Swiss Navy Sex Toy & Body Cleaner


We use our sex toys in our most intimate areas. We make sure to take care of our bodies to prevent unwanted disease and infections, but it’s just as important to take care of our toys.

Kill bacteria and germs and give your sex toys an A+ for health and safety with the Swiss Navy Toy Cleaner. Don’t rely on household cleansers and soaps to clean surfaces that come into direct contact with your genitalia. The Swiss Navy Toy Cleaner is specially formulated to clean your beloved toys.

Keep your toys looking and working like new and keep your body safe with Swiss Navy Toy Cleaner. A simple spritz can help prevent infection.

Key Features

  • Anti-bacterial cleanser cleans and disinfects even tough materials
  • Infused with antibacterial and antiseptic tea tree oil and lavender
  • Cuts through oily lube

Use + Care

  • Completely coat the surface of your sex toy and wipe with a clean cloth or rinse the toy with warm water
  • Allow to air dry