Master Series Muzzled Dog Hood With Removable Muzzle


“Get on all fours!” “Do it!” “Good boy!”

If these words get you hot and horny that you need this Master Series Muzzled Dog Hood and enjoy a BDSM experience that will have you rolling over like a good boy.

If you’re a master who likes to exhort control over your sub in creative ways, then you’ll love this dog hood. Designed with ear padding, a blindfold and a mouth gag to deprive a loyal sub of their senses and make sure you have a willing and obedient slave.

Every spank or caress will be surprise and you can even snap on the dog ears to take the fantasy to the next level. 

    Key Features

    • One size fits most
    • Lock not included
    • Material: PU, Leather, Metal
    • Insertable Length: 2.5 inches Gag
    • Diameter: 2 inches Gag
    • Circumference: 14 to 19 inches adjustable collar

    Use + Care

    • Leather should be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth and soap or disinfected with rubbing alcohol
    • Refer to packaging for more info