Best Lesbian Sex Positions - Tips for Beginners

Best Lesbian Sex Positions - Tips for Beginners

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There’s no limit to the possibilities for lesbian sex! Women can get it on with each other in a multitude of positions – some are penetrative, others aren’t. Lesbian sex can be a rigorous bout of the old in-out with the help of a strap-on, steamy mutual cunnilingus, or even an intimate, slow make-out and fondling session. You can use your hands, mouth, or toys to pleasure your partner. If you’ve never been with a woman and are curious but a bit nervous, here are some tips on having great lesbian sex for beginners. Read on and your first time will probably blow her mind!

Getting Started

Many women of all sexual orientations enjoy having sex with women. They report that the experience feels more natural and that they’re more likely to achieve an orgasm. The key is communicating with your play partner – ask them what they want, if they like what you’re doing, and if they want you to continue. Pay close attention to both their oral and body language! If they’re breathing heavily and softly moaning, it’s probably a good indicator that you should keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to talk during sex – it’s natural to giggle a little, and it will serve both you and your partner well if you keep an open line of communication and stay aware of what is and isn’t working.

Going Down

The most fundamental lesbian sex position for beginners to master is the classic eating-out position. The most common and comfortable method for giving good head is to have one person lay on their back on the edge of a bed, while the other person kneels on the ground between their legs in order to perform oral sex.The “eater” can also kneel on the bed and crouch down, and there is a myriad of ways to vary this position and get more advanced and acrobatic!

Once you get the basics down, you can experiment with techniques like sixty-nining (both participants eating each other out at the same time,) the receiver being bent over on their hands and knees and the eater eating out from behind (a prime position for experimenting with analingus if you’re into that,) or even incorporating furniture! Use a Liberator wedge or ramp to assist with hitting just the right spot. You can bend your partner over a chair, position her on a kitchen countertop, and go to town with your tongue, fingers, or toys. It may be helpful to get a sex position book with diagrams to help you visualize more complicated configurations.


If you and your partner are interested in exploring penetrative sex acts, you can use a strap-on in virtually any position you can imagine. You can use a traditional harness and dildo or go totally hands-free and wireless with a strapless strap-on. Women can re-create any position found in a sex position guide whether it’s doggy-style, missionary, or reverse cowgirl.

A common misconception about strap-ons is that they only provide the receiver with pleasure. This isn’t true! The pressure of the harness against the wearer’s clit as they thrust can provide an amazing sensation. In addition to the exhilaration of giving your partner pleasure, many women easily reach orgasm from being the “pitcher” during a strap-on session.


Spooning your partner is an easy way to induce feelings of intimacy, and it’s also fantastic if you’re feeling a bit tired and would prefer to preserve some energy. Some women love this position because they find it easier to reach orgasm while their legs are closed tightly together.

Lay down on your side next to your partner. If you’re the one behind, you can reach around to stroke her thighs, her breasts, and gently begin to fondle her clitoris while kissing her neck. Make small circles around the clit as things heat up.

This position is also amazing for involving toys. You can use a small clitoral vibe to please her in the front, or if you’re ready for strap-on play, you can gently part her legs from behind and slip in your dildo. (Don’t forget to use plenty of lube!) As you get into a rhythm, don’t be afraid to move out of this position and into another that’s more exposing.

lesbians spooning in bed

To scissor or not to scissor?

Scissoring, AKA tribbing, AKA grinding clits can be highly satisfying for some women, and plainly uncomfortable for others. Ask your partner if they’re interested in scissoring and go for it!

One person can lay on the bed while the other straddles their hips. Both partners should rock their pelvises together, allowing their vulvas to rub against each other. You can also both sit up and use your arms to leverage your weight against the surface you’re sitting on to control the rocking motion. Alternatively, both partners can straddle one of the other’s thighs and grind back and forth to create friction. Again, lube will be instrumental in ensuring this experience is pleasurable.

Again, scissoring isn’t for everyone. Many women seem to either love it or are not into it at all. Try it and see if you like it!

Visual Stimulation

If you need some extra inspiration, try watching some classic lesbian media. Girl-on-girl porn can definitely be a huge turn-on, but is generally created for male audiences and reflects more of a male fantasy of lesbian sex. Shows and movies tend to depict more realistic lesbian sex scenes, and there are plenty of canonical lesbian novels and erotica that are explicitly written by women for women. Try doing some reading together before bed!

These tips and tricks will help you get started, but don’t let them limit your imagination. Take the time to fantasize, get inspired, and visualize what you want to enjoy. Self-exploration will help you get in touch with your body and determine how you like to be touched so you can then communicate it to your partner. Once you’re in the throes of passion, you won’t need any guidebooks! Let yourself go at the moment and reach new peaks of Sapphic sensuality!