Hustler Fetish Bed Spreader Restraint System


Is your ultimate fantasy to relinquish complete control? Do you dream about someone having their way with you in whatever way they choose? If you're feeling a little kinky and want to submit to your lover in the kinkiest way possible, try Hustler Bed Spreader Restraints.

This black bed spreader restraint system is sleek, comfortable and can easily be put away after use.

Submit to your greatest fantasy and let your lover have their way with you. Enjoy the ultimate sexual freedom by giving yourself over entirely to someone else.


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    Key Features

    • 7-piece playful restraint system
    • Cuffs are detachable for endless restraint possibilities
    • Soft but durable cuffs are comfortable for wrists and ankles
    • No need to leave the comfort of your own bed to fulfill your wildest fantasy
    • Velcro cuffs are sturdy yet easy to remove
    • Fully adjustable
    • Material: Nylon, Velcro

    Use + Care

    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Practice consensual BDSM rules of play