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Female Masturbation Techniques and Tips

The myth that women don’t masturbate is fading quickly. With shows like Sex and the City encouraging millions of women to purchase rabbit vibrators, the concept of women masturbating is becoming an important mainstream conversation topic. Studies show that 84% of women have masturbated at some point in their lifetime, and an estimated 46% of women own a sex toy. The average woman masturbates 8-12 times a month (which seems low to us but okay!) Whether digital or analog, with a partner or playing a game of hand solo, everyone masturbates and it’s totally healthy and normal to do so. Learning new female masturbation techniques is a great way to explore your body and get familiar with what you like.

Whether you’re a novice masturbator interested in learning how to pleasure yourself or a veteran who wants to learn how to love yourself better, we encourage you to experiment!

Get in the mood

Take some time to relax, focus, and set the mood for yourself.  Wear some sexy lingerie, put on your favorite Sade album, and light a scented candle. ust because you’re alone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t romance yourself. Take a bubble bath, look at yourself in the mirror, and rub some lotion or massage oil all over your body.  These are all great acts of self-care that can be considered sensual acts on their own; but work amazingly well as a prelude to a night of getting down with yourself.

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Strawberry Edible Massage Candle


Your whole body is a sexual organ!

Genital stimulation is not the only way to heighten your pleasure and reach orgasm. All of your body parts are potential erogenous zones, if they’re touched the right way. Gentle caresses can build anticipation and heighten intensity. Run your hands over your neck, your stomach, your inner thighs, and your nipples. Stroke your skin and feel how each various body part responds to your touch. Breathe, close your eyes, and let your fingers roam.

Lube is life

Adding a bit of water-based lube to your flicking-the-bean routine can encourage your own natural juices to flow and make everything a bit more slippery and pleasurable. Although some women prefer a bit of friction for their clitoral stimulation, if you’re planning on including penetration in your self-love session a little lube will go a long way in ensuring a smooth experience. It’s always a good idea to keep a big bottle nearby, just in case!

water-based sexual lubricants


Try different types of toys

Arm yourself with a wide array of various instruments for pleasure! Every gal should have options – gather a kit with a slimline internal vibrator, a vibrating egg or clitoral vibrator, a curved vibe for g-spot stimulation, a rabbit-style toy for dual stimulation, and while you’re at it, why not throw a vibrating butt plug in there just for fun? HUSTLER Hollywood even sells kits that include many types of toys so you can get more bang for your buck. Try them all and see which you like best. But keep them all in rotation and switch things up often! Your favorite toy one day might not do the job another; and some days you may be in the mood for a little something extra. Be prepared for multiple orgasms if you have multiple toys!

Triple Stimulating Vibrator

Triple Stimulating Vibrator


Watch some porn

Porn is not just for men. Visual stimulation can make a huge difference, especially if you’re not necessarily in the mood or having trouble reaching climax. There are plenty of companies producing “women-friendly” that are usually a bit less, well, aggressive than mainstream porn typically created for male audiences.

Couple having sex

Don’t be afraid to watch porn from a genre that isn’t necessarily reflective of your real-life sexual behavior or orientation. A large percentage of straight women prefer watching lesbian porn; many more enjoy watching two men getting it on; the possibilities are truly endless. Porn is meant to be a fantasy. Try watching a few different categories, and maybe learn that you have a kink you didn’t know about!

Spice it up

If you’ve been paddling the pink canoe for a while, it’s easy to find yourself in a sexual rut. On one hand, it’s great if you’ve found a “go-to” routine that works for you, but why not take the time to treat yourself to some new things? Try some new positions! Upgrade your go-to vibe or switch to something that stimulates you differently. Why not bring some kink into play and blindfold yourself? Heighten your sense of touch by depriving yourself of the sense of sight. Experience new levels of intensity by wearing a butt plug while stimulating yourself vaginally. Stick a suction-cup dildo to your shower wall! Check out an automated sex machine. Whatever your level of comfort, HUSTLER Hollywood always has suggestions for spicing things up.

cowgirl sex machine to ride

Cowgirl Sex Machine


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