Wicked Water-based Anal Jelle Lubricant


If you think that regular lube is good enough for anal play, think again. Try Wicked Anal Jelle and instantly feel the difference as you experience more comfortable and pleasurable penetration, whether you’re a newbie or anal expert.

The Wicked Anal Jelle goes on and stays where you put it. It gently cushions the muscles in the most sensitive spot without using harmful desensitizing chemicals.

Don’t settle for ordinary lube. Try Wicked Anal Jelle for the superior posterior. The slick, water-based lube creates an easy, comfortable glide for maximum pleasure.

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    Key Features

    • Free of glycerin and parabens
    • Latex Friendly
    • Long Lasting
    • pH Balanced/li>
    • Easy Clean-up

    Use + Care

    • Apply a small amount of Jelle where lubrication is desired. Wash away with water
    • Safe for use with all sex toys
    • Discontinue use and consult a physician if irritation or discomfort occurs
    • This product is not intended for use as a contraceptive