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Zinc - Great for your Immune System AND Sexual Health

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You may know zinc for its role in boosting the immune system, but did you know it's also great for sexual health?

As we look at immune strengthening supplements during the coronavirus pandemic, we see zinc included in common products like Emergen-C, Airborne, or Cold-Eeze lozenges. 

Interestingly, it's also included in sexual health supplements like Swiss Navy Ejacumax for Him and Back Bone by Hung.

How can one nutrient be useful for two widely different things? Let's review what zinc is, why it's used in supplements, and how important zinc is to sexual health. 

Zinc and Sexual Health

Researchers are still discovering all of the ways that zinc supports sexual health. However, it's clear that it plays an important role in the sexual development of teens and the virility of adult men.

Let's break down the six ways that zinc can affect sexual health. 

1. Testosterone

One study found that among men who took 30 mg of zinc per day, levels of free testosterone increased. Zinc supplements can work in two ways to increase men's testosterone levels. First, it increases testosterone production in the testes. It also prevents the body from converting existing testosterone into estrogen through zinc's control of the enzyme aromatase. 

2. Male Performance

As testosterone increases from zinc supplements, the result can be having increased sex drive, erectile endurance, and performance. While zinc is not a proven way to treat erectile dysfunction, it may help improve your sex life.

3. Prostate Health

The prostate has the body's second-highest concentrations of zinc, after bones. Harvard Health says that in the prostate, zinc is "regulating the balance between testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, the two male hormones that stimulate the growth of prostate cells." Current research indicates that having too little or too much zinc can be problematic, but having the right amount of zinc can improve prostate health.

4. Semen Production

Zinc plays a role in protein production throughout the body and is an essential mineral for sperm formation. The concentration of zinc in the prostate can increase semen volume. One study found that men's semen volume decreased by 32 percent when daily zinc consumption decreased from 1.4 mg to 0.4 mg.

5. Prolactin Levels

Researchers have found that zinc and the hormone prolactin work together in the body as one of the body's regulatory systems. High levels of the hormone prolactin can cause erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. On the other hand, low levels of prolactin also cause lowered sexual function and reduced orgasm enjoyment. By using zinc to regulate this hormone, erections, sex drive, and orgasms can all improve. 

6. Female Libido

In women, testosterone levels are linked to sex drive. Zinc blocks the enzyme, aromatase, that converts testosterone to estrogen. Although testosterone supplements for women are still controversial, zinc supplements may be one way that you can alter your hormonal makeup to increase testosterone levels and sex drive.

Foods with Zinc

Oysters are far and away the best food source of zinc. A single serving has 673 percent daily value. The next best source of zinc is beef chuck roast which has 64 percent daily value.

Oysters, 3 oz. fried

74 mg.

Beef chuck roast, 3oz


Alaska King Crab, 3 oz.

6.5 mg.

Beef burger, 3 oz.

5.3 mg.

Lobster, 3 oz.

3.4 mg.

Porkchop, 3 oz. 

2.9 mg.

Baked beans, ½ cup

2.9 mg.

Chicken (thighs and drumsticks), 3 oz. 

2.4 mg.

Pumpkin seeds, 1 oz.

2.2 mg.


Zinc and Aphrodisiacs

 It hasn't gone unnoticed by us that oysters are one of the most widely known aphrodisiac foods and they also have the highest levels of zinc of any other food. 

When asked about the science behind aphrodisiac foods, a Boston Medical Center director told Insider that it's the vitamins and minerals in a certain food that may be able to affect libido and the quality of sex. 

"Oysters contain lots of zinc which purportedly increase your sex drive and increases production of sex hormones," said the center's nutrition director. 

Zinc and Sex Supplements

Did you know that zinc is the main ingredient in multiple sex supplements? 

Swiss Navy Ejacumax for Him says it will dramatically increase ejaculate, intensify orgasmic contractions, and decrease downtime. In one serving of two tablets, there is 30 mg. of zinc, along with vitamin B-6 and other stimulating supplements including maca root.  

Back Bone by Hung also has zinc as one of its major ingredients. The once a day supplement says it will improve erotic energy, increase stamina, and support overall sexual performance. 

What Is a Zinc Supplement?  

Zinc is a trace mineral that already exists in your cells. We consume it daily as a part of a balanced diet, and it can also be consumed via a zinc supplement.

Zinc is present in cells throughout the body, and it works on a cellular level for many different functions including playing a role in the immune system and hormone regulation. 

One of the symptoms of zinc deficiency in men is when there are little to no hormones being produced in the body's sex glands. In other words, low zinc could mean low testosterone and low sperm production.

The recommended amount of zinc varies by age, gender, and lifestyle factors. The National Institutes of Health recommends that adult men need 11 mg of zinc per day, and adult women need 8mg of zinc per day. Zinc needs to be consumed daily, either through food or supplements because the body has no way of storing the mineral. 

Zinc is available in many different chemical forms, and the most easily absorbed by the body are:

  • Zinc Picolinate: Most zinc supplements use this form of zinc because it's easy to absorb.
  • Zinc Citrate: This is another easily absorbed form of zinc that is combined with citric acid. It can leave a metallic taste, but it doesn't last for long.
  • Zinc Acetate: This form of zinc is most commonly used for lozenges for cold symptoms.

Keep in mind that too much zinc is not a good thing, and the Institute of Medicine says that the tolerable upper limit for zinc at 40 milligrams a day for adults. Zinc can also interact with other drugs or supplements including antibiotics, arthritis drugs, and diuretics. It's always a good idea to ask your doctor before using supplements.

Find out what zinc can do for your sex life!

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