Trojan Fire N' Ice Sensation Condoms 3pk

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Experience the erotic sensation of hot and cold with Trojan Fire N Ice. These premium quality latex condoms are lubricated inside and out to deliver thrilling sensations of fire and ice to both you and your partner. Some like it hot, some like it cold. Now you don’t have to choose or compromise. We promise the dual sensations will heighten your senses and excite you.

If you can’t decide what turns you on more—warming or tingling—you can now have both with Trojan Fire N Ice.

    Product Details

    • Lubricated inside and out to stimulate both partners
    • Reservoir at tip designed for safety
    • Premium quality latex
    • Individually tested for quality

    Use + Care

    • The proper use of condoms helps reduce the risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancy
    • Read product label for instructions and safety warnings
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