Kimono Micro Thin Large Condoms 12pk


Big guys need to have fun too. Now, with Kimono MicroThin Large condoms, even the most well-endowed gentleman can stay protected while having a good time. With added headroom, you’ll no longer suffer discomfort during the most sensitive activity. Made of MicroThin latex, the only thing you’ll feel is pure pleasure.

Don’t let your big size get in your way of having fun and staying safe. Try Kimono MicroThin Large condoms and feel the difference a well-fitted condom can make.

Key Features

  • Added head room
  • Made with premium natural latex
  • Paraben and glycerin free
  • Low latex condom smell
  • Vegan friendly

Use + Care

  • The proper use of condoms helps reduce the risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancy
  • Read product label for instructions and safety warnings