Virtual Sex Party 

How to Throw a Zoom Sex Party

As Zoom takes off in popularity, more people are using it to create virtual get-togethers. In this new virtual world, more people are experimenting with the many possibilities of virtual closeness, and one of those possibilities lies in the concept of Zoom sex parties.

There are many ways to throw a Zoom sex party, and no two groups are going to do things exactly the same way. However, there are a few rules you may want to abide by if you want your Zoom sex party to be off the charts. Here’s everything you need to do to make your party as exciting as possible for everyone.

1. Make the Atmosphere Comfortable

This is an important part of making sure that any sex party goes off without a hitch, and Zoom parties are no different. You want to make sure that everyone at the Zoom party feels comfortable. The faster you’re able to achieve that, the better your Zoom party will be.

Because online sex, especially online sex as a group, is often a brand new concept for many people, you may need to ease people into it. Try to make sure the atmosphere is even more accepting and open than it would be in person, and actively encourage people to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable with.

2. Lay Down a Clear Set of Rules Beforehand

In any group sex setting, there needs to be a certain number of rules. This keeps things from getting out of hand, and it makes sure that everyone feels comfortable and happy. As with group sex in person, you also need to maintain clear rules for the group session. Zoom’s individual quirks will have an impact on these rules.

For example, Zoom allows you to choose one person to shift the group’s focus toward. You may want to lay down guidelines for how to request that the group’s focus shift, or what the person who’s retaining the focus can do. Go through Zoom’s various features and make sure you have guidelines for each.

3. Allow for a Wide Time Period

Group sex should be more like an open house than a party. Rather than having a specific time that you want things to start and stop, you should instead allow for an extremely open window of time, during which people can drop in and leave as they please.

This significant amount of time in between starting and stopping also gives you the ability to let the party progress in its most natural way. Most of the time, sex parties in person have a natural ebb and flow to them. Allow your Zoom sex party to do the same, and you’ll find that things are more exciting overall.

4. Toe the Line Between Participating and Moderating

As the host of your Zoom sex party, you’re going to need to do some of the behind-the-scenes moderating work. If someone breaks the rules, for example, it’ll be up to you to make sure you let the person in question know that it’s not allowed.

However, you don’t have to stick just to moderating. You should also have some fun. After all, that’s the intention behind the party, right? Treat yourself to a high-quality vibrator, and definitely make sure you have lots of lubricant on hand. With these tools, you can make sure you’re having just as much fun as anyone else at the party.

5. Always Enforce the Rules

One of the most important things you can do to make sure you have a great sex party is to enforce the rules equally. That doesn’t mean you have to be harsh, but if you’re the one hosting, you also need to be the one making sure everyone’s acting appropriately.

A great benefit to the Zoom platform is that it’s much easier to kick people out of the party than it is when you’re having a sex party in person. Obviously, you shouldn’t overuse your moderating powers. However, if someone’s intentionally flaunting the rules, you don’t need to feel bad about kicking that person out.


A Zoom sex party can be the answer for people who want to have a sex party, but have nowhere to hold it. As long as you take the right precautions, you can make sure your Zoom sex party goes off without a hitch. Before things start, remember to grab the necessities from HUSTLER® Hollywood so you can enjoy yourself as well.