Earthly Body Waterslide Personal Moisturizer




Everything feels better down where it’s wetter. Say goodbye to dry humping. With Waterslide Lube, you and your partner can enjoy the ease of lubrication with just one application. It reactivates when it comes into contact with moisture & no glycerin means no sticky feeling.

The water-based, pure and natural formula allows your bodies to glide against each other without discomfort or dryness. Intensify your arousal and go harder longer with lube that feels like the real thing.

Dab a little Waterslide Lube onto each other’s bodies and feel the difference a little added wetness makes.

Available in 4oz and 8oz

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    Key Features

    • Pure and natural formula
    • Water-based liquid won’t stain
    • Odorless
    • A little goes a long never have to reapply
    • Free from silicone, petroleum, parabens, glycerin or preservatives

    Use + Care

    • Pour a small amount onto desired area
    • Safe for use with condoms, diaphragms and sex toys