A Wicked World: Inside the Wicked Empire

A Wicked World: Inside the Wicked Empire

In the early 90s in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, Steve Orenstein founded Wicked Pictures after beginning his career working in adult video distribution and eventually production. After striking out on his own with Wicked Pictures, the production company became immediately successful. Wicked also propelled the careers of Wicked Girls Jenna Jameson, Samantha Saint, Asa Akira and Stormy Daniels.

Wicked Pictures makes many various genres of adult films, but they may be best known for their more romantic, story-based couples’ porn and their instructional film series hosted by Jessica Drake, their exclusive and longest-running contract star.

After many years establishing themselves as one of the most high-end and prolific production companies in the adult film industry, Wicked decided to expand by starting Wicked Sensual Care in 2012, offering customers a line of quality lubricants. Wicked Sensual Care has received multiple awards since its conception, from the 2014 Adult Video News Awards’ “Best Lubricant Manufacturer” title to “Best Lube” by Prevention Magazine in 2020.

What makes Wicked Sensual Care great?

Wicked Lube offers an array of options for lubricant as well as toy cleaner. Their water-based lubricant has won awards and been written about for its ability to last, and their product line runs the gamut and has something for every possible sensual situation.

Wicked flavored lubes are also notable for more interesting, natural-tasting flavors. You won’t find a tacky cherry lube that’s super artificial and sticky. Their flavors are more sophisticated, like a creamy Vanilla Bean lubricant or a delicious Salted Caramel. If fruity is your thing, try a Strawberry or Watermelon, or even get naughty with Pink Lemonade.

In addition to classic water-based and silicone-based lubes, they also offer Jelles and Toy Love, which are thicker, gel-like lubricants that supply a bit more cushion for insertion of objects, whether anally or vaginally. The thicker volume allows the lube to cling to the toy or penis instead of dripping off. Wicked also offers a Creme that many men have sworn is the best thing they’ve ever used to jerk off with—beats plain old Jergen’s any day!

Both their Jelle and regular water-based varieties are available in both warming and cooling sensations. The additional stimulation, based on user preference, can truly make or break one’s ability to orgasm. If you aren’t sure which you prefer, make a game out of trying both out! Make your lover guess which is which. In addition to more traditional lubricants, Wicked also offers clitoral stimulant gel and sensitive products for those hoping to avoid chemicals and go a more “natural” route.

Wicked’s sensual care offerings differentiate themselves with their vegan, cruelty-free and PETA certification. Skin care leader Carrie Smith developed the array of products, and the Simply collection is not only all of the above, but additionally lacks parabens, glycerin and propylene glycol. Did we mention that they feel… awesome?! Silky smooth, never tacky or peely, just pure, sensual, frictionless glide.

Jessica Drake

Queen Jessica, a rare gem who has one of the longest-running careers in the industry, became affiliated with Wicked in 2003.

Jessica is a shining example of the best aspects of the industry. She’s written, directed and produced several films, proving that adult actresses aren’t the stereotypical image puritanical society projects—they’re smart, bold, independent artists who display full agency and ownership of their lives, bodies and career paths.

In 2012, Jessica partnered with Wicked to make a series of instructional films to make up for what they saw as a lack of modern-day sex education that was engaging, informative and sexy. Beginning with the award-winning premiere video, Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Fellatio, Jessica went on to make over a dozen instructional videos and counting! The series covers all types of subject matter, from more demure topics to more interesting kinks, as well as instructional guides that cover an array of underrepresented subject matter, such as sex guides for plus-size folks and seniors.

In addition to her prolific career as a filmmaker and actress, Jessica is an activist and educator. She’s lectured to therapists, spoken on panels at sexuality conferences, and visited colleges to discuss porn and sex ed. Ever conscious of her social responsibility as an actress, Jessica told AVN, “So many people get their sex information—or should I say misinformation—from mainstream media and online entertainment. I believe a discussion of how to best disseminate sex knowledge will be helpful to people who want to teach healthy, positive sexuality.”

Jessica is dedicated to a great number of humanitarian causes, attending and sponsoring sex workers’ rights rallies and speaking out about the need for comprehensive sex education. She also anonymously started a 501(c)3 organization on top of her work with organizations dedicated to providing homes and clean water to people in need.

Wicked Pictures

Films from Wicked Pictures tend to be centered on female perspectives and are created with an audience made of women and couples in mind. Along with producing high-quality parodies, Wicked is known for its story-driven feature content for couples. Few production companies can rival Wicked’s Hollywood-like cinematic quality, making them an unparalleled film studio preferred by people of all genders and sexual orientations.

Wicked Pictures, inspired by Jessica Drake’s charity work, gives back to the community by annually raising funds for AIDS Project Los Angeles. Founder Steve Orenstein said, “Team WICKED continues every year solely from the caring and dedication to the cause of Jessica.” They are one of the top fundraising teams for the annual AIDS Walk.