Hustler Fetish Door Sex Swing


Every woman, young or old, has fantasized about getting shoved against a wall and ravaged in the heat of raw passion. But the movies make it look so easy.

Trying to keep things hot while fighting gravity doesn't describe a dream come true. If you need help keeping the dream alive, Hustler Door Jam Swing is the perfect solution. This comfortable and easy-to-install system holds your legs up and apart so all your lover has to do is have their way with you.

Hustler Door Jam Swing takes the awkwardness and difficulty out of being held against the wall by keeping you suspended with ease and comfort. Try Hustler Door Jam Swing and you might never take it down!


Key Features

  • Easy to install over door jams
  • Helps prevent muscle spasms and back injuries by supporting the weight of your body
  • Sleek, black design is comfortable yet sexy

Use + Care

  • Follow installation instructions on package
  • Follow consensual BDSM rules of play
  • Rated for up to 250lbs