Sensuva On Bold Delay Gel Male Desensitizer


Your rhythm is perfect, the intensity is rising, you’re both pacing yourselves because it feels so good. But suddenly, you can no longer help yourself and the party ends too quickly. If this frequently happens to you, try Sensuva ON Bold Delay Gel. This sweet, minty gel gently desensitizes the tip of your penis to reduce the risk of premature orgasm.

If you’re hypersensitive, the Sensuva ON Bold Delay Gel will maintain your erection and help prevent involuntary ejaculation, so that you can enjoy yourself longer. And it tastes great too!

Key Features

  • An oil-free and latex friendly product with a sweet, minty taste.
  • Active ingredient: benzocaine
  • Helps reduce over-stimulation by desensitizing the nerve endings on the tip of his penis.
  • 1 fl.oz

Use & Care

  • For fast results, massage a small amount directly onto the tip of the penis 10 minutes prior to lovemaking. Allow gel to absorb into the skin to take full effect. Wipe away excess prior to penetration.
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