Why shop with HUSTLER Hollywood?

Why shop with HUSTLER Hollywood?

HUSTLER Hollywood is no ordinary boutique. If you’re looking for a warm, comfortable environment without the stigma, visit us in person or online.

What makes HUSTLER Hollywood different from other erotic boutiques? Is it the store’s elite product selection? Is it the highly educated, passionate, friendly staff? Is it the dazzling floor plan and high-end decor? Is it the fact that shopping there is a bit thrilling, and also just plain fun? Or is it indeed all of the above?

Founder Larry Flynt has always been a radical visionary, winning a very public landmark court case in defense of free speech in 1988. Since he launched HUSTLER magazine, Flynt has long been an advocate of individuals’ freedom to express themselves and their sexuality. Although more conservative folks were often shocked by HUSTLER’s in-your-face commentary and even more in-your-face photo spreads (emphasis on spread), at the end of the day, the magazine confronted society’s limitations and demanded that readers question boundaries and traditions in favor of creating a more accepting, truly free culture. Flynt has always maintained that there’s nothing perverse or immoral about sexuality and that encouraging sexual expression can be a means to greater social liberation.

Larry Flynt conceptualized HUSTLER Hollywood in the late 1990s. He imagined a brightly lit, open, inviting space where couples and individuals could come to learn about sensual health and celebrate sexual liberation. In 1998, Mr. Flynt opened the flagship location on Sunset Boulevard. Since then, the HUSTLER Hollywood empire has expanded rapidly. There are now 35 locations nationwide with no plans to slow down; VP of Retail Philip Del Rio’s goal is to have 50 stores open by 2024. 

HUSTLER Hollywood’s staff is unique, as each employee hired shares and upholds the belief that all people have the right to receive education, knowledge, and resources that enable them to embrace their sexuality and explore the full spectrum of pleasure. These sexperts receive frequent training from visiting certified sex educators and product specialists, so their knowledge of sex itself; as well as functions, features and benefits of the boutique’s top-tier product offering is up to date and consistently refreshed. HUSTLER Hollywood employees foster a sex-positive, open-minded culture free of judgment or shame. Several times a year, stores hold educational workshops, where staff members or sex-positive educators from the community host events and attendees play games, socialize, and above all, learn new techniques, tips and tricks. 

HUSTLER Hollywood’s mission is to “erase the shame” – a tagline that speaks to Larry Flynt’s vision and embodies the ideology that people of all walks of life will only be truly free when they feel enabled to access information, education and health care as it relates to sexuality, relationships and intimacy. HUSTLER Hollywood is dedicated to eradicating stigmas and outdated attitudes. The core value of the company is that no individual should feel discomfort or embarrassment when discussing an affinity for a particular act, an unconventional interest, or even visiting a “sexy” destination like an erotic boutique, as long as all parties involved are enthusiastically consenting. Pleasure is a human right.

The stores’ product selection is another differentiator. Unlike toy superstores or Amazon, the product selection HUSTLER Hollywood offers is rigorously reviewed and thoughtfully selected. Toy Buyer David Ballow says, “We personally get to know our manufacturers well and even tour their facilities so that we can be sure that our product range consists of the highest quality products available.” The selection is wide, but luxe – Ballow and his team always have a solution to suit any need, desire, kink, or body. Ballow’s experience and close relationships with vendors also mean that HUSTLER Hollywood also often has exclusive or premiere access to cutting-edge technology. 

Representatives from these brands often stop by HUSTLER Hollywood stores to host workshops open to the public. Recently, Alicia Sinclair, founder of the inclusive, high-end anal toy brand B-Vibe taught attendees about the health benefits of prostate massage, as well as tips for women to achieve g-spot orgasms using anal toys. WOW tech, the home of best-selling brands We-Vibe, the revolutionary Womanizer, and the premier lubricant Pjur, hosted a virtual event, demonstrating each product line’s capabilities to a captive online audience. Over the years, other HUSTLER Hollywood favorites like Lelo, Fun Factory, and CalExotics have all stopped by to educate customers and store staff alike on how to maintain optimal sexual health and pleasure.

The HUSTLER Hollywood stores are so revered that the chain has won several awards over the years, including the Retail Store Chain of the Year from Xbiz and Best Retail Chain from AVN many years over. If you didn’t get a chance to visit the flagship location on Sunset Boulevard before it relocated down the block, you can still catch a glimpse. In Sex and the City, Samantha Jones attended a meet-and-greet event with an actor who was selling replicas made in, well, his own image. This isn’t a rare occurrence – stars-turned-sex educators frequently host events and stop by stores to say hello when they’re in the neighborhood. Over the years, stars and writers like Angela White, Nina Hartley, Annie Sprinkle, Joanna Angel and Lord Morpheous have held book launches and demonstrations at the stores. 

If you’re a bit shy and hesitant to shop for naughty novelties in person, HUSTLER Hollywood is the perfect place to dip your toe in. The store isn’t solely an erotic boutique; truly, only a very small percentage of the shop consists of things you might use in the bedroom. Along with toys and sensual care items, the majority of the store consists of lingerie, clothing, shoes, gifts, games, books and gifts. If you’ve never shopped for erotic wares before, HUSTLER Hollywood is a great place to start (and honestly, other stores will pale in comparison). Whether you’re seeking out sexy boudoir accessories with your partner, attending a “How to Give a Great Blowjob” workshop with your girlfriends, or shopping solo, you’ll find a warm, welcoming environment. You’ll start to feel comfortable in no time at all. If an in-person visit isn’t a possibility for you, we’re open 365 days a year and 24/7 online at HUSTLERHollywood.com.

HUSTLER Hollywood is an exclusive, upscale shopping and learning experience – more of a luxury feel than a big-box shop. Don’t expect to find glassy-eyed employees and self-service at a HUSTLER store. Expect elevated, personalized customer experiences from caring, knowledgeable store associates who are truly invested in destigmatizing sexuality and dedicated to helping all individuals fulfill their pleasure potential. To quote Mr. Flynt, “People need to understand human sexuality better. It’s the one medium we use to communicate with more than any other.”