Top 6 Pick-Up Artist Blogs to Master the PUA Lifestyle

Top 6 Pick-Up Artist Blogs to Master the PUA Lifestyle

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If you’ve ever tried to get a girl, you know it’s much easier said than done. Thankfully, there are plenty of people out there who can teach you how to up your game and improve your chances of finding a date, no matter where you happen to be. To learn the best tips and tricks from the most established pick-up artists out there, visit these six blogs to get more information.

1. Love Systems

This is one of the largest resource hubs for pick up advice, and it’s been around for much longer than many other sites. One of the reasons it’s so effective is that there are so many different types of resources. It’s not just one style — you can read dating books, find video instruction, take online courses, and even use the audio library for interviews and audiobooks. The crown jewel of the Love Systems site is its coaching options. These are in-person events designed to help you improve your pick up skills, and include day-long events, 3-day and 10-day boot camps, and even one-on-one coaching. With multiple instructors, a variety of free content, and paid events happening every few weeks, Love Systems can help you at every step.

2. ABCs of Attraction

ABCs of Attraction was founded by JT Tran, known in the pick-up artist community as the “Asian Playboy.” Since the beginning, it’s been focused on being multi-cultural and holistic. The variety of ABCs coaches, including those from all different backgrounds and races, are well-equipped to help anyone. Regardless of your starting point or your ideal end goal — whether you’re a family man looking to end up in a long-term relationship or a playboy who just wants to have some fun — you can get realistic coaching from the ABCs team. Browse the seemingly endless blog, check out some of the programs, and access the free training products available on the website for the best experience.

3. PUA Lingo

Don’t let the name fool you — this isn’t just a dictionary. Although there are plenty of pages on the website dedicated to giving you a glossary of the most commonly used pick-up artist terms, there are just as many tips and tricks to use in your own pick-up artist journey. The website details what it calls “game theory,” going over four different types of pick-up game that will help you to pick up women more effectively. The blog has plenty of articles ranging from general fun to helpful tips, and it even offers some general products for you to use.

4. PUA Training

This one cuts straight to the chase. Whether you’ve tried other options and they just haven’t worked for you or you’re simply trying to master the game as quick as possible, PUA Training has incredibly detailed, very specific courses that you can buy and work through. Stealth Attraction, its flagship program, is well-known in the pick-up artist world because it’s incredibly well-researched and founded on breakthrough science that really helps you get to the core of the issue. It even has a blog where you can get important information about how to get a girl, even if you’re not able to buy a course.

5. Speed Seduction

Most people who are interested in the pick-up lifestyle are interested in finding ways to get women as soon as possible. Speed Seduction is here to help with that. With webinars, live training, a blog, paid courses, and an entire members page that you can access once you’ve signed up, Speed Seduction definitely isn’t lacking in the content department. The programs available cover all sorts of topics, from general confidence to meeting girls in the first place and actually closing the gap and mastering the sexuality part of the game.

6. Alpha Male 2.0

Caleb Jones, founder of Alpha Male 2.0, doesn’t just cover how to pick up girls. It’s true that it’s a big portion of the courses he teaches, but that’s not the only thing he’s intent on teaching you. You can learn how to be more confident, more successful, and even more wealthy through the topics and ideas that he teaches through his courses and on his blog. His website is incredibly wide-reaching: it gives you access to individual coaching, seminars, a blog, his podcast, general online courses, and even a list of recommended resources outside of the website that can help steer you in the right direction. Whether you want to invest in some real content or just browse the free information, Alpha Male 2.0 allows you to do what you want.