bush hot or not


Sure, it may be a topic that’s a little bit taboo, but it’s important to know more about pubic hair when you’re trying to decide what you want to do with your own. Just because many people enjoy waxing, that doesn’t mean you have to wax or even shave if you’d rather not. Before you make your personal choice, here’s some extra information about pubic hair and what people are doing with it.

Different Styles of Pubic Hair

Pubic hair styles definitely aren’t isolated to “completely untrimmed” and “100% waxed.” As a matter of fact, there are all sorts of styles available for people who are interested in their own style.

Most hands-off is a completely untrimmed pubic area, sometimes referred to as a “bush.” While this might be mostly out of fashion right now, it remains a common look for people who want to be countercultural, people who don’t enjoy maintaining their pubic hair, or people who don’t see a reason to remove their pubic hair.

A slightly more groomed look utilizes trimming, rather than shaving or waxing. This keeps the pubic hair short but allows it to stay where it naturally grows. This keeps skin from rubbing together, helps avoid rashes and infections, and makes it less likely that you’ll have problems with ingrown hairs and bacterial infections from wounds that happen when you pull the hair out by its roots.

There are also some styles that wax or shave parts of the hair but leave other parts longer. American waxing, sometimes called a “triangle wax” or “basic bikini wax,” leaves only the hair that wouldn’t be seen when you wear a swimsuit. French waxing, which you may have seen called a “landing strip,” leaves only a strip of pubic hair just above the vulva. A new trend, the “full-bush Brazilian,” waxes only the hair around the labia, while leaving the hair on the pubic bone untouched.

Lastly, and most hands-on, is the Brazilian wax. It removes all pubic hair from the pelvic region entirely. This has become very common, but it’s also the type of waxing with the most health risks, with multiple hospitalizations reported in the United States after Brazilian waxes. If you choose a Brazilian wax, you need to make sure you have a great esthetician to avoid infections and similar problems.

The Generational Gap

One potential reason for the differences in pubic hair behaviors may have to do with a generational gap. Anecdotally, some individuals in their 30s and 40s have said that their parents rarely mentioned caring about pubic hair, whereas they and their children tend to prefer more clean-shaven looks.

This generational gap has a variety of potential reasons. Many people theorize that this may have to do with the advent of bathing suits with substantially less coverage, as well as lingerie styles changing over time. Some more critical experts have wondered whether some styles of pornography has caused men to prefer less pubic hair, causing a shift in preferred styles for women.

Waxing Options for Everyone

Many estheticians are also noticing that men are coming in for waxing more often. While many people think of bikini waxes as being entirely or almost entirely for women exclusively, this doesn’t have to be the case; anyone can choose a wax or a shaving style that suits their needs.

Additionally, with styles like the American wax, you don’t have to be completely naked with the waxing specialist the way you would need to be for a Brazilian wax. That makes it much better for people who want a more clean-shaven look but feel uncomfortable baring it all to the waxing specialist.


At the end of the day, you deserve to have your body look how you want it to look. If that means you want to go completely au natural, go for it. If that means you want to remove all the hair from the waist down, you have that option available as well. Once you’re aware of any potential risks and you know you want a specific option, stick to it.

No matter your gender, the amount of pubic hair you currently have, or your partner’s preferences, remember that your personal desires should come first. After all, it’s your pubic area on the line. At HUSTLER® Hollywood, we believe that everyone should be able to have confidence in their own body. Grab some shave cream or personal cleansing wipes from HUSTLER® Hollywood and get to work appreciating how you look.