Liberator Jaz Motion Position Aid Cherry


Get down and rock your way to an incredible sexual experience with this ramp that offers a curved side for movement and a flat side for support that helps you go all night long. If you’re feeling a little bored of your usual positions, then this piece can add a touch of freshness to the mundane.

The foam design prevents you from sinking into the bed and the comfy arch positions you for the best penetrations you have ever felt. This is a great item for fans of oral sex and G-Spot stimulation.


Key Features

  • Deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation freshens old positions with new sensations
  • Better access allows for prolonged oral sex without sore necks
  • High-density foam supports you from sinking into a bed while offering angles for maximum satisfaction
  • Moisture-resistant liner
  • Measurement in inches: 19L x 13W x 6H

Use + Care

  • When used on the curved side, the movement enhances your natural motion
  • Placed on the flat side, shape offers comfort and support from the arch, encouraging an extended performance
  • Microsuede Cover is removable and machine-washable
  • Position guide included