Bedroom Bingo
Bedroom Bingo
Bedroom Bingo
Bedroom Bingo
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Bedroom Bingo Couples Bingo Cards

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Alright, lovebirds, gather 'round for a romping good time with Bedroom Bingo!.
Earn up to 10 pleasure points!
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Alright, lovebirds, gather 'round for a romping good time with Bedroom Bingo!. A spicy mix of foreplay and fun that'll leave you breathless (in the best way, of course!). Picture this: you and your sweetheart each get your very own Foreplay Challenge Card and Sex & Position Challenge Card. It's like having your own little treasure map to pleasure paradise! Now, here's where the fun begins. Take turns scratching off squares on your Foreplay Challenge Card and diving into the tantalizing tasks within. From sensual massages to whispered fantasies, each square holds a secret delight just waiting to be explored. Once you've completed a steamy challenge, mark it off with pride (and maybe a cheeky grin) and get ready to switch things up. Keep taking turns until one of you scores five challenges in a row – bingo, baby! But wait, there's more! Once you've conquered the foreplay frenzy, it's time to level up to the Sex & Position Challenge Activity. Think you've got what it takes to master these sultry challenges? There's only one way to find out! And remember, folks, communication is key. If you're down for a challenge but your partner needs a little convincing, that's totally okay. Just make sure everyone's on board before diving in. So, grab your cards, roll the dice (figuratively speaking), and let the games begin! Bedroom Bingo: where pleasure meets playfulness, and everyone's a winner in the game of love.

  • Scratch off Bedroom Game
  • Brand: Little Genie
  • Model: BG.109

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