robes and corsets are dry-clean only.  Silk, velvet, and other particular fabrics should only be cleaned by experts. Watch out for fabric blends, as well. When in doubt, bring it in. Dry-cleaners have seen it all, so don’t be shy about bringing in your crotchless latex jumpsuit to the professionals.

When To Wash Your Lingerie

Opinions vary greatly on how often you need to wash your lingerie. Washing protocol is dependent on the item itself, the material, and how often you wear it. You also don’t want to over-wash delicates, as this can degrade the structure and quality of lingerie. Many lingerie pieces can be treated like high-quality denim: avoid washing until you absolutely must, then use the utmost care to preserve it.

  • Panties should be cleaned after every wear, just like your normal day-to-day underwear.
  • Bras only need to be washed weekly or bi-weekly unless you’re sweating and exercising in them. Your cotton and polyester every-day bras can withstand more frequent washing than your sexy boudoir brassieres, but generally the longer you can go between washes, the longer the life of your bra.
  • Corsets often have steel or metal hardware that can rust after prolonged contact with water. Consider taking these to your dry-cleaner only when visibly quite dirty. After wearing a corset a few times, use a damp cloth with a tiny bit of detergent to wipe down the parts that come into contact with your skin.
  • Shapewear and hosiery worn for extended periods of time should be washed after every wear, or every other wear at most.
  • For chemises, teddies, babydolls, and any pieces you only wear for a few minutes before taking it off, wash as infrequently as possible unless the material is exposed to bodily fluids or mucous membranes. You can spot-wash most of these items as well - use a spray bottle filled with a bit of lingerie detergent and warm water, then use a cloth to clean parts of lingerie that have had excessive skin contact. However, avoid spot-cleaning silk - clean the entire garment, as it’s especially susceptible to fading, staining, and discoloration.

How to Store Your Lingerie

Establish a special drawer in your armoire especially for lingerie. It’s important to store these items separately from your other clothing to prevent tangling. Add a paper or fabric liner to your lingerie drawer to prevent snags on unfinished wood.

  • Roll or stack panties to avoid wrinkling
  • Store bras cup-to-cup. This helps them maintain their shape - the bras are supporting each other when they’re not supporting your breasts!
  • Hang items like chemises, babydolls, and teddies on padded or velvet hangers.
  • Place a bar of scented soap or potpourri in a muslin cloth in your lingerie drawer to make everything smell dreamy!

Frequently Asked Questions About Lingerie

Q: I have a flat chest! What should I look for?

A: We recommend a soft-cup teddy or chemise for our friends with smaller breasts. Avoid lingerie with molded cups, as these often don’t fit smaller breasts properly. Any piece of lingerie with soft cups and adjustable straps will fit closer to the chest and help you look your best. If you do fall in love with a piece of lingerie with molded cups, you can wear a padded bra underneath to push up what you do have and add a little extra.

Q: I am a man who wants to wear lingerie. What do you recommend?

A: That’s awesome! There’s no reason that men should be limited to choosing between a mere jock-strap or shiny boxer short in the bedroom. Men can rock any lingerie that was designed with women in mind, but sizing may be a challenge for exceptionally tall men. We recommend you go up two sizes from what you’d usually wear in men’s styles (for example, if you usually wear a men’s small brief, try a woman’s large).

Q: How do I know if a bra fits properly?

A: Your bra should be comfortable, first of all. If you’re constantly trying to adjust your straps, or find that the clasps are digging into your skin, or your underwear pokes at you, it may be time to go shopping. Don’t forget to rotate your bras, as they do need a chance to air out after each wear in order to maintain their shape. Check out our guide for selecting the perfect bra , and don’t settle! If you have to wear a bra, invest some time and energy finding one that will fit you well and make you feel amazing.

Q: Do I need to wash my lingerie after every wear?

A: Unless it’s panties or a sports bra, you typically don’t need to wash your lingerie after every wear. Your fashion lingerie can be washed every several wears, especially if you’re only wearing it for a few minutes at a time. You can spot-wash most materials with a spray bottle and a cloth if you feel like things need to be freshened up. Shapewear may need to be washed more often since you’re most likely wearing it for several hours at a time and may be sweating in it. Check out our wear and care guide for more info on proper care for your lingerie.

Q: Is there a difference between ‘stockings,’ ‘nylons,’ and ‘pantyhose’

A:Technically and historically, there is. In modern times, the terms can all be used interchangeably, but pantyhose generally meant “hose that goes all the way to cover your panty-line,” AKA to-waist hosiery.

Because most hosiery is made from nylon, “nylons” became the eponym for all hose, although not all hosiery is made of nylon. “Stockings” generally meant any hosiery that didn’t go all the way to the waist, especially knee-highs or thigh-highs. Today, most people who don’t live and breathe lingerie would use any of these terms to describe hosiery, so all are pretty acceptable to use.

Q: I want to show off my sexy lingerie! How do I rock it in public?

A: Well, that all depends on how bold you are! There are tons of great ways to show off your underpinnings while you’re out and about. If you’re feeling a bit more demure, you could pair a bandeau bra with a fur coat and leather pants for a casual lunch-time look. For a night out on the town, a teddy is adorable under jeans or high-waisted shorts and no one will know the difference. Show off a gorgeous bra under a sheer shirt, and swap out your usual tights for a wider fishnet thigh-high. If you’re ready to go all out, a corset with skin-tight leggings or pants is an impressive, tempting style.

Be confident and have fun with it! Just make sure to wear pasties if any of your lingerie is see-through and you live in a state that still considers women’s nipples “obscene…” (insert eyeroll emoji)

Q: Will wearing a waist-trainer or corset every day make me thinner?

A: The science is still out on this one. If you wear a corset all day and every day, you may lose a tiny bit of weight or an inch or two, simply because you’ll probably eat less since there’s nowhere for food to go and eating, drinking, and pretty much doing too much of anything in these things will make you feel quite uncomfortable. Wearing a corset will improve your posture but it does make it much harder to breathe.

You win some and lose some with this strategy, but we recommend you wear your corset for date night, bedroom activity, costume parties, or fetish balls. Talk to your doctor before you decide to engage in any form of body modification. There’s a reason women stopped wearing these all day and every day, and a strong correlation with a decreased need to own a fainting couch.

Q: I want to surprise my significant other with lingerie but I don’t know their size or what they like. How do I shop for lingerie as a gift?

A: Giving lingerie as a gift is so thoughtful and intimate! Congratulations on being a considerate, awesome partner. Now, if you can’t access any of their current clothing to make note of sizing, then “one size fits most” lingerie is going to be your best friend.

Look for styles by Leg Avenue or HUSTLER Hollywood. This lingerie is super stretchy and comes in two sizes: regular and queen size. Regular should fit anyone between 90-160 pounds, and queen size will fit anyone above that.

Like nylon pantyhose, this lingerie will stretch and cling where it needs to in order to fit any body type. Another great option is a HUSTLER Hollywood gift card! Enclose this with a card and a coupon for a date night that includes a sexy shopping spree together. Visiting a sexy store as a couple is a whole intimate adventure unto itself.

Q: How do I reveal my lingerie? Do I invite someone in and then say “excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable” or what?

A: First of all, everyone has probably felt silly when they wear lingerie the first few times. Just remember that no one has EVER complained about someone they like getting sexy for them - and if they do, there’s a big problem with them, not you. So you gotta fake it until you make it. Summon up all your Samantha Jones vibes and throw your shoulders back to show it all off.

If your lingerie isn’t appropriate for wearing underneath your street clothes on date night, it may be a good idea to excuse yourself to change when you come home after dinner. You can also open the door wearing a sumptuous lil’ number, or grab a robe to conceal yourself before flashing the goods. If you live with your person, you could make changing into your boudoir wear a part of your before-bed routine. Brush your teeth, lace up your corset, and go to bed!

Or if you’re feeling extremely bold, incorporate your lingerie into a strip tease routine. It’s super sexy to have another person help you put lingerie on, and even sexier to then have them remove it with their teeth!

Lingerie Glossary

Adhesive bra - Soft silicone, flesh-toned pasties that adhere to the nipples to conceal the look and shape of nipples under clothing, as well as avoiding unsightly straps under clothing with non-traditional hemlines.

Babydoll - Short dress with a high waistband and a loose, flowing skirt that just covers the buttocks.

Balconette Bra - See "demi-bra."

Bandeau Bra - A stretchy band of fabric that can be slipped over the head without any straps or fastenings.

Band size - The circumference of your rib cage and the number associated with your bra size.

Bikini - Underwear that covers the entire crotch and buttocks but may be more low-riding along the waist or high-cut around the legs than a typical brief.

Bodystocking - Nylons that cover the legs and part of the torso or arms.

Boxer - Loose shorts worn by men under clothing.

Boxer-briefs - Tight-fitting shorts worn by men under clothing.

Boy-shorts - Underwear with a cut a bit longer than typical briefs that extend past the butt and hug the waist and hips like tight-fitting shorts.

Bra - A bra, or "brassiere," is a garment that typically involves two "cups," straps, and a waist band that fastens with a clasp to support and lift the breasts.

Bralette - A molded-cup bra with extra material that can extend to the bottom of the ribs or lower.

Breast Petals - See "adhesive bra."

Brief - A classic underwear silhouette that snugly covers the wearer's entire crotch and buttocks.

Bustier - A tight-fitting garment that fits tightly around the torso and pushes up the breasts.

Cage Bra - A bra featuring additional straps and embellishments that can offer additional support.

Charmeuse - Lightweight, satiny woven fabric with a smooth finish.

Chemise - A slip or tight-fitting mini-dress that hugs the body and hangs straight from the shoulders without a waistband and with or without garters.

Corset - An adjustable, tight-fitting garment that clasps in front and laces In back and creates an hourglass effect on the wearer's figure.

Crotchless - Any type of underwear with a split or open crotch.

Cup Size - The circumference of the fullest part of your breast, subtracted from your band size, correlated with a letter that describes your bra size.

Demi-Bra - A low-slung bra that sits just above the nipples and is held up by a single strap, offering minimal coverage and lifting the breasts so it can be worn with low-plunging necklines.

Fence-Net - An extremely loosely knit pattern that leaves much skin exposed.

Fishnet - A looser knit that exposes a small amount of skin repeatedly.

Foundation Garments - See Shapewear.

G-String - A type of thong, a g-string is generally a much smaller piece of cloth that is worn between the buttocks (more of a string than a strap, hence the name).

Garter - A band or strap that supports and holds up stockings.

Garter belt - A garment worn around the waist or hips with straps or garters attached that hold up stockings.

Girdle - Spandex undergarments that smooth lines around the waist, butt, and thighs

Hipsters - Underwear with higher leg cuts that expose the underside of the butt while the waistline sits across the hips.

Hosiery - Any garment worn on the legs, typically made of nylon.

Jock-Strap - Men's underwear that covers the crotch but utilizes loops of fabric around the legs, leaving buttocks exposed.

Knee-Highs - Stockings that reach just below the knee.

Lace - A webby, intricately woven pattern made by looping or twisting various cloths or fibers.

Latex - A rubbery, shiny material often used in fetish wear.

Leather - An extremely durable natural material made of animal hide.

Merry Widow - A piece of lingerie that covers the breasts and torso with attached suspenders or garter straps.

Microfiber - A synthetic, moisture-wicking, closely knit textile.

Nylon - A synthetic, stretchy, tightly knit material used mainly for hosiery and tight-fitting lingerie.

Padded bra - A bra that features additional material sewn inside the cups to add fullness and conceal the outlines of nipples.

Pantyhose - Used interchangeably with words like "hosiery," "stockings," and "nylons," the word typically encompasses any hosiery that goes all the way up to the waist.

Pasties - Bits of fabric that adhere to the nipples.

Polyester - A sturdy, strong synthetic fiber used in lingerie and clothing.

Queen-Size - Also known as plus-size, or sizes running above XL.

Push-up Bra - A bra with small pads sewn into the bottom of each cup, creating more pronounced cleavage.

Racerback - On bras or lingerie, straps that connect at the back to create a "T" or V" pattern for additional support and wear under outfits that would expose traditional bra straps.

Rayon - A synthetic textile that can appear crepe- or silk-like that drapes well but wrinkles easily.

Shapewear - Clothing worn underneath outerwear in order to restrict, pad, accentuate, or lift the body so that one's silhouette appears streamlined and smooth.

Sheer - A tightly knit pattern that completely covers the skin.

Shelf bra - A bra that cups the undersides of the breasts but leaves the nipples exposed.

Silk - A lustrous material made by silkworms that’s very fine and smooth to the touch.

Spandex - A synthetic material often blended with natural fibers to add elasticity and ensure a snug fit. Also known as Lycra or Elastane.

Sports Bra - A tight-fitting bra usually made of cotton or microfiber that hugs the breasts close to the body to minimize discomfort caused by bouncing or athletic movement.

Stockings - Used interchangeably with "pantyhose," "hosiery," and "nylons," the word typically encompasses any hosiery that goes up to the knees or thighs.

Suspender hosiery - To-waist stockings with cutouts at both hips and around the crotch.

Tanga - A type of underwear somewhere between a thong and a bikini. It offers slightly more coverage in the back than a thong, and less coverage in the front than a bikini.

T-shirt Bra - A slightly padded bra with minimal seams meant to give an "invisible" appearance to undergarments when wearing snug clothing.

Teddy - A one-piece garment that covers the breasts, torso and crotch, similar to a leotard.

Thigh-highs - Stockings that reach above the knee to the top of the thigh.

Thong - A strip of fabric that covers the front of the wearer's crotch, then tapers to be worn in between the butt cheeks, held up by an elastic strap around the waist.

Three-Piece - A matching bra, panty, and garter belt set.

To-Waist Hosiery - Stockings that have a waist band and continue to hug the legs all the way to the feet.

Two-Piece - A matching bra and panty set.

Underwire - Metallic lining that fits inside a bra's cups to maintain the bra's shape and offer additional support.

Waist-Trainer - A torso-only version of the corset, this garment restricts your torso only while leaving the breasts bare.

Wet-look - Material made of polyester blends that has a shiny, “wet” finish.

Velvet - A pattern of weaving using a piled, dual knit to create a soft, luxurious, dense characteristic look and feel.