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Anal Sex Workshops

Even though the interest of Anal Sex is on the rise, the topic is still taboo and not spoken about as much as it should be.

Since we’re HUSTLER, and August is Anal Sex Month (Yes, you heard that right) we’re lifting the veil and answering all your questions surrounding the topic.  Head to your local Hustler Hollywood store for an Anal Sex Workshop and let our in store sexperts fill you in on all the back door basics.


August 11th 2015

Nashville, TN

August 13th 2015

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

San Diego, CA

Oklahoma City, OK

Lexington, KY

Las Vegas, NV

New Orleans, LA

August 19th 2015

Cincinnati, OH

August 21st 2015

Tacoma, WA

August 25th 2015

Hollywood, CA w/Dr. Emily Morse