Rupaul’s Drag Con 2015: Event Recap

Rupaul’s Drag Con 2015: Event Recap

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Drag Con was quite an experience that was elevated to new heights since I was given the opportunity to represent Hustler’s new LGBTQI line of products. The only warning I have for newcomers next year would be to wear comfortable shoes, because there is a lot of walking and waiting in line to see your favorite Queens.

Despite the blatant advertising ‘First Drag Con in Herstory’, it took me a moment to realize that RuPaul’s Drag Con was the first of its kind as well as Hustler’s first time reaching out to the LGBT community in a way that showed they knew how to kick down the closet door.

After arriving at 11:30 AM, I started to mingle with the crowd and noticed that every famous drag queen you could think of was there to greet their fans and show off their products.

It’s quite an amazing feeling really, being the new face of Hustler’s LGBTQI line has given me insight to the responsibility you feel as a leader and the joy I get when fans want to take their pictures with you. While talking to them about Hustler and what I do , many avid Hustler fans were shocked that Hustler was LGBT friendly – a misconception they are now trying hard to fix.

My super star drag persona “Miss Ivy Rockafella” is about community outreach and most importantly making a positive change and/or difference. That being said, working with this well established brand to better deliver my message as a role model for the LGBTQI community is an honor I cannot be thankful for enough.

The highlight of my day was being visited by Morgan Micheals, William Bellie and Delta Work! All of whom came over to my booth to take pictures with me! With all of this excitement going on it I realized rather quickly that none of this could have been as successful without my fabulous assistants!

They both were very knowledgeable of the Hustler products and really made me feel welcomed. Even parents felt comfortable enough to let me dress up their children in feather boas and pose near an over-sized high heel shoe chair! The joy I get to feel knowing I get to be part of a society that has grown to become far more tolerant and accepting really makes me feel special.

In summation, I cannot express enough how much fun I had and how wonderful it was to be a part of something that I know will continue to grow as the years pass. A special thanks goes out to Allison and Raelyn, the representatives of Hustler who put their faith in my talents and to RuPaul herself for leading the way towards advocating for a world full of acceptance, looking fierce and above all else, loving yourself.