Sensation Play

A burning desire to find new forms of sexual pleasure can take us through unexplored territory, but once we find them, there is no going back. These sexual interests are popularly known as fetishes and can range from limiting one's movement during intercourse to experiencing pain in different body parts. Sensation play fits into the latter but, contrary to popular belief, is not only limited to pain. It can be associated with everything that can heighten one's senses of pain, pleasure, touch, desire and even goosebumps. Often, it does not even have to include sexual penetration but, rather, focuses on stimulating different erogenous zones. If you're interested in trying out different kinks, having the right set of tools will be essential. As always, HUSTLER Hollywood is here to supply you with everything you need in order to be successful in your sexual endeavors. Here's how we can help you in that department.

What do we offer?

Like we mentioned before, sensation play can be divided into multiple sub-categories, where something as innocent as a soft touch or tickle on certain parts of the body can create and greatly enhance sexual sensations. Mixing hot and cold is known to produce great results for many couples.The chilly sensation of ice cubes melting down your chest can send shivers through your whole body. In contrast, introducing fire or mild electricity can also trigger a similar feeling for some individuals.

For instance, the Sportsheets Ostrich Feather Body Tickler is the softest most delicate item you'll find, and it's made from genuine Ostrich feathers. This is an irreplaceable accessory for those who get a kick out of being tickled or caressed during foreplay. Tease your partner out of his mind with this premium tickler, he or she will love it.

Burning desires are met with a burning sensation when Doc Johnson Japanese Drip Candles are introduced to your chambers of love. If you are eager to try out the pleasurable pain caused by burning, but you're worried not to overdo it, fret not. These candles are made of paraffin wax and burn at a much lower temperature than regular candles. This assures that you experience that good pain we mentioned above.

While you can definitely use hot and cold triggers to enhance the feeling of pleasure, nothing will have quite the impact as direct pain. Don't get us wrong, we don't want you or your partner to get hurt. What we mean when we say pain is the good kind that can be sexually stimulating for some. You don't have to do anything crazy, a small but effective item will do the trick. That is exactly what the Master Series Transfix 10 Reel Dual Pinwheel is. This mean-looking item comes in the form of a dual spiked pinwheel, designed to inflict just the right amount of pain that will transfer you to a whole new level of sexual delight.

Another great example of sensation play is experiencing a combination of stinging and goosebumps. A great way to achieve this is by using the Master Series Sukshen 2.0 Six Piece Cupping Set. Take an ancient technique and modernized it by using the latest and greatest technology, and you get a premium item for the wildest erotic massage imaginable. The suction caused by these cups is bound to create sensations that you never experienced before.

Advantages of Sensation Play and similarities with other kinks

Sensation play is not just about the sex. This fetish is usually enjoyed by people who are looking to incorporate all their senses into their scenario. It's not even just about the physical sensation. Visually stimulating your partner with a sexy pair of lingerie or, better yet, an erotic costume will add more pizzazz to the entire scene. It boils down to exploring and discovering what triggers your sensations and puts you in the zone. If it's followed by great sex, even better.

As far as similarities go, sensation play is often confused with S&M because of the element of pain involved. Albeit it is similar, it's really not the same for one simple reason. S&M implies that one of the partners is the dominant one, while the other is the submissive one. This is not a requirement for sensation play and is often absent. Role switching is also common. Furthermore, the pleasure itself is derived in a different way than in a typical S&M relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can sensation play increase sexual pleasure?

A: it's a fact that after a while sex with the same partner can become the same old routine. To shake things up, couples resort to using all kinds of toys and techniques that bring something new to the bedroom. Some choose to stop there, while others continue to further explore different niches. Sensation play is one of these niches and can offer the much-needed change that will definitely arouse you and your partner in a sexual way.

Q: How many types of sensation play are there?

A: Literally everything that can exert a profoundly intense feeling during sex or foreplay can fall into the category of sensation play. So, in short, there are countless types of sensation play. It is up to you to try and find which one fits your personal preference and fulfills your desires. Once you pinpoint what you like, make sure to explore all the angles.

Q: Is aftercare a must for sensation play?

A: For many people that explore various types of fetishes, aftercare is considered more important than foreplay. It can come in the form of hugging, talking, cuddling, and other forms of giving and receiving attention. Aftercare is good for both the physical and emotional health of the partners that have shared some form of sensation play, especially if it was a rough one.