Beginners Guide to Impact Play

Beginners Guide to Impact Play

If you’re newly curious about the world of impact play - or if you don’t even know what the term “impact play” means - expand your horizons with our quick crash course. Impact play refers to a form of BDSM involving sexual hitting, practiced in a safe and consensual way. While many may associate this form of kink play with punishment, it can actually be a deeply rewarding way to increase intimacy for both partners. Explore safely with these quick tips for ultra-satisfying impact play! 



When venturing into any new kink or sensual act, consent is always key. Talk with your partner about your (and their) desires for impact play to make sure both parties know what to expect. Discuss your expectations for the types of impact toys used (from paddles to whips to a bare handed spank) before beginning. Make sure to set a safe word - this can be any agreed upon word that either partner can say if things are getting too intense and they wish to pause or stop the action altogether. 



Like any activity, you won’t want to start off in the big leagues straight away. Here are tips for all experience levels of smackers, spankers and floggers!


BEGINNER: If you’re brand spanking new to the world of impact play, you may be overwhelmed by your options. Start off slowly by incorporating bare-handed spanking to your love life. This is a fantastic way for both players to gradually test their limits - and their desires. Maximize your spanks by cupping your hand slightly, extending your forearm back and letting it fly. That crisp smack and light red mark on a rump are sure to get your motors running! Remember: stick to the softer areas such as the bum and upper thighs for super-safe play.


INTERMEDIATE: Once you and your partner are ready to graduate from the hand to something a bit more intense, a dual impact toy is a creative and stimulating way to ramp things up while still adding some tingles. Try a Whip & Tickle Duo and dip your toes deeper into the waters of impact play. These pleasure and pain toys allow you to tease the area with a softer end, making your partner squirm with hot anticipation, before moving to the sweet sting of a whip.


ADVANCED: Now that you’re a sexy savant, it’s time to up the ante. Paddles are a staple in the world of BDSM. They’re easy to maneuver, light to wield and add that oh-so-good “thwack!” sound to arouse the senses. Start out with something smaller in size, such as the S&M Shadow Heart Paddle. Once you know what you like, explore different varieties of materials, colors and designs to find the perfect addition to your bedroom treasure chest.


EXPERT: Congrats! You’re an impact play professional. Now that you and your bedroom buddy are well-versed in the basics of spanking, tickling and paddling, take your sensory experience to a whole new level with flogging. From the sound of the fringe gliding through the air to the sweet smacking on the skin, floggers and whips pack a wallop in the best way possible. Start with the Bondage Couture Flogger and whip your sex life into shape!


Voila - you’re ready to dive into the world of impact play. Before we go, here are some key things to remember:


- Discuss desires and limits with your partner before beginning

- If the pain outweighs the pleasure and is no longer arousing, lighten it up or take a break

- Explore impacting safe body parts such as the bum, thighs, breasts, and arms

- Pick out your toys together for an intimate and arousing date

- Always indulge in aftercare