Sex & Mischief by Sportsheets Satin Blindfold



They say that when one sense is removed, the others are heightened. Imagine what you could feel, taste, smell and hear without having to rely on your sight?

Open yourself up to a whole new world of sensual pleasure with the S&M Satin Blindfold by Sportsheets. Wrap the soft satin blindfold around your lover and leave them tingling in anticipation as they wait to feel where your hands, tongue and teeth go next.

Awaken your senses. Have fun exploring each other with the S&M Satin Blindfold.

Key Features

  • 1 satin blindfold with dual-elastic strap
  • Double-layered satin blindfold with trim and thin dual-elastic strap for a comfortable fit
  • Material: Elastic, Polyester Fabric, Polyester Binding, Polyester Batten

Use + Care

  • Place blindfold around partner's head to diminish their sight and heighten their other senses