Coming up with fun and new date night ideas isn’t always easy. Let’s face it, sometimes by the the 3rd or 4th month of seeing someone, you’ve pretty much exhausted your regular go-to activities and may have even fallen into a date night rut. You’ve got your favorite restaurants, your favorite karaoke bar, and if all else fails, there’s always Netflix and pizza delivery to fill in the evenings together.

Here comes Valentine’s Day, and your choices become more limited. Do you make reservations at that swanky Italian place? Do you channel your inner Top Chef and attempt and whip up an impressive meal from home (baked potatoes can be considered gourmet, right? Do you dare venture to your local cineplex, crammed into a packed theater with a couple hundred popcorn-munching strangers all night?

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a special night, and that deserves special sex to go with it. You want a night that will rekindle that sexual fire, and leave you both filled with desire, instead of just filled with Italian food.

What if I told you that I had a solution for your date night predicament, something SO CRAZY that it just might work? It’s way more creative than your average date activity. It’s inexpensive (depending on how much you take away from it) and entertaining. And, it’ll definitely give you and your significant other something to talk about.

Instead of sharing a ritzy meal at a crowded restaurant this Valentine’s Day, take your hot date on an even hotter date to Hustler Hollywood!

I know what you’re thinking.. Isn’t that an erotic store? Why would I take a date there? Allow me to explain:

For starters, Hustler’s not what you think..

So yes, to put it simply, Hustler Hollywood is a “erotic shop” and you might have the mental image of an erotic shop being a somewhat sketchy place. You know what I’m talking about: Tight spaces, dim lighting, and a creepy man behind the counter reading a nudie magazine, watching you as you browse through the DVD selection. Not exactly a place for romance.

Well, Hustler Hollywood is the exact opposite of that. It prides itself of being couples-friendly, inviting and tasteful. The stores have bright, open layouts with eye-catching displays, as well as appealing designs and merchandise. It is nothing like that vulgar little erotic shop you’ve envisioned. Plus, all of the HUSTLER employees look like people you might see behind the counter at The Coffee Bean – Energetic, engaging and available to answer questions and provide guidance. Their mission is to help you find everything you need to have the sex life you want.. I doubt the waiters at that Italian restaurant can say the same.

As far as dates go, it’s a fun (& totally unique) choice..

These days, it seems like everyone is trying to stand out in terms of finding fun new ideas for date nights. So in the off-chance that you don’t feel like another “Dinner and a Movie” kind of night, Hustler Hollywood provides a completely new kind of date experience. For one thing, there is so much to look at, and to talk about – It is essentially a museum of sexual pleasure. From sexy costumes to interesting sex props to books and novelties, Hustler has a never ending supply of items to provide interesting conversations.

To get the full Hustler experience with your partner, take a lap around the store, make a mental note of some of the most interesting things you see, and then share your picks over a delicious cup of coffee or pastry from the Hustler Cafe. As if the exploration itself wasn’t unique enough, you and your date may get some extra enjoyment out of the fun (and dirty) specialty drink names (the Cookies & Cream On Her Face was delicious, if you’re looking for recommendations!) If nothing else, you will leave having enjoyed a truly unique and entertaining date experience.

Speaking of Interesting Conversations!

Browsing Hustler’s selection of erotic toys, trinkets and merchandise provides the perfect opportunity to engage in a little sex talk. It’s no secret that, in new relationship (or even more developed ones), sex is something we are just not that comfortable bringing up.

Hustler Hollywood creates the perfect atmosphere for opening up the conversation about your spicier sexual desires and fantasies, ones that you might have kept to yourself had they not been presented in front of you. As you walk among the sex toys, lubricants, bondage kits and lingerie, point out items that catch your eye and casually say “Is this something you’d ever be interested in trying out?” or “If you could pick one thing in the store to use with me, what would it be?”

You may find that this casual discussion over sex-themed lattes at Hustler helps you feel more comfortable with each other, and will open the door for more sexual conversations and explorations in the future.

Is that a sex toy in your pocket or.. ?

Surrounded by sex toys and sex talk, you might be surprised to find yourself feeling erotically charged, and who could blame you? Everywhere you turn, there’s something new and exciting you could try out, and you’re there with the person you’d want to try them with. You see a skimpy negligee in the lingerie section, and imagine the dressing (and undressing) that could occur. You catch your date eyeing a set of silk bedroom restraints, and envision an evening of elaborate role-playing. Oh the possibilities..

According to Glamour magazine, 66% of women find shopping for sex toys to be a huge turn on!

It’s like going to the supermarket when you’re really hungry – Every item in your basket makes you drool in anticipation of the delicious meal that is soon to come. So if you think about it, a Hustler date is basically foreplay in retail form.. Which leads me to my final point:

Taking the hot sex to-go

With their wide selection of lingerie, condoms, lube, toys, erotica, sex games, etc. Hustler Hollywood has a little something for everyone. So the odds are pretty good that you might just come across something that rubs you both the right way, if you know I mean. All of a sudden you can’t wait to get home, hit the bedroom and try all of your new toys out! Instead of moseying home after a big meal with thoughts of PJ’s and pillows dancing in your head, you will be reared up and ready for a full night of passion.

So yeah, you could go to a concert or to a movie for some conventional date night fun, have a few laughs, and go home unchanged. Or you could embark on a date night adventure that could give you something to talk about, leave you either laughing hysterically, or send you scrambling home and to the bedroom as fast as your legs can carry you. The choice is yours!