Lelo Luna Kegel Beads


A dirty little secret you’ll want to share with all your friends, Lelo Yuna Beads will inspire you to get moving. With their weighted vibrating technology, your orgasms will intensify over time and use, making those Monday morning meetings a little more interesting. These world-wide bestselling beads come in two sizes to ensure your discrete and safe pleasure.  

Designed with your pelvic floor in mind, Lelo Luna Beads are the perfect accessory if you want to combine your Kegel exercises with a few moments of private ecstasy.

Key Features

  • Responds to your body’s movement
  • Comes in two sizes, Classic and Mini
  • Interchangeable beads with two weights (pink 28-gram beads and 37-gram blue beads)
  • Helps with your Kegel exercises
  • Equipped with a silicone harness and retraction leash for easy use and removal

Use + Care

  • It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant instead of silicone-based. Do not use hand cream or oil as a lubricant
  • Clean before and after use with warm water and antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Let air dry, or pat down with a fiberless cloth. Do not use soaps with alcohol, acetone or petrol
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and heat
  • Keep away from children
  • Store in a clean, dust-free place and avoid contact with toys of other material