10 Toys You’d Never Know Are Actually Vibrators

10 Toys You’d Never Know Are Actually Vibrators

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  1. Lovense Exomoon

Make-up the perfect sexy scene with the powerful and discreet Lovense Exomoon - perfectly sized for on-the-go pleasure.


2. The Unihorn 

So cute you'll want to display them, these unicorn-shaped vibrators also provide magical pleasure.

3. The Rose 

Bloom with the Rose - a highly-sought after clitoral suction toy with pinpoint accuracy and unmatched stimulation.

4. Shroomie 

Crafted from liquid silicone, Shroomie boasts a plush and sensually soft red mushroom cap for the most comfortable and intense pleasure.

5. Womanizer Wave 

Unlike anything you've ever seen before, this sleek and discreet shower head also doubles as a clitoral massager.

6. Satisfyer Sweet Treat 

This nostalgic, ice cream cone shaped vibrator features rotating ribbed petals and a gently sloped shape for sweet sensations.

7. Lelo Sila Cruise

Sila Cruise delivers gentle sonic waves from its mouth to massage, tease, and stimulate the clitoris.

8. Le Wand Vibrating Necklace 

Available in 4 stylish colors, this necklace-slash-vibrator bring the right vibes anytime, anywhere.

9. Cache 20 Nu Sensuelle 

Blending right in to your purse or make-up bag thanks to its mascara-tube design, this pretty vibrator can be used externally or internally to stimulate your most sensitive spots.

10. Schag's Arousing Ale

This one is for the guys, did you know this beer can is actually a discreetly-designed stroking device? Includes 3 different chambers, each featuring their very own unique texture.