11 Sexual Health Bloggers that you need to follow

11 Sexual Health Bloggers That You Need to Follow

11 sexual health bloggers to follow

Maintaining sexual health can be difficult, but there are a number of resources online that make it much easier for people of all stripes. Whether you’re just getting into the world of sex toys, you’re wondering how to move into kink territory, or you just want to know a bit more about how your body works, try these 12 sexual health blogs to start learning.

1. SexHealthMatters

Sexual health is an inherently medical concept, and that’s why medically focused blogs like SexHealthMatters can be a great addition to your life. Whether you have a specific sexual issue that you want to get more information about or you just want some more scientific knowledge about sexual health, SexHealthMatters will help you find it.

2. Luna Matatas

Run by the eponymous Luna Matatas herself, this site specializes in helping you effectively discover sex positivity that works for you. It’s got great introductions to kink, sex positive workshops, and plenty of blog posts that help lay out the basics of sexual health.

3. Exposed

This blog is run by STDcheck.com, and it can help you gain a deeper understanding of STDs. Just like any other disease, it’s important to be on the lookout for signs and symptoms, and it’s also important to find information if you have an STD yourself. Exposed covers both topics for a very thorough overview of STDs and sexual health.

4. Maze Women’s Sexual Health

This blog is targeted toward helping women understand and deal with sexual dysfunction. It particularly targets issues such as vaginismus, postmenopausal sexual dysfunction, and other specific conditions. However, the blog goes over a number of topics, including general issues with painful sex and potential problems you may be having without realizing it.

5. Talking About Men’s Health

There are just as many blogs targeted toward men’s sexual health as women’s, and Talking About Men’s Health is one of them. Though it’s an overarching blog that talks about health in general, there are also blog posts that talk frankly about sexual problems that many men face, but are embarrassed to talk about.

6. My Sexual Health

My Sexual Health is based out of South Africa, but it tackles topics that are useful for people everywhere, regardless of their nationality. It’s a more science-focused blog, but mixes opinion pieces with news reporting, giving you a wealth of information about sexual health.

7. Erika Miley

As a mental and sexual health therapist, Erika Miley helps people work through issues with their own sexual hangups. Rather than providing a general overview of different sexual health topics, she tackles sexual and mental health at the same time, allowing you to understand your specific problems and fix the way you think about sex.

8. 50 Shades of Pink

Despite what you may initially think from the title, 50 Shades of Pink doesn’t just tackle women’s sexual health. In fact, it tackles it all, including vaginal health, menopause, men’s health, and relationships, so you can read about the full spectrum of sexual health, no matter what issues you’re dealing with personally.

9. Your Sexy Librarian

Your Sexy Librarian deals with taboo topics like sexual health and general sexual issues, casting light on problems that many people deal with, but are embarrassed to talk about. By backing up opinion pieces with science, Your Sexy Librarian gives you information on sex toys, sexual heath issues, and important sex topics, all written in a casual, honest, non-judgmental tone.

10. Ev’Yan Whitney

Ev’Yan Whitney’s blog started with her own issues with sexual health. After feeling unsatisfied with sex and worried about her own erotic state for many years, she decided to take things into her own hands and become more comfortable with her sexual side. Now, she writes about taking control over your body and offers workshops on how to become more confident with your own sexual experiences.

11. Head Heart Health

Sexual health issues tend to increase after menopause, but there are sexual health bloggers out there who are proving that it doesn’t have to end your sex life. Head Heart Health is one of them — it focuses on middle-aged women who are dealing with their own sexuality and learning about how to have better sex, regardless of their age.